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N-?: Bikes Gone From Your Collection in 2023

Classic & Vintage This forum is to discuss the many aspects of classic and vintage bicycles, including musclebikes, lightweights, middleweights, hi-wheelers, bone-shakers, safety bikes and much more.

N-?: Bikes Gone From Your Collection in 2023

Old 11-27-23, 08:08 PM
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N-?: Bikes Gone From Your Collection in 2023

2023 was the year for me to drastically reduce my bike collection. I sold the following 'keepers' in 2023: Centurion Ironman 'Miami Vice', Tommasini Super Prestige, Falcon San Remo, Tommaso TSX, Serotta Colorado II, Pinarello Record, Pinarello Montello, LeMond Maillot Jaune and Colnago Master PIU Decor. I am also looking to sell a Merckx, Tommasini, Giordana and a De Rosa which still could happen this year. What bikes have you removed from your collection in 2023?
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I'll play.

After years of avoiding mountain biking due to back issues I finally decided to try it again. Picked up a sweet Trek late in 2022. In early 2023 I "blew" out the back twice doing nothing. One time I was just walking across the floor in the living room carrying nothing but a Garmin computer mount. So this went to a local 17 year old that had been saving his money up for a good bike. He got one heck of a discount.

Then since I had two of these and the other one is my all time favorite bike, I sold the 17.5 lb Giordana XL Super. This was a failed experiment to improve on the feel of the first one by using lighter, higher-end parts. Lost silly money on this one too but it was bought by a true Giordana fan so all is good. The cash for this went right back into the wonderful Colnago C40 I'm now loving very much.

Then after enjoying the Kuwahara for a season this was passed on locally also. Younger guy bought it and seemed to be in true love after the first ride.

Then I moved on the Peugeot Tourmaet after totally refurbing it. I nice cruiser but I still really want the exact same Peugeot I rode in Germany. This one just failed to capture the magic.

Then there was the Bianchi Trofeo. I bought this locally knowing it was too small but planning to strip the parts for later use and then donate the frame to the Bike Collective. But it was too nice looking once I got it sorted out and man did it ride nice despite the small size. I spent way too much on this but did enjoy it for awhile. Passed on to another happy local.

This Klein showed up locally about a mile from the house and at a great price. Sorted it all out and did some minor upgrades. It seemed to measure in my size range but just kept feeling big under me. So off it went to another local.

Then there was the Cilo I picked up locally for another refurb project. Fairly cheap and only a 2 hour round trip. Stripped it down completely, refurbed all the parts as well as sorted out the frame's paint damage as best I could. Reassembled with new consumables and then wound up just donating it to The Bike Collective for them to make some money on.

And then this, the failed to be gone bike that has me just totally surprised. Another local pick up last winter. I tore it down completely and got rid of the heavy RX parts. Frame is absolutely beautiful with only one major paint blemish. Rebuilt it with a tasty mix of really nice Dura Ace and Ultegra parts. Upgraded to hand-built Dura Ace/Open Pro wheels too. Put a bunch of money in parts into it and dropped almost five pounds off of it. I have had it listed for less then 1/2 of what I put into and I still got it. This one is so fun out on the road but I guess it destined to stay with me. That's not a bad thing. Still surprised it didn't sell locally.

Now if I can figure out how I could sell so many bikes this year and still wind up with more than I had last year...
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Zero and Time is running out for this year.
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C&V bikes aren't moving quickly around my area it seems but I was able to move four - Gitane Olympic and Gitane Sprint, Peugeot PX10 (Cino Heroica bike) and a Nishiki Maxima. One more bike to go - Bianchi Veloce. Also sold 3 vehicles and replaced with one so some downsizing for me.
1984 Gitane Tour de France; 1968 Peugeot PL8; 1982 Nishiki Marina 12; 1984 Peugeot PSV; 1993 Trek 950 mtb; 1983 Vitus 979; Colnago Super, mid-80's Bianchi Veloce, 1984 or 85 Vitus 979

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Isn't a post like this in violation of the forum TOS?
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I sold only one bike. My 1982 Medici Pro Strada. I put many miles on that bike but it was just too small for me to ride for more than a couple of hours at a time. I am now building another one that is my size but not as in nice shape as this one was.
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Originally Posted by SirMike1983
Out: 1963 Raleigh Roadster, 1968 Raleigh Sports, 1941 Schwinn New World, 1942 Schwinn New World
a pattern there. I like my probable pre-war new world, cottered cranks, freewheel. Fillet brazed goodness.
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1937 Raleigh Sports
1940 Raleigh Sports
1949 Raleigh Clubman
1970s St. Etienne porteur
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Over my dead body.
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Sold a too-small RB-2 townie conversion cheap, and gave my Benotto mixte to a friend for watching my house and cat while on vacation this summer.

