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casanewt 06-14-19 09:13 PM

So I landed this gem today. 1984 Trek 520. The handlebar setup does not do the frame any favors. Small head tubes and extra long stems/tall-wide bars turn the front end into noodle city. This cockpit need to go back to a stock setup with drops. Awesome bike though.

sloar 06-14-19 09:15 PM

ascherer 06-15-19 06:42 PM

Raleigh International disguised as a rando.

The Golden Boy 06-16-19 09:42 AM

Originally Posted by Phamilton (Post 20931115)
Golden Boy, (I gave up trying to tag you)

Is this your sig reference?

You Betcha! :D

The JiggleBilly!

The Golden Boy 06-16-19 12:37 PM

Originally Posted by ryansu (Post 20955360)
I lucked into this 1987 Trek 520 Cirrus at the co-op for $75 just in time for the Clunker Challenge and now that I completed the 100 k the bike will get some down time before its gets the Spa treatment and some upgrades.

87 Trek 520 which beside the replacement rear wheel and FW is pretty stock.

Wider bars, taller stem, plusher pedals and new bar tape. Not pictured Panaracer Paselas still need to find a Saddle. not a fan of the Vetta.

That's such a super slick bike- as is- and replacing the narrow bars- that will totally rule.

I had one of those saddles as well- I didn't like it either- HOWEVER- I've heard stories that they're somewhat desirable by the people who dig them- I think there's some kind of suspension built into them- unlike a lot of other saddles of this type.

Phamilton 06-17-19 01:05 PM

Originally Posted by The Golden Boy (Post 20981327)
You Betcha! :D

The JiggleBilly!

It takes a special type of person to appreciate that. Kudos from one special person to another!

bwilli88 06-18-19 08:12 AM

I have not put both of my Pro-tours here
My 83 in Pennsylvania
IMG_20181002_105509465_HDR by Bwilli88, on Flickr

My 81 here in Cambodia
centurion build (2) by Bwilli88, on Flickr

Phamilton 06-18-19 10:11 AM

Originally Posted by bwilli88 (Post 20984333)
I have not put both of my Pro-tours here

My 81 here in Cambodia
centurion build (2) by Bwilli88, on Flickr

May I ask what handlebar this is?

bwilli88 06-18-19 10:36 AM

Both bikes have some randoneur bars on them., The 81 is an SR randoneur bar according to my build list, I think the 83 chrome one is also an SR.

mboro1876 06-20-19 04:18 PM

Rebuilt Dawes Galaxy
Just treated my 1984 Dawes Galaxy to a rebuild after a minor crash — it came out without a scratch.

New parts:
— Nitto tallish stem and Rando bars
— gran compe levers. On one, the cable end inside seems to get caught between positions leading to creaking and snapi noises when applying.
— original weinmann 737 (solid straddle) centrepulls. The front slots still need a tiny bit of filing to get the reach
— spa cycles 28-44 (triple with bash guard) crankset
— 107mm tange BB. Helps to give a chain line so that the 44 works well with all cogs of the 6 speed freewheel. I may add a third chainring at some point but for now i like the setup.
— bar tape... think I’ll do brown cork but it’s not on yet.
— SKS chromoplastic guards.

— suntour ratchet shifters
— Blackburn rack, have a front to put on too
— suntour vx gt RD and AR FD. They do a good job, I may have the next chain a little longer to have even less stress on the spring. Big-big is a used gear with this setup.
— laprade seatpoat, and a reissue turbo saddle clinging on for dear life with a coke-can shim.
— open sport rims on shimano 600 hubs.

from a quick shakedown ride I love it so far. Really much more useable gears for a commuter/tourer. Any ideas on the creaky/Ill-seating brake cable end in the lever? Perhaps a bit of oil, or a misshapen cable end that needs wearing down a little?

mboro1876 06-20-19 05:36 PM

And just added... thinlines

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