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lofter 03-12-08 08:39 AM


Originally Posted by kipibenkipod (Post 6327700)
Nice setup. Do you love yellow?! Nope, didn't think so ;)
What is the country of origin for this bike?

gitane which means gypsy in french , was made in france . kinda ironic eh? touring along a road , wandering along like a gypsy

Rammer 04-04-08 12:43 PM
Front rack currently removed. Bosses for 3 water cages. It's a 1984, 61cm (ct) seat tube; 58cm top tube, 700c wheels w/Phil Wood hubs.

lotek 04-04-08 12:50 PM


Nice bike, Nice saddle!


ricohman 04-04-08 12:55 PM

I see one of my favorite threads is back!
I will have my newest touring "resto" to post very soon, but in the meantime here is my 1989 Trek 520.

Squeazel 04-04-08 01:03 PM

My Univega Gran Turismo, 1984:

mrmw 04-04-08 03:46 PM

Miyata Six Ten 610 1984


After...Technomic stem, Noodle bars, Suntour Command shifters, 700c wheelset (Mavic A719/Deore LX hubs), Pasela Folding 700c x 35mm, SKS fenders, 1978 (mine from new) Brooks B66, Suntour NOS XC Comp rd & Mountech fd, 48/38/28 chainrings, 13-14-15-16-18-21-24-28 custom spaced hg cassette. Cateye Micro wireless, Kool Stop Eagle Claw II Salmons, Suntour NOS brake cables and casing...and since the pic, NOS brake hoods, Zefal HP3 frame pump and chrome umbrella clip on seat tube, Shimano BR-MC70 rear cantilevers.

So far, I've gotten to ride it just once right after a rain. Boy, it brought back memories of why fenders are normal bike equipment. Other than that, Pollen season just started here in Atlanta and it lasts a month. So the Miyata, all new and shiny, will be resting while the everyday bike with a chain almost ready to change out gets the mileage. But come May, watch out for the retro-grouch fat fart on this zooty Miyata.

Cynikal 04-04-08 03:59 PM


Originally Posted by Cynikal (Post 5257401)
I was so excited when I sw this thread. I'm currently building a 80's nishiki cresta with mostly suntour parts. The pics were taken when it was built up an a SS CX bike but I just couldn't bring myself to take it off road. Currently, it has a suntour topmount shifter and FD, a shimano 600 RD and stck diacomp cantis. I'm still looking for a wheel set (if anyone has a freewheel clincher wheel set PM me).





Here is the before and after. 85 Nishiki cresta touring frame. I pull this out of our local co-op. The stem and bar are temporary. The only addition I'v made since the picture was a silver blackburn rack.

wrk101 04-04-08 06:52 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Here is my 1975 Peugeot UO8 that I bought new in 1975. Rode it in college, it had been parked for thirty years before I got around to cleaning it up.

I need to rotate the bars down a bit for sure. Bike is too big for me, it is a 24 inch (approx 61 cm or so). I currently ride a 54 cm Trek. Don't know how I ever handled a bike with a 34 inch standover with a 30 inch inseam....

epicurean 04-05-08 09:42 AM

Wow, some really nice bikes in this thread....
This is my brother-in-law's Shogun 500. I didn't even know he had it until he brought it by with a request to clean it up after years of disuse. We're thinking of putting some aero brakes with cross-top interrupters on it, so I wanted to post up some pics of it in stock condition.

viscount 07-12-08 04:52 AM

Just got a Vintage Tourer that I've been looking for for a good while.
Dawes Galaxy, the classic English Tourer if you ask me
The best are out of my price range, but got offered this scruffy early one and decided to take it on.

