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C & V Median Age/Why are you here?

Classic & Vintage This forum is to discuss the many aspects of classic and vintage bicycles, including musclebikes, lightweights, middleweights, hi-wheelers, bone-shakers, safety bikes and much more.

C & V Median Age/Why are you here?

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I'll be 48 next month. And I like old stuff--I live in a house built in 1851, most of my academic scholarship is archival/historical (I teach scientific and technical writing and research the history of that sort of thing), and I like to tinker. The first bike I owned (a green Vista Flyer in the 1960s) I took apart and repainted. Did the same with a friend's bike in junior high. Worked as a bike mechanic during my "formative" years before I started my teaching career. Could think of far less productive or useful hobbies. Am tolerated for my hobby/obsession by my wife and two kids.

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just turned 57, after hs I screwed up the courage to ask the old schwinn shop guy (my age now for sure) for a job and was suprised when he said yes. assembled way to many schwinns and worked there for about a year. futzed with bikes after getting a house with a garage and fast forward to kids out of the house and needing to lose some weight and I find I enjoy it even more and everyone needs a hobby.
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Originally Posted by dck View Post
60 yrs old.

My first derailleur equipped bike was a '61 Schwinn Varsity.
Most exelent, I'm 58 and my first bile was also a '61 Schwinn Varsity.
1st bike - 1962 Schwinn Varsity (bought new and wish I still had it, left it in Siagon, Viet Nam 1965)
1962 Schwinn Varsity (could be a twin of my first bike)
1969 Peugeot PX10E
1972 Schwinn Sports Tourer (bought new)
1982 Peugeot PH19 Mixte
1989 Novara Aspen
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Death fork? Naaaah!!
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Once again, late to the party......
I'll be 50 in November, and have been riding two-wheelers since I was six, my Atala since I was 13.
I never toured or raced bikes. I just like riding and wrenching the damn things.
I saw comments about old houses and SMC/M-42 Pentax, so I'm not alone in liking well engineered artifacts built to high standards and built to last, although my vintage camera tastes run to Zeiss Contax RF and Speed Graphic press cameras.
And I'm the son and grandson of men who could fix anything that worked in the first place.
You know it's going to be a good day when the stem and seatpost come right out.

(looking for a picture and not seeing it? Thank the Photobucket fiasco.PM me and I'll link it up.)
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Looks like I'm among the youngest people here. I'm 21, and I started riding vintage when I was in college because it was what I could afford.

I got hooked on the reliability, the idea of reusing and recycling things that have already been made, and of course the classic aesthetics of vintage bikes. Now that I'm out of school, I still commute (albeit not on a true "vintage" bike... this one is only 16 years old) and ride around for fun on my others. I'm not against modern bikes, but I do have a soft spot for the vintage ones.
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Wow, there's quite a range here. I'm 30 and I like older bikes for much of the same reasons stated already by those in my age range, except that I never really rode road bikes when I was younger, just BMX and crappy MTB's.
I came for information on a miyata I bought. I was impressed by the wealth of knowledge here and I'm a sucker for pretty pictures. At the time I had been riding decent MTB trails for a few years and my appreciation for quality bikes was growing, as was my desire to modify and work on them. But my salary was not growing at the same rate. So, this is where I ended up and it's pretty good
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Bikes: Nishiki Sport 10 spd, Trek 730 MultiTrack hybrid, 1987 Marin Muirwoods, Fuji MT-350, Fuji Sandblaster, Raleigh Sprite and several others

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I'm 53. My name is Rick and I'm addicted to bikes.

