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merziac 04-29-19 01:47 AM

Originally Posted by jpaschall (Post 20767891)

Go real fast.

H**Y CRAP MAN!!! Nice score, nice save, well done! :thumb:

Can't believe you got no love on this. :crash:

markwesti 04-29-19 11:05 AM

I like the contrast the saddle gives .

malcala622 04-29-19 01:28 PM

Originally Posted by markwesti (Post 20906098)
I like the contrast the saddle gives .


While building this it did seem out of place but once it was done I really liked it.

hazetguy 05-16-19 06:02 PM

Before (as purchased):

____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________

After (a lot of time, work, parts, and learning):

Cvalentine 05-27-19 06:33 AM

Originally Posted by raverson (Post 5747491)
Wow, I like all three of those Schwinn's Bikedued!

Here's my '78 Trek 900. Picked up for $50 on CL, it was leaning against a fence in a backyard.


Cvalentine 05-27-19 06:38 AM

Originally Posted by ollo_ollo (Post 5747729)
This is the only before & after pics I have. My 1971 Super Course stripped & ready to send for paint and then right after I got it back from Acme.

To bad I didn't do before & after pics on some of the bikes I flipped before our recent move. I even resorted to" buy one, get one free" to move the last few! Don


ollo_ollo 05-27-19 04:05 PM

Thanks for the memories: Above quote was post #5 in this thread, from December 2007 and the before/after Super Course photos in it were taken in 2002. Sold it to a co-worker. Don

bwilli88 05-28-19 05:20 AM

My Fuji Stratos, a bike built for the Japanese market
As bought it was nicknamed the pimpilicous bride bike.
464091_10151496023277562_171087490_o by Bwilli88, on Flickr

One of many configurations over the past 5 years
DSC04137 by Bwilli88, on Flickr

The last setup, half step no granny, 2x10 with 20 non overlapped gears
IMG_20160323_101607855_HDR by Bwilli88, on Flickr

Now as my upright fast townie 12.5 Kg 2x10 46-34 chainrings and 11-36 cassette
IMG_20190526_090018199 by Bwilli88, on Flickr

ridelikeaturtle 06-02-19 06:56 PM

Before: rear triangle was squished in shipping, so was the rear dropout; stem adapter, threadless stem, and big handlebars; Shimano BB; everything was dirty.

AFTER: too much to list! All Campy Mirage & Centaur, loads of new stuff, super-smooth ride (could be improved with nice tyres). I started out with Italian frames, and I'll die riding Italian frames. They just know how to make a nice bicycle.

ryansu 06-02-19 07:24 PM

Last years clunker challenge a bit spiffed up for sale

Before -mis matched wheels, tires, tired grips no front fender

wheels match new tires and grips and a front fender

Johno59 06-07-19 03:14 PM

1903 2 speed Sunbeam. Except for the seat, paint and tires 116 years old and still rolling

Totally stripped of paint, rust converted, 2 pack auto clearcoated, leather lace wrapped on the bars, champagne cork bar plugs, Resilion Crimson Star derailleur, 3 speed block, 4 speed SA IGH, Brooks panniers, Dutch seat, brown tires, propane headlight and good for another 100 years.
in case you haven't noticed - crap-colored tires, crap-colored pedals, crap-colored seat, bags, pedals and bar tape. Holy crap! That is a lot of crap going on here.

malcala622 06-07-19 03:47 PM

Miele fork before and after rechrome

ridelikeaturtle 06-07-19 03:55 PM

(Before) Too blingy?

(After) More traditional.

malcala622 06-08-19 12:35 PM

@mississippimud I love your dinucci build. Clean and simple.

mississippimud 06-08-19 01:17 PM

Thank ya :)

RiddleOfSteel 06-08-19 11:19 PM

Originally Posted by ridelikeaturtle (Post 20967848)

HOT. :love:

jbchybridrider 06-10-19 05:24 AM

About 10 years before...

And now after my second go at a resto. Really just needs gum hoods from VO

BFisher 06-10-19 06:04 AM

@jbchybridrider, that looks incredible!

Very nicely done!

DQRider 06-10-19 06:25 AM

Built up an old Raleigh Wyoming for my cousin's birthday. Here's the before - $60 from a local flipper:

And here's after:

Front fender gave me fits. I tried to mount it to the front of the fork crown, but as you can see, that caused it to go out-of-round. It has since been corrected, and looks proper now.

Here's the tall recipient, enjoying his present:

See, not ALL photographs of Bigfoot are blurry... :innocent:

Cl904 06-10-19 06:31 AM



jbchybridrider 06-10-19 07:00 AM

Originally Posted by BFisher (Post 20971053)
@jbchybridrider, that looks incredible!

Very nicely done!

Thanks. I even matched the original paint I found remains of in the bb and on the steerer tube. Alfa Rosso 130

JaccoW 06-10-19 08:43 AM

Gazelle Lausanne



Build thread: 1995 Gazelle Lausanne 'mixte'

bryonf 07-11-19 03:31 PM

very nice

bwilli88 07-11-19 08:22 PM

My 85 Gazelle Opa-Feits
Before my first full build, SS 635 rims with a 2 speed SRAM automatix rear hub and the original drum brake front hub.
IMG_20170721_174116889[1] by Bwilli88, on Flickr

Now with Sturmey Archer front and rear drum hubs, front a dyno hub and the rear a 5 speed.
IMG_20190702_154349734 by Bwilli88, on Flickr

garryg 07-12-19 10:25 AM

1985 cannondale sr 500
before and after, rattle can paint job,switched out stem and bars

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