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The Golden Boy 01-02-18 08:49 PM

Originally Posted by 52telecaster (Post 20086444)
excellent 1000. love the front rack! those are getting difficult to find.


You just have to keep watching eBay and either have the price be in your comfort zone or not... I got lucky with the Vetta racks. SOMA had a front rack with this style of attachment.

NLMDA 01-06-18 04:03 PM

Originally Posted by BassoBry (Post 20078376)
So many beautiful bicycles in here.

My Sport Cross:

One of these moments where I am actually truly jealous because of not owning a bike like this. Just awesome.

Dougie D 06-02-18 01:45 PM


Chr0m0ly 08-28-18 12:23 PM

‘84 310 sold last year

‘85 710 60cm but same top length tube as the 57cm size. Little less pelvic clearance, but can get the bars high and comfy! Rode it to work this morning!

‘86 710 57cm Chromo fork, zippy!

The fiancé’s got her own ‘86 710 and I think an ‘85 210 for her commuting and zipping around. I’ve got an ‘84 610 down to the frame that I’m cleaning up. Oh yeah! And an ‘89 CT3000, it’s a carbon wrapped aluminum APA bonded frame, with middling Groupo hung off it. I actually had it sold but it came back to me! For the sale I was asked to put a flat bar on it, and I ended up digging the ride. In motorcycle terms it’d be a “hoodlum bike” a race bike with flatbars and higher center of gravity wants to wheelie all day. This is like that!!

...And with the help of a generous facilitator I’ve got something very special coming in the post in the next week or two...

Chr0m0ly 08-28-18 12:48 PM

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