Came with flat bars, poor paint, odd wheels and the only original components are the Stronglight (anybody know which model?) chain-set and Suntour shifters as far as I can tell!
But it is a 531ST frame. ST = Super Tourist and has heavier seat-tube as far as I know, to make it stiffer around the BB and enable heavy loads to be carried without drama. Forks have been replaced but look to be correct pattern.
The Dawes on top of the seat-stays indicates an early model I think.
Needs a bit of work as you can see!

dannyg1 07-12-08 10:51 AM

Another '84 Raleigh Alyeska. Rides like a truck but will survive any crazy idea you might have on a given Sunday. You could probably do full-on downhill on this thing.

cudak888 07-12-08 11:34 AM


Originally Posted by dannyg1 (Post 7045901)
Another '84 Raleigh Alyeska.

Looks like an '86 by the paint scheme. What is the serial # (on the BB)?


dannyg1 07-12-08 12:27 PM


Originally Posted by cudak888 (Post 7046059)
Looks like an '86 by the paint scheme. What is the serial # (on the BB)?


Hi Kurt,

I'm happy to defer to your greater knowledge on the subject of all things Raleigh. It. I pulled the '84 date from memory and it's been a good, long time since I did that research. In terms of grabbing the serial, that bike is behind around 7 others, back in the farther reaches of the storage area. It'll take me some time and I'm not really keen on doing that right this moment.


jerseybmx 07-12-08 01:32 PM

my 1985 cannondale touring.. updated to my commuter/ tourer

viscount 07-12-08 01:37 PM

Boy, there are some really nice Japanese machines on view here.
Unknown this side of the pond. IE In UK!
Cool thread though.

nlerner 07-12-08 01:42 PM


Originally Posted by viscount (Post 7046513)
Boy, there are some really nice Japanese machines on view here.
Unknown this side of the pond. IE In UK!
Cool thread though.

Viscount, have you seen this site?

An example from Miyata:


viscount 07-12-08 01:55 PM


Originally Posted by nlerner (Post 7046535)
Viscount, have you seen this site?

An example from Miyata:


No, but I like it:)
If I could only understand Japanese...

purevl 07-12-08 06:38 PM


Originally Posted by nlerner (Post 7046535)
Viscount, have you seen this site?

An example from Miyata:


Does anyone know what sort of bars those are? I don't recall having seen a bend with such a flat and parallel top and bottom.

cudak888 07-12-08 07:45 PM

Is it just me, or is that Miyata Merckx's geometry a bit on the odd side? TT and ST look about the same in length, while the BB seems to sit rather high. Either that, or it is a 650B...


ricohman 07-13-08 09:36 AM

Here are a few pics of my 84' Continental.
I completely rebuilt it back to it's original specs (sort of).
It was running 27x1/4 so I built a set of 700C around Mavic rims and 105 hubs.

Bikedued 07-13-08 09:46 AM

SWEET Nishiki!!,,,,BD

Coleslaughter 07-13-08 10:15 AM


nlerner 08-08-08 11:59 AM

Here's a refurb project that I'm just about done with: a 1986 Miyata 610 tourer. The original finish was fairly trashed, so I had it powdercoated in go-fast red, swapped in Nitto alloy arc bars, Specialized riser stem, SunTour thumb shifters, and red Tektro BMX brake levers. The bike didn't come with the original wheelset, and what was on was pretty marginal, so I swapped in these decent 700c touring rims w/ 7-speed rear hub. It's sporting crazy expensive 30mm Gran Bois tires at the moment, but that was mainly because my 35mm Panaracer Paselas were too wide. Original parts are the DiaCompe brakes, the BioPace triple crankset, SR platform pedals (which are fairly trashed), rear rack. I've swapped in an old Avocet Touring saddle, a replacement headbadge decal from JRrestore, and Planet Bike Cascadia fenders.

Here's what it looked like when I picked it up for small money on CL:

And here's what it looks like now:


txvintage 08-08-08 12:14 PM

OK, even though I just got it and gave it a dedicated thread, I'm still all a flutter enough to post it again!

Dawes Super Galaxy

viscount 08-27-08 03:40 PM

Here's my old Galaxy.
Ready for the road but still needing paint eventually.

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