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evictionsurplus 05-26-06 12:31 PM

27" tires
Cursed vintage wheels...
Ok, are there any 27" tires out there that run larger than 27x 1 1/4? I was thinking something more like 27x 1 1/2 or even 27x 1 3/4. My rationale is strange, but valid. Would I be just better going to 700c rims. Keep in mind I am cheap.

colinm 05-26-06 12:32 PM

1 3/8 is available, should be easy to find -

Little Darwin 05-26-06 12:38 PM


Harris Cyclery has two different ones listed.

I also recall seeing somewhere a 1&3/8 with a smoother tread somewhere... try doing a google search. The 1&3/8 is the widest I have seen.

colinm 05-26-06 12:38 PM

John E 05-26-06 01:01 PM

I have 27x1-3/8" knobbies on the UO-8. They are great for regular commuting/transportation as well as dirt roads.

chocula 05-26-06 02:27 PM

I posted a related question in another thread about setting up my UE-8 as a daily commuter. I've been commuting on a crummy LL Bean hybrid that I can't wait to ditch in favor of the UE-8, but I must say I've enjoyed the hybrid's 700x37s.Maybe you can take a stab John E:

I have a pair of 700c rims from a mid 80s Bianchi that are currently wearing 700x25 tires. However, I'd really like a larger tire for daily commuting. Any idea of the maximum tire size I could run on 700s under the fenders? Or would I actually have a wider footprint if I kept the current rims (27 inch Rigidas) and moved up to a 27x3/8 tire? Would 27x3/8s fit under the fenders? I want to put as much rubber on the road as I can. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

John E 05-26-06 08:56 PM

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Since a wider tire is generally also a taller tire, you can generally obtain a wider footprint with 700C than with 27". Exceptions include my UO-8 and even my Capos, which have TONS of tire clearance for either 27" or 700C.

chocula 05-27-06 07:26 AM

Thanks! How knobby are those knobbies on your UO-8? I presume they don't create too much noise/rolling resistance on pavement?

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