Also broke down and sold my early 80's Bottechia Professional as a frameset because it wouldn't sell complete and the DA it was wearing is worth twice what the frame was. Go figure.

I'm still net positive for the year after picking up my Cinelli, my BG, a Torelli, and a shotgun-seat mounted MTB for my kid to ride with me
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I rebuilt this white and red Trek earlier this year, but today it was passed on to a friend who needed it for a teenage relative. It was a bit tall for me, and the plan all along was to find it a good home, so it all worked out.

Richard C. Moeur, PE - Phoenix AZ, USA
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A '69 Raleigh Sports, a '72 Gitane Interclub and an '85 Trek 760 this year. Last of many Trek road bikes. Had a good run.
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No complete bikes offloaded, but I was finally able to move along a couple frames at the Marin bike museum spring swap meet: 1961ish Bianchi Competizione (it was literally a barn find form c.1974) and a 1993 Russ Denny-built Fuso. I rode the Bianchi at a couple of Eroica CA events, but it was too small and just not in the same league, ride-wise, as my current rotation. The Fuso was a crit frame, fast as all get-out and super-responsive, but only fit 23mm tires and after 20 or 30 miles, it made my butt kind of buzz, and not in a good way. I hadn't ridden it in too long and I was glad to move it on to someone who will get it back on the road.
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None, since I plan to finish all my projects .Gave my dad's Gitane to a neighbour who helped me to do some works in the building, gave my dad's Luis Ocana made of Vitus 172 equipped with shimano 105 SC to the owner the bikeshop where I have my bike assembled since he is a collector and always makes decent prices for me for my projects being assembled and completed
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As I check, I see that two frames were sold. A Austro Daimler and a Carabela Professional, and five bikes a Pinarello SLX, an Austro Daimler Olympian, a Gran Sport, and two Celeste Bianchi

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I can remember two leaving that were too big for me. A 1977 Raleigh and a 1986 Guerciotti. Probably more left but they went out more than a few months ago and my membery doesn't go back very far. Smiles, MH
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I don't know.
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all three of these are for sale. Had a few bites this summer, but no takers.

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feros ferio
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I am thinking of dumping my Campagnolo Omega rims, because modern tires are far too tight a fit to facilitate emergency on-the-road flat repairs. Two have significant enough sidewall wear that I don't feel guilty about simply scrapping them, but the other two are NOS.

I am also tentatively pondering giving up the Bianchi. It rides and handles beautifully, but it is extremely limiting in tire width. I do like it much better now with the dual-pivot Shimano brake calipers (yeah, sacrilege, but safety first), so I'll gladly part with the short-reach Campagnolo and Modolo single-bolt sidepull calipers.

Beyond that, it is definitely time to review my parts foot locker and lighten that load a bit.
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Zero bike outgoings this year so far, tho in truth I do need to thin the herd. But it's winter now and that's surely not rhe best time to be selling a bike. And apparently there's a downturn in the 2nd hand market anyway.

So the best plan of action appears to be to let this all blow over.
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Sold a 1964 Frejus to a member here as it was too big for me. I also sold a super clean 85 Ironman that was too sporty for me.
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Originally Posted by merziac
Over my dead body.
For many of us, that'll be the way they get off-loaded.

Vultures in our frame size gliding in circles overhead...
If someone tells you that you have enough bicycles and you don't need any more, stop talking to them. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life.
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You have shorter bikes than this one?

Originally Posted by RCMoeur
It was a bit tall for me

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Zippo for 2023, but for the first time, in many years, I didn’t add any bikes either. Not sure if I should rejoice, or just be sad yet.
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