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italianbiker 10-22-05 09:15 AM

it looks as i will soon need a set of wheels for my peugeot. i have normandy hubs on the bike and a 5 speed ATOM cog now, and want to keep the high flange look.

what other hubs are recommended?
i saw these on Ebay:

i was reading a few posts that called the Normandy hubs cheesy are the Mallards a better alternative?

where do i run with problems with compatibility issues. i'm using a simplex/stronglight drive train.

and what advice would you give for a set of rims and spokes


number6 10-22-05 09:57 AM

Depending on the year of your PX, most likely French hub threading. So stay classic French or locate some Nuovo Record hubs with French threading,(they are around). The hubs you ref. are very different, a pair of 28 hole NR hubs and two versions of the C Record (big dollar) hubs, I would stay 36 hole for ease of locating rims, you did not state if you would want to stay with sew ups...later clincher rims often are 32 hole, those vintage hubs will command a premium.

Look for a pair of Maillard (note spelling) Professional or 700 series hubs, or sell the whole thing and get a bike to fit your handle. Note: 126mm spacing can always be reduced back to 120.

6 French bikes, 10 Italian in my bike room, could be more don't admit to all of them.

Grand Bois 10-22-05 01:47 PM

The most recent thread about Normandy hubs was mine and nobody said that all Normandy hubs were cheesy. They made cheesy hubs and they made the Normandy Luxe Competition hubs that were original equipment on lots of PX10s and Gitane TdFs. They are professional grade hubs. That's probably what you have. Harris Cyclery has the fronts only. I see them all the time on eBay. A grubby used pair just sold for $45.

My '74 PX10 has low flange Maillard 700 Peugeot Trophy hubs. They're not original. It came with the high flange version of the same hub from the factory. They're the ones with plastic dust caps.

I doubt very seriously if you have French threads on your hubs.

Super Champion rims, either tubular or clincher, would be appropriate. They show up on eBay once in a while. I'm sure you won't be able to find the proper Robergel 3 star spokes, but who'll know?

italianbiker 10-23-05 09:59 AM

thanks guys, i will check harris cyclery out for the Normandy Lux hub. So it looks as i will have to stay w/ french threading. i want to stay clincher, since i dont think i can fiddle with a sewup as of yet. i'm still learning basic maintenance. i plan as using this bike on a few centuries and as a daily ridder. i usually ride 35 miles 2-3 times per week.

so one rim i can build is Nuovo Record - high flange(french) with 36 holes, DT spokes, Mavic rims (is there a mavic rim thats is more desirable than another??)


Maillard Professional or 700 series hubs - high flange 36 holes,

spacing should be 126mm (but if i find 120mm thats ok)

how about my cassete. it is a five speed do i have to get another 5 speed or can i use 6 or 7??
i have simplex (retrofriction levers)

number6 10-23-05 11:15 AM

for 120mm its five or a Suntour Ultra 6, actually 122 is best for these. For 126 its 6 for a std. spacing freewheel, Ultra 7 needs a bit more and stay relief adjacent to the dropout which the PX does not have.

If you are going to change the freewheel, then threading is less of a problem as one just matches hub and freewheel. Only concern then is that old chains and fresh freewheels often skip under load. Not happy.

Grand Bois 10-23-05 12:40 PM

Are you outside the United States? If not, there's little chance that you have French freewheel threads. Virtually all of the French bikes imported to the U.S. had standard British freewheel threads.

TheOtherGuy 10-23-05 12:58 PM

Originally Posted by Dirtdrop
...Virtually all of the French bikes imported to the U.S. had standard British freewheel threads.

I don't believe that's true. While that may have been the case after about '74, prior to then, most French bikes were quite French...

Grand Bois 10-23-05 04:02 PM

Maybe you'll take Sheldon Brown's word for it:


French thread freewheels used a smaller diameter attachment to the hub. Neither the freewheels nor the hubs are interchangeable with anything else. Fortunately, they are quite rare, virtually all French bicycles sold in the U.S. had standard British/I.S.O. freewheel threads.

dafydd 10-23-05 05:04 PM

i've seen plenty of old french bikes with french threaded hubs, and have a hard time that many people bothered to bring UO-8s direct from france.

number6 10-23-05 06:34 PM

I worked for a shop in the 70's that handled lots of French stuff, Peugeot started to bring in English threaded stuff, (HUBS only starting in 1976, but one was at their own peril if they did not test first.. it was much later (like a decade plus) that things became English or more accurately, ISO which is Very close to English. Motobecane was doing things differently moving to Swiss threading first...The moral of the story, test, don't guess.

Grand Bois 10-23-05 07:16 PM

I worked in a Peugeot, Raleigh, Columbia shop in the seventies. I bought the PX-10 they had hanging on the wall. It has Maillard 700 hubs and I just changed from a Regina to a Shimano five speed Hyperglide freewheel, just to see if it shifts better. It seems to, even though the chain is a Regina. I can assure you that the freewheel threads are not French. My early seventies Gitane TdF also has British freewheel threads on the Normandy hubs.

italianbiker 10-28-05 12:51 AM

well i found a nice set of hubs on ebay, problem i see is that they are 24 hole. are the 24 hole rims hard to come by? it seems most of the ones i've seen are 32-36
here is the link of the ones i found

number6 10-28-05 01:47 AM

24 hole hubs are found more often than 24 hole rims. Locate the rims first in this case. Unlike today's low spoke count wheels, I would leave 24 spoke wheels to the sub 140lb club. Unless its for trips to the coffee house and one wants a gee wizz oogle.

italianbiker 10-29-05 02:03 AM

thanks #6, i didn't think of the wt restriction. very good point. thanks for the heads up

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