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bct555 07-18-07 06:43 PM

Anyone heard of a Brisant bike?
I picked this thing up at a local thrift shop today. It's a step through frame, has Brisant sport 2000 on the down tubes. The headset nut is stamped "OFMEGA"
The back of the seat has "Iscaselle Rossano Veneto Italy" It has attenburger brake calipers, a cottered crankset, wagner hubs with a 5 speed Sachs Huret RD.
It has a lugged frame. Any info would be greatly appreciated


I'll get a picture tomorrow.

East Hill 07-19-07 10:30 AM

I've never heard of it. The cottered crankset would suggest it's a low end bike, though.

East Hill

luker 07-19-07 08:49 PM

I think those would be altenburger brakes...I have not heard of the marque, although I am guessing early 70's from the mix of the parts. The rear derailleur sounds much like a replacement to me. Is the headset alloy? if so, it is probably worth more than what you paid for the whole bike. Post us a picture, please.

No, really. We just like to look at old bikes. We have a very low kink factor here. (well, some of us do.)

ampalabike 07-20-07 01:05 AM

Sounds like a german brand name. We had a lot of different basic quality or lower brands here in the 70ies. Names were Rasant, Luxus and so on. I suppose decals were on silver foil and paint should have some metallic effect (translucent). Sadly most of these bikes were really low quality. Pictures would really help...

bct555 07-20-07 06:12 AM

I added one picture and can get closeups if anyone is interested. The bike does look like the 70's style but has a low end walmart feel to it. The fenders are just very thin alloy with a row of holes on each side in the rear, maybe for lacing?

A decent looking bike but I don't think i'd care to put too many miles on it. I did find "made in France" on the rear hub.

East Hill 07-20-07 10:06 AM

We would like closeups, and could you turn the bike around so that we can see the drivetrain? It's to satisfy the kinky people here :) .

That is a BEAUTIFUL colour.

East Hill

bct555 07-20-07 07:30 PM

Here's a few closeups for the kinky folks. :)

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