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Talus 07-06-11 06:44 PM

'86 nine twelve-a work in progress

painkiller 07-06-11 07:17 PM

My Miyata 1400A Year?
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picked $80 apa aluminum bonded What year is it? I think 89' or 90'

snappy 07-06-11 07:47 PM

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in the frankfurt hbf, carrying other people's bags on the top tube, as well as mine on the rack ... and then unloaded at neuschwanstein castle.

Robofunc 07-06-11 10:07 PM

Wow. I had fun scrolling through this thread--some very nice bikes. Some of the thrift store and garage sale deals are amazing.

Here's my '85 Pro. Fixed for now, probably some 105 in its future, hopefully something nicer after a time.

GentlemanGeorge 07-07-11 06:47 AM

Originally Posted by Talus (Post 12890206)

I remember this bike from a thread here recently. I'd love to see pictures once you have it cleaned up.

bikegeekmn 07-07-11 11:26 AM

Sweet ride, looks to be a 90', there is a Miyata catalog archive online you could find more info on.

Originally Posted by painkiller (Post 12890345)
picked $80 apa aluminum bonded What year is it? I think 89' or 90'

kuso 07-07-11 05:41 PM

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jeffman 07-17-11 12:34 PM

My craigslist special
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1988 Miyata Six Fifteen. Mostly stock other than a few items that were missing ... somewhere along the line someone decided to turn her into an "upright hybrid". When I bought her she had riser bars, MTB brake levers, and clamp-on stem shifters. Unfortunately, the original randonneur bars, DT shifters and brake levers had gone MIA. Thanks to Velo Orange for the course bars, Silver shifters, Tektro aero brake levers and VO leather bar tape. I also added functional SKS fenders and Grand Bois Cypres tires ... the original Miyata Radials were in surprisingly fantastic shape, but I didn't particularly enjoy the squishy ride. Loving the Grand Bois so far.

liquefied 07-17-11 07:48 PM

My new 1400:

zmensing 07-18-11 11:24 AM

Originally Posted by liquefied (Post 12943174)

Saw that one for sale I think, looks like a great bike! Hope you're enjoying it.

kuso 07-18-11 11:45 AM

my 91 quickcross:

bikegeekmn 07-18-11 12:24 PM

Originally Posted by kuso (Post 12946118)

Nice ride

delux68 08-09-11 12:30 PM

here's mine, picked it up yesterday. 1990 721A

bikemanbob 08-09-11 07:49 PM

1992 Miyata 700 GT
I love this bike! I intend to do a tour with this bike in early Fall.

RobbieTunes 08-10-11 06:30 PM

I'm wondering if I should go pick this one up...Terry designed. Seller has my name, maybe he'll cut the price.

Really Cool Looking Vintage Miyata Touring Bike - $249 (Raleigh)

Date: 2011-08-10, 5:26PM EDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

Miyata 615 GT Touring Bike
Excellent Condition!

Unique design with 24" front wheel

Deore Components
Miyata Triple Butted tubing

Call/text Robert 813 545 6049

  • Location: Raleigh
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

dundas 08-10-11 07:31 PM

I looked the bike up in the catalogue. Is the smaller front wheel just because the frame is so small? In my opinion it's a pretty neat design - touring feel with a sporty look.

RobbieTunes 08-11-11 09:54 AM

Georgena Terry's design wasn't the first, but is the most widely known, and used by a lot of brands. The smaller front wheel allows for a much lower standover height; retaining the 700c rear keeps the gearing the same as any other 700c bike. i.e. a road bike for smaller people that doesn't sacrifice capabilities.

Some folks think also of the TT bikes that have the same wheel setup, and other think of them as "funny bikes." I've met short riders who had them, and they liked them, even compared to newer 650c bikes that are out there. There's a mother-daughter triathlon family near here that has 4, 2 for training and 2 set up for racing.

The bike has a lot of good stuff about it, and great potential for a full-blown tourer, even if you have to carry two tubes and two tires.

91MF 08-11-11 01:04 PM

Originally Posted by liquefied (Post 12943174)

Originally Posted by kuso (Post 12946118)

Originally Posted by delux68 (Post 13058105)
here's mine, picked it up yesterday. 1990 721A

wow. wow. wow.

Giacomo 1 08-11-11 02:02 PM

Great thread guys and some great bikes!:thumb:

Just got my Miyata delivered by the nice man in the brown truck the other day. I've only seen one of these in this thread. I'm not sure how rare these are, but I havn't seen many of them nor have I found to much info about them. Anyway, I'm loving this bike so far!:love:

Miyata 1400A AlumiTech, triple bonded, all-aluminum frame with a full Shimano 105 group -

squirtdad 08-15-11 04:24 PM

my 1400 latest tweaks.....added a nitto noodle bar

Bought new in 89. then Ultegra 600 tri colour 14 speed bio pace. Now Ultegra 9sp triple.

Drummerboy1975 08-15-11 04:36 PM

Originally Posted by redbarnlane (Post 6291984)

My 1981 610. I changed the shifters, brake levers, pedals, cables, cable housing, and stem over the winter, but it's too miserable in Chicago to go outside for new pictures.


I'm sorry but how tall are you?

stevelogic 08-15-11 07:30 PM

just picked her up a few weeks ago. had to travel 150 miles away but, well worth it imo.
pretty sure shes a 79'. i recently added a fizik pave sport saddle. i intend to to a full restore. probably add barcons..
rides incredibly well for a bike that's older than i am.

yes, that is a whole bunch on rust on the top tube, but ive since took most of it off using a wire wheel on my die grinder and seems to be mostly surface. there is some pitting in the steel but nothing irreparable.
glad i can be part of this thread.

liquefied 08-15-11 07:46 PM

Just a whole mess of HTML you have there, stevelogic.

Some updated shots of my 1400:

Added new bar tape, Toupe saddle and Thomson Elite to hold it (old seatpost wasn't compatible with the Toupe).

zmensing 08-17-11 01:21 PM

Originally Posted by liquefied (Post 13088349)
Some updated shots of my 1400:

Added new bar tape, Toupe saddle and Thomson Elite to hold it (old seatpost wasn't compatible with the Toupe).

Looks really great! Such a nice, clean looking bike build.

Gyro_T 08-18-11 12:08 AM

I bought a Miyata 1000 today for $70. I believe it is from 1981 or 82. It has Suntour components, including bar end shifters. It has seen a lot of miles but is not too bad. Hope to show you a "before" picture when I get it picked up. I would like to paint it and wanted to check with you all to see if decals were available. I will be fixing it up but leaving it pretty much stock, and giving it to my daughter in-law.

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