I have to blame/credit my brother-in-law with my bicycling addiction. He's been riding seriously for 26 years and his enthusiasm for the sport finally spilled over to me after 24 years. I was invited to ride a MS 150 charity ride about ten years ago and that's when it first started. My family said I'd half-kill myself riding over 100 miles in two days when the most I'd ever ridden prior to that was 10 miles one time only as preparation for the upcoming ride. I had no problems on the ride and took my first wide-eyed steps into eventual addiction. I rode an 80's Nishiki Sport 10 speed for that ride and many years after, never logging more than 500 miles in a year including the MS 150 rides.
Then someone heard I liked bikes and gave me a mint 1977 Raleigh Sprite in need of some TLC. Now I've got another monkey on my back; THE WRENCHING BUG! I convinced my friends to ride the MS 150 with me and started working on their bikes. Last year I rode 1800 miles, commuted to work quite often and have restored over thirty bikes.
I own the Raleigh Sprite, a beautiful '86 Trek 400 Elance, a 1995 Softride mtn. bike and a '97 Trek 730 hybrid. I've built an '86 Schwinn Prelude and an '87 Peugeot PX-10 for my 22 year-old daughter - who has also been bitten by the bug - a '95 Specialized Hardrock GS and an '86 Miyata Three Ten for my 23 year-old son and a Schwinn hybrid bike for my wife.
Of course, there are several bikes in various states of repair awaiting my attention even now. Road bikes, mtn. bikes, three-speeds, hybrids, cruisers and juvenile bikes have all found safe haven and the restorative touch of this compulsion in my garage.
As further proof and confession of how far I have sunk into the depths of my disease, I admit this as well:

I'm sorry to go on so long with my sad tale but thought my revelations might serve to prevent someone else from traveling this never-ending road; seeking that perfect bike or awesome ride to fulfill you is a road fraught with the peril of late nights, depleted bank accounts and a befuddling loss of time. Lest you think this couldn't happen to you - one of the friends I convinced to ride with me started riding 2-300 miles/week, did Paris Brest Paris, is doing the Bike Ride Across America this year and one other thing, it caused his divorce - BEWARE!

That said, I must also admit to being a horrible backslider. Despite my best intentions, I am still under the control of this obsession and will be undergoing treatment at the Tour De Georgia. See ya' in Dahlonega!

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I just turned 40 which I celebrated by going for a 40 mile row in my single (I am a rower/sculler first).

I think bikes peaked in the looks department late 80s early 90s (about the same time I did). Simple elegance. Don't get me wrong, I also drool over the pro-tour bikes (and have a new Pinarello in my stable), but the older bikes are aesthetically so pleasing. Plus, I appreciate the simplicity of something that I can just look at and understand how it works and how to fix and adjust it. This died as soon as brifters became the norms, IMO.

I justify poring over eBay, CL, parts bins, swap meets, thrift stores, yard sales etc looking for cool old bits etc by explaining to my wife that this is significantly less expensive than most 'typical' mid life crises (sports cars, motorcycle, boats, having an affair etc).
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48 years -- haven’t used hex since first term of college and am not about to start now.

Ride vintage cause I score them at yard sales. I like learning, and old bikes sure allow for a lot of that. Discovered I like the look of lugs.

For years I’ve been riding an unknown gas pipe that I think is a touring frame because it doesn’t fit on my rollers. It’s fixed.

I love the simplicity of fixed. And I didn’t trash a classic or vintage – I restored an otherwise dead no name 12-speed, given away because the guy had too many bikes in his garage.

To further simplification, I’m selling my vintage French Gitane to a friend, and trading my Dad’s old Raleigh on another thread. Next to go is my brother’s 70’s CCM Concorde (Reynolds 531) and then I’ll be ready to part w my vintage Italian Rossi.
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Originally Posted by Little Darwin View Post
If you don't drink the koolaid, there are other methods to convert you!

As you have surely found, this forum is open to anyone... just stand by for ribbing if you call a 1998 bike vintage.
I'll try not to call my TCR "vintage"

The "C&V" I'm thinking of rebuilding to its glory is a 1989 Cannondale. Not even a steel fork. But for anyone racing in NY/CT/NJ in the mid 80s and early 90s, the "Actual Size" bike might jog a memory or two. Version 1 I'll leave alone, version 2 I want to rebuild.

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Pedaled too far.
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I'm 54. My first bike was a Fleetwing. Ever heard of them? Only the young kids in our neighborhood had Stingrays. All the kids my age had gotten our bikes several years before Sting Rays were introduced, and many had already equipped them with ape hanger handlebars and banana seats. But most were 24"ers.

I was in high school when I discovered 10 speeds, and at the University when I discovered good 10 speeds.

