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braingel 10-08-06 11:47 PM

it's a motobecane grand record, with 531 tubing, nervex lugs, and stonglight cranks/bb/headset

the one i posted in the "what's it worth?"'s built back up with the original stuff now.

ticwanos 10-09-06 12:19 AM

[QUOTE=And the other day, I came across that army bike with a machine gun mounted, and thought of your other interest, so when I saw your mixte pic, I had to post a link. :lol:[/QUOTE]

With the recoil from something like that, would you roll backwards?

braingel 10-09-06 12:22 AM

only if you shoot with your feet on the ground. i'd prefer to use the gun while moving forwad swiftly.

East Hill 10-09-06 07:27 AM

Braingel, your mixte looks gorgeous. If you put it up for auction I think we will all be interested to see how high the bidding goes.

Does anyone think or know if the 'machine gun' bike was ever actually produced? I don't see many advantages in such a contraption, and a lot of disadvantages (where is the rest of the ammunition, how would you get the thing up hills, etc.)

East Hill

braingel 10-09-06 09:02 AM

i wrote that ad pretty late last night, so if anyone sees something i should add before there's a bid let me know.

oh yeah...i have no idea how to calculate shipping(i've never sent/received a bike by mail), so i picked a number($65) that was sort of middle of the road compared to other bike shipping costs. does that sound right, or should i change it?

MnHPVA Guy 10-09-06 09:50 AM

I posted a 12 year old pic of Jane's 531 Mixte earlier. Now I've got current pix, and think it looks much nicer with a Brooks saddle, 32mm Panaracers and no derailleurs. All 4 of her bikes now have Sturmey Archer S5 hubs.

Mhendricks 10-09-06 10:02 AM

Just want everyone to know that I've seen some real nice mixtes here. Anyone who says a mixte is not a beautiful bike, should take a look at what the owners of those bikes have done to them. Kudos to all. :D Thanks Mswantak for creating my mixte nirvana. :)

mswantak 10-09-06 11:11 AM

It was just an attempt to distract you from Craigslist. :D

Mhendricks 10-09-06 11:54 AM

Originally Posted by mswantak
It was just an attempt to distract you from Craigslist. :D

I see your motive. Now I'm not happy that you got that Philips :D

dbarnblatt@usa. 10-16-06 10:33 PM

Here is my first attempt at reviving a classic... 1974 or so Motobecane Mirage, I think, Mixte. I found it for $80 in Pasadena. I added cork grips, tape, added the nice wheels that I had laying around. The cheap steel ones are standing by if I decide to sell it. I added a Brooks saddle from another bike I picked up (will be going back on that bike when I am done fixing it up - Moto Grand Record) I found the classic Cibie light on ebay for $8 and the fenders for $15. Got an old rack that I will add when I get the right hardware... not too shabby I guess.

fender1 10-17-06 07:56 AM

Very Nice!! Does the fork look a bit bent back? Anyone?

dbarnblatt@usa. 10-17-06 09:40 AM

Originally Posted by fender1
Very Nice!! Does the fork look a bit bent back? Anyone?

I went and took a look at the bike, and although in the pic it look like it is, to me it looks perfectly straight. I think it is because the front wheel is turned in slightly towards camera. It rides so much better with the nice wheels, what a difference. This bike will be a town/grocery getter/utility/cruiser around Santa Monica. And if I come accross a better mixte... I'll pull everything off and fix that one up... I had a great time working on it and would love to it again.

Sammyboy 10-17-06 09:59 AM

I've posted this in Catch of the Day, but here is the Mercian 531 Mixte I'm going to do up for my girlfriend. It's got a Williams cottered crankset, and a Campy Gran Sport (I think - I forget) rear der. All it really needs is the bar tape and seat replacing (what WAS the previous owner thinking?) and a bit of a tuneup and regrease. I'd kinda like to have it resprayed too, but she likes the gothicness of the current paintjob.

Mhendricks 10-17-06 04:38 PM

Nice Mercian mixte. Wish I could fine something like that around here. Your girlfriend should be very happy.

dingster1 10-17-06 04:59 PM

I'll be getting rid of my mixte soon! Moving up to a Trek. Just gotta get somebody to pick it up:(

Katzenjammer 10-26-06 12:01 PM

Originally Posted by Sammyboy
I've posted this in Catch of the Day, but here is the Mercian 531 Mixte I'm going to do up for my girlfriend. I

And a beautiful bike it is, too. Also increasingly rare, alas: Mercian are no longer making them (Reynolds aren't making the long stays)

Mhendricks 10-31-06 04:09 PM

Well since I have my own 'Happy" place, there's no need to post the mixtes I come across on here. This one I picked up over the weekend and now it's on Craigslist. A 1983 Panasonic Sport 1000. Cleaned up nicely and now I'm waiting for the girls to beat down my door. Wait, I hear one now!!!

SpokesInMyPoop 10-31-06 04:57 PM

yay! Thanks to my new (used) camera phone, I can post a pic of my f'n commuter. Mind you, it's just one pic and the quality isn't that great:

it's a univega custom maxima, shimano components, 14 speed, nitto moustache bars, silver soma fenders (they're so pretty), and a semi-sprung ideale saddle. I even got brown bar tape to *sort of* match and silver cable housing :B

wheee... <3 mixtes :)

Grand Bois 11-01-06 10:52 AM

I counted seven mixte bikes and framesets on eBay this morning. There's nothing special about any of them except that they're mixtes.

I was hoping to be able to post a picture of my wife's Fuji mixte here soon, but I decided to make the saddle, fenders and grips it needs Christmas presents for her. It's going to have wood fenders and a Brooks B18 with cork grips stained to match the saddle.

nlerner 11-01-06 11:19 AM

Here's a terrific Peugeot lady's mixte posted today on Boston's CL:

I think the price is quite reasonable though I'm not compelled to add it to my collection.


SpokesInMyPoop 11-01-06 01:42 PM

Originally Posted by Atlee1080
My Wife rides a Peugeot Mixte as a "grocery getter/beater" and its a great little bike. I ride it often to just go to the local hardware store or whatever.

do you understand the hotness of this bike?? it's really really REALLY hot.


Terex 11-01-06 03:06 PM

"it's a motobecane grand record, with 531 tubing, nervex lugs, and stonglight cranks/bb/head" My wife and I have a pair of Motobecane Grand Jubilees, her's being a mixte. The black and red color scheme. Equipped similarly to your Grand Record. Don't have any pics.

mastershake916 11-01-06 03:50 PM

BobHufford 11-03-06 03:16 PM

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This '84 Trek 420 has been floating around craigslist L.A. ... (you don't see these too often)

SpokesInMyPoop 11-03-06 06:32 PM

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