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bct555 11-04-07 11:57 AM

Parts interchange?
I have an old motobecane nomade with steel wheels that cleaned up nice but could certainy use some upgrades. Yesterday I got an old peugoet with champion alloy wheels, stronglite crank, and much better brakes but everthing else is VERY rusty, will these parts interchange?

Pompiere 11-04-07 09:46 PM

I'm no expert on French bikes, but I'd say the wheels and brakes should work and chances are good that the crank would work, too.

Iowegian 11-04-07 10:32 PM

French bikes vary a bit and some years and makes are different than others so without more info it's hard to say for sure. The wheels and brakes should interchange without problems. The crank, bottom bracket and pedals - maybe. Careful with the Stronglight crank since some models have proprietary threads and use a special tool that is close but not exactly the same as others. If you use the wrong tool you can ruin the threads:(

bikeboombikes 11-05-07 02:44 PM

The Motobecane bottom bracket most likely has Swiss threads (like French but with reversed threading on the fixed cup side.) The Peugeot most certainly has French threads. This will make switching the cranks difficult unless you can get the Stronglight spindle to work with the existing Motobecane bottom bracket cups.

You should get a someone with a genuine Stronglight crank extractor to pull the cranks (unless you have one yourself, of course!). The Stronglight has its own threading, as does TA, and neither is the same as Campy/Shimano/Sugino.

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