I still have the American Eagle/Nishiki that I rode in the '70s. Now, in it's retirement, its getting all the components it always wanted, bar cons, brooks saddle etc.

My daily commuter is sort of vintage. It's only 17 years old. But it gives me good duty.

I've known and ridden the older bikes. They have a lot of good memories for me. Touring in Europe on a U-O8. Riding my ProTour in L.A. I suppose its like older fellows than me think of 57 Chevies. I find that this forum is a good source for information to help me keep my current ones running. I've been car-light or car-free my whole adult life.

"He who serves all, best serves himself" Jack London

Originally Posted by Bjforrestal View Post
I don't care if you are on a unicycle, as long as you're not using a motor to get places you get props from me. We're here to support each other. Share ideas, and motivate one another to actually keep doing it.
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40. Bikes are fun.
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Rode Schwinn Collegiate Sport and Continental until I was 14. Watched Breaking Away for first time. After that I was hooked into cycling for more than just transportation. Bought a newFuji Royale in 1981. Thought it was best bike ever, then bought Bicycling Magazine. Didnt take long to start lusting after the dream bikes. I still lust after them today and now I can somewhat afford what I couldnt back then and the wife approves because its cheaper than a car hobby and safer than motorcycles.
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wheelin in the years
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Rocket-Sauce congradulations on 40! I used to row, but my boat has not seen water in 4-5 years. We do not have 40 mi of water to row in Kansas--ha ha (sorta)

I am 40
I am a C/V er because of :
After college I had some money and rode fairly new bikes. Got Married became a Dad three times over. No time for hobbies
Later on I cleaned out the family barn. Found a bike that had been my wife's, an old Matsuri. It was lugged and rode smooth. I rode it to work trying to give it away. No one wanted a road bike. I road to work two weeks straight, which started my commuting. I deal with quite a few people who are in trouble due to DUI & Driving with suspended. I decided to ride for a year straight to see if was possible, because people with D.W.S. would claim it was not possible to get around with out accsess to a car.
The wrenching bug soon got me, I brought home a whole bunch of bikes. It has caused problems between my wife and I. I am now in a second purge of excess bicycles. My wife does not under stand that I find working & building bikes relaxing.
I am sorta shocked to see the similarity in our ages & experances.
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Very varied. indeed.
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I’m 47, or 329 in diesel semi-truck mechanic years. You figure them about the same ratio as dog to human years… about 7 to 1.

I like classic and vintage bikes for many reasons. I think most of the old adult bikes were designed more for practical use, than for style… but, that ended up giving them a style all their own. Which I happen to enjoy immensely.

I also like the availability and cost of the C&V bikes. I can get far more bang for my buck, so to speak, with a C&V than I can a brand new bike… or at least I tend to think so.

Also I am a FRED/Clyde, or Clyde/FRED depending on what I’m riding, or wearing, at the time. With a jury rigged back, and an artificial Left hip… For me to buy a Hightech superninjafide state of the art superlightweightweenie bike, to just chug around on the MUPs, and side streets: would be like hiring the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to HUM a tune to me… It would just seem silly to me.

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49.5 -- The class of '76 is well represented here.

I plan a century for my 50th -- it will coincide with a 65 mile organized ride. I'll have to do the last 35 on my own.
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Turned 40 last week.

101000 binary (telling her my age in binary helped me to win over my wife when we first met).

I've never really thought of my bikes as Classic or Vintage, simply because I've owned them for so long. I got the 1989 Merckx in 1993, when it was only 4 years old, hardly classic or vintage. It's now pushing 19 years old.

The Colnago and Vitus are both pre-1989 frames. I bought the Colnago used in 1989. Not sure what year it is.

I got the Vitus in 1992. It was hanging in the shop I worked at in 1989-1990 before I got there. Not exactly sure what year it is, either.

My MTBs are "new". The Catamount was purchased in 1995, and the Neptune just last May, but the Neptune frame was manufactured in 1995.

So the youngest frame I have is about 13 years old, and the oldest is probably 20 or more. To me they're what I ride.

