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Indy57b 02-20-08 07:22 PM

Help ID this Raleigh
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I bought this bike for $200 to be a second bike when the primary was in the shop. However, when I started riding this old Raleigh USA SP1000 Titanium, I fell in love with the ride, the speed and the responsiveness of the bike overall. It's going to be my primary bike now and I want to make it look a little prettier.

I am thinking of having the frame repainted but not as a Raleigh. The frame has a few paint chips here and there and if the forum doesn't think it a sin to repaint and not decal as a Raleigh, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I think the bike was made in 1984. The sticker on the frame says Composite Reynols 753 Mang-Moly Titanium. The odd thing is the serial number on the bottom bracket was double stamped. It has a series of small numbers and over that there a shorter series of numbers in a larger font.

So, what do I really have here and how sacred is it, or not when it comes to just having a nice paint job applied to the frame and forgetting that it's a Raleigh? Obviously I'm not sure if I'm breaking a karmic rule or I wouldn't post this. :o

Charles Wahl 02-20-08 07:45 PM

I don't see a consensus hereabouts that a bike has to be preserved as is. My own feeling about such things is that I won't do anything that's irreversible, should someone want to restore it. So I'd repaint without compunction, if it suited me better, but surgery is another matter.

As to what you have, I've never seen a Raleigh like that. I know they built aluminum bikes, but I've never seen graphics or paint like that before. It's not that unusual for bikes to have multiple stampings on the BB. Provide the numbers, and perhaps T-mar can read the tea leaves for you.

Myself, I'm skeptical of a 1984 date. Reynolds made 753 then, perhaps they were even flirting with Titanium. But everything else I see says later than '84.

Indy57b 02-20-08 08:03 PM

Raleigh SP1000
Thanks for the reply. I'll pull off the serial numbers in sunlight so I can see them better. I was skeptical about the 1984 date too, but the guy who sold the bike to me thought it was an 84. He wasn't the original owner though.
Me thinks the frame will be going to Miami for a nice professional paint job.


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