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theopowers 07-02-06 12:45 PM

Refurb recommendations?
Ok, so I got the Marinoni and want to clean it up. But I don't want to destroy it somehow. Any general recommendations from experience with refurbing a 20-year old bike? It has some rust on most of the hardware - screws and stuff that I'd like to clean up, or else replace?? I also don't want to ruin any decals or turn the hoods into gum or ruin the leather seat and toe straps by using the wrong cleaner. Any general advice or referral to old threads appreciated. Thanks!

sunofsand 07-02-06 01:42 PM

Steel/brass wool will take care of just about everything. Ruins your knuckes and makes fingertips bleed, though. lol
Naval Jelly is great stuff for screws and other metals. Keep off paint/decals. You can always just sand the rust off. wet/dry sandpaper in varying grit.
I don't have hoods so I will avoid that one. Probably just soap and water.
Leather saddle needs some type of treatment. I use plain old fat and it seems to work very well. There are many products sold commercially.
New grease.

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