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blee 07-01-06 08:02 PM

1986-88ish Nishiki Rally -- any info?
I won this bike in an elementary school raffle almost 20(!) years ago. At the time, I wondered why anyone would want a bike without a kickstand or a coaster brake. I later learned how sweet it really was, and how much better it rode than the random dept. store bikes that my dad salvaged from roadside throwaways over the years.

I recently deiceded that cycling would be a good way for me to keep off the weight I've lost and keep myself healthy in the years to come. The only problem is that I'm going to be a student again this fall, so I'm trying to buy a road bike for as little money as possible. I recently discovered that my old Nishiki is still at my parents' house and still in excellent condition.

There's only one problem, though. It has 24" wheels, which was actually too big for me when I first got it. I'm 5'10" now, though, with a 32-inch inseam. I suspect I need a bike with more conventional 700c wheels. Based on the wheels, I would guess that the bike's frame is smaller than ideal for me.

Is there any way to salvage this bike for my personal use? Will I eventually hurt myself if I just raise the seat and handlebars? How much is this bike worth, anyway?

cyclotoine 07-01-06 08:05 PM

I had no idea that Nishiki made 24" bikes... Every rally I have seen has had 27"... but if you are 5'10" then it is definately too small, sell if for 100 bucks (or a little more if the market is good where you live and it is in good condition) and buy yourself a proper sized bike.

roccobike 07-01-06 08:14 PM

Road bikes with 24 inch rims are hard to find. The problem is, finding someone who is into cycling and wants one for their child. If you can get $100 for an old 10 speed, I would take the money and recycle it into a proper sized bike. I tried riding a 49 cm Ross with my 5' 9", 30" inseam frame. It did not work very well, and that bike is a lot larger than a bike with 24" rims. Why not try adding a few bucks to whatever you sell the Nishiki for and buy a used bike off Craigslist.

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