I like modern bikes, too. My wife rides a 2006 Biomega Amsterdam. It's shaft drive, internal 7-speed rear hub, disc brakes in front.

I only want two more frames: A titanium road frame, and a steel frame that I'll build myself at Koichi Yamaguchi's frame building school. Hopefully I'll be able to get my brother to go to the school with me. I think it'd be great for the two of us to build custom frames for ourselves together.

I like steel, I like lugs. I like brifters. I like Campy retrofriction shifters. I love my Record Delta calipers.

Also, to me it's not about the money. All of my bikes, with the exception of the Catamount, were purchased for much less than full price. Merckx: Given to my by my brother. Colnago: $200, and it included a SR FD. Vitus: traded a Bianchi SLX frame that I'd bought for $300 and ridden for a couple-three years. Neptune: $16.99, shipped, and it included a free K2 baseball cap. On most of them, I obtained parts here and there at a discount.
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I see I'm in good company here agewise, quite a few fellow 40 year olds...
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Originally Posted by bibliobob View Post
I rode and smoked for a couple years, and then finally quit smoking this past June 1st. Ten months! I can safely say that getting back into riding made quitting much, much easier.
+1. same here, exactly.

re the OP:
'Galina vecchia fa buon brodo'. (in praise of older women, It. literally 'Old hens make the best soup').

I'm of a certain age.

As an engineer who never met a decorative arts museum (think Chicago Museum, or Cooper Hewiitt in NYC) that he didn't like, I love '80's mid and high end bike Japanese stuff. All of it--frames, parts, etc. I think the technology--simple, functional, elegant and eternal, peaked the year it died--1991, since brifters first came out shortly thereafter.

I would never debate or argue this point--its a feeling, and thus subject to a critical soupcon of faith.

That said, I wouldn't kick a Waterford or a Rivendell out of bed on a cold night, either.
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I'm 20 years old.

While I don't consider myself a full blown Classic and Vintage member yet, I will one day. =)

Right now I only have one working bike; an old Motobecane Super Mirage. I have a few others in states of disrepair that I love tinkering on. I'm still learning and reading every day. I browse this forum the most.

I'm still in college and working so my free time is limited. With my free time I love tinkering on old bikes. I hope that once I graduate I can put more time into this art. Seeing all of the C&Vers restoring their old bikes is fantastic and I want to take part in this art!
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big chainring 
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49 - Raced bikes in the golden age of cycling, the 70's. Wool shorts with leather chamois, Silk tires, Boul Mich Bike Rally, Super Week in Milwaukee. Now I just ride slow to keep my joints from freezing up.
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Domestic Domestique
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I'm 29 and will be forever..... I originally came here looking for information on my Apollo (which I still haven't gotten) but I'm staying for these old fogies who seem to know a lot and have fun sharing it.
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54 and got back into bikes about 3 years ago when my knees and back told me I couldn't run anymore. Started out with a Specialized hybrid then decided I needed a road bike a new Raleigh Cadent. There was something missing and I decided since I had wanted a Schwinn Varsity when I was a kid and we couldn't afford it then I bought one and refurbed it. I was hooked on old steel. I like the nostalgia of the old bikes it brings back a flood of mostly good memories and since I'm getting to the point where I need something to do when I retire and that vintage acoustic guitars are more expensive than most of the bikes I want I decided vintage bikes it is plus a few guitars too. Its nice to take an old bike that's been neglected and bring it back to decent condition. The nice side benefit is I get to ride them with my wife and thats cool too
(Life is too short to play crappy guitars) 2006 Raleigh Cadent 3.0, 1977 Schwinn Volare, 2010 Windsor tourist. ( I didn't fall , I attacked the floor)

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Who cares, just ride it!
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Bikes: 1992ish Davidson Impulse, 1981 Apollo Gran Sport SS, 2006 Salsa Las Cruces, 2010 Soma Double Cross

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Originally Posted by UnsafeAlpine View Post
I'm 29 and will be forever..... I originally came here looking for information on my Apollo (which I still haven't gotten) but I'm staying for these old fogies who seem to know a lot and have fun sharing it.
What model Apollo is it that you want to know about? Myself and a few others should be able to help you.
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