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sfene 10-16-05 06:33 AM

Raleigh Firebird
Anyone ever heard of a Raleigh Firebird?
10 Speed, Simplex running gear, Altenburger brakes, Wrights leather saddle.

frame looks as if it was the first time the builder had ever brazed! rough to say the least.

Any guesses on year, value etc?

Thanks, Sfene

mswantak 10-16-05 07:23 AM

Yeah, I just heard of it myself a couple weeks ago; I'm making a set of decals for pedalpusher007 who has a '71 model.

I'll e-mail him and tell him to get over here and meet the only other guy on the planet with a Raleigh Firebird. :D

pedalpusher007 10-18-05 05:58 PM

Hi, I still ride my Raleigh Firebird, bought it new in 1971 (Canada), and having her restored (decals by Mswantak). Its still in excellent condition, but was just an entry level bike back in '71 w/ common steel frame. Mine has Simplex Prestige (Delrin) derailleurs like yours but w/ Weinmann centre pulls. I thought it was only sold in Canada back when the 10 speed bike craze hit N. America because I have never seen it listed in any old Raleigh catalogue. It's probably not worth much, except to guys like me, unless it is in MINT conditon, even then most people want Reynolds frames of that era. Does yours have the small 'The Raleigh' heron decals on the forks? Raleigh only put them on their lower end bikes, Reynolds decals on their high end, of course. I am interested in the condition of all the decals on your bike, especially the top tube Firebird decals. Interested in posting photos? Any other questions, you can email me. I still love my old Firebird.

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