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cuda2k 09-22-05 09:52 PM

Shimano 600 'Arabesque' dates
What years did shimano produce the Shimano 600 'Arabesque' line? I'm thinking of purchasing a bike with a full compliment of this group and wanted to get the approx year it was made. Thanks.

T-Mar 09-23-05 06:15 AM

The Shimano arabesque group, more properly known 600EX or the 6200 series, was produced from 1978 to 1984, inclusive. It was the 2nd generation 600 and was produced concurrently with the 3rd generation (600AX, 1981-1984), but succumbed to the 4th generation New 600EX in 1985, when Shimano was able to incorpate a slant parallelogram due to SunTour's recently expired patent of this design.

The 2nd generation introduced a full groupset. This was the first truly successful mid range group and incorporated many of the features of the top end Dura Ace group that many cylists coveted, but could not afford. 600EX nicely filled this void (and Shimano's coffers) with an affordable, well performing group that is fondly remembered by many avid cyclists. With the top Campagnolo and Shimano components currently commanding high prices, 600EX is now being sought out by many collectors.

cuda2k 09-23-05 09:09 AM

T-Mar - thanks for the details. I'm looking at a Sugun 600 with a full group on it. Debating on what I'm willing to bid up on it to. It's local and will probably go look at it early next week before the auction ends. The frame is in remarkably good shape for it's age and the appears to be recently overhauled everything is very clean. The frame however may be slightly smaller than ideal for me, though as I was planning on commuting to school on it in the spring a slightly smaller frame (than my 62cm 'too big' schwinn) would probably be good for stop/go city riding. I've always like the look of theArabesque 600 group and with this bike sporting the full compliment I'm torn between persuing it regardless of what my pocketbook can allow and letting this one go and go for something else that may need more work / replacement parts as I have gathered a fair bit of spare components in the last few months of my cycling obession.

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