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Otto Rax 03-08-08 09:26 AM

Show us your vintage carbon fiber
Carbon Fiber. It's been around long enough for me to classify it as vintage or having vintage potential, and with the piece of the cycling pie it has, the original carbon bits are classic i an extent. From the Exxon-grafteks to the old Looks, Alans, Miyatas, Centurions, MBKs, the list goes on. I'd like to see pics of peoples vintage carbon fiber. handlebars, wheels, hubs, frames, any carbon bit from the last millenia

robtown 03-08-08 01:25 PM

I believe my Miyata frame is circa 1990. The bars of the TT version and fork are much newer.

onetwentyeight 03-08-08 01:50 PM

my friend neil's kestrel

Otto Rax 03-08-08 02:30 PM

that kestrel is AWESOME, i love that paint scheme. and the "murdered out" miyata. very nice very nice. heres what i have. i had it fixed for a minute, but just added a spsinergy rev-x rear wheel with a 5 speed freewheel, shimano 600ax brakes, shimano 600 cranks, mavic derailleur and a tioga spyder saddle. and of course nicely polished drops to round it all out. post-reconversion pics soon

ozneddy 03-08-08 03:58 PM

any excuse i can get to show it off lol

Otto Rax 03-08-08 04:13 PM

got any close ups of the mbk lugs or seat cluster?

divineAndbright 03-08-08 04:26 PM

Wow, lotsa pretty bikes here.. I really wish my trek 2100 had lugs like some of the examples here.

I really love how the seat stays meet with the seat cluster on that Miyata above!

The Alans gotta be my favorite so far, shame its a fixie though :/
-Ah, I see you mention its been geared now!

Otto Rax 03-09-08 07:24 PM

no one has anymore old school carbon fibre? unbelievable

Jenser 03-10-08 06:20 AM

My Vitus Carbone 9:
Yes, I'm building it up, gettting a tout Mavic equipment. Hope I can ride it this year.

thalluga 03-10-08 06:24 AM

So would you guys go down a steep incline at 40mhp on an 18 year old carbon frame? No offence but I don't I would.

ricohman 03-10-08 06:29 AM

Originally Posted by Otto Rax (Post 6310735)
no one has anymore old school carbon fibre? unbelievable

I don't think so. Lots of us older riders just don't have the perspective that carbon is vintage!
Even though an early 80's bike would ceratinly be.

vxpro 03-10-08 08:38 AM

I still haven't added the decals yet but here is my recently completed '87 Record Carbonio w/full C-record grouppo! While the frame is "vintage" weight-weenie, the Deltas and RD don't help. Final weight: 20 lbs.

ginsoakedboy 03-10-08 11:02 AM

Wow, if I hadn't seen the pics with my own eyes, I never would have believed there was such a thing as vintage carbon. I've always thought of carbon as plastic crap purchased by gullible people. I may have to reassess now that I have seen with my own eyes pictures of carbon bikes that have survived for more than 10 years. Interesting that the forks on the old ones are metal, whereas the fork is the first place you see carbon on new bikes.

paulkal 03-10-08 01:55 PM

I always liked these Vitus Carbone frames. Can you post pictures when it is finished?


divineAndbright 03-10-08 02:53 PM

Heres my 1991 Trek 2100 which some of you may have seen. Bonded carbon/aluminum. Still have yet to ride it as it was a winter project of mine, as you can see by the snow in the background its maiden voyage will be in april. I need a slightly shorter stem, and I'm gonna use some 40cm bars instead of the 42s as they fit me much better. With those changes and the chain on I have my fingers crossed for 18 and a half pounds... by saying that you can tell its certainly weight weenie, I will be racing this bike this year!
Some nice yellow nail polish for a few personal touches.

sjmayclin 03-10-08 07:35 PM

Originally Posted by vxpro (Post 6313332)
I still haven't added the decals yet but here is my recently completed '87 Record Carbonio w/full C-record grouppo! While the frame is "vintage" weight-weenie, the Deltas and RD don't help. Final weight: 20 lbs.

WOW! Utterly beautiful. That bike deserves to be hanging on a wall. It is pure art.


bonechilling 03-10-08 07:41 PM

This thread makes me want a vintage CF bike.

luker 03-10-08 09:31 PM

ahhhh. Nobody has a Graftek?

Otto Rax 03-11-08 03:27 PM

about the joints failing. Thats no BS, but it's definately over-rated. One racer has his fork break on his Vivalo in Japan, and all the sudden, everyone in the world with a vivalo hears about it. If I never hear someone mention carbon/aluminum failing again, I'd be happy. I inspect mine regularly and enjoy it.

Hey, I heard a cast lug failed on someones bike once, I don't recommend anyoen with a lugged bike go over 10 MPH for fear of iminent catastrophic failure.

See, thats a joke, please don't think im being a jerk. I'm just saying, I've personally seen a lug fail, but that doesn't make me flap my gums to everyone with a lugged steel bike.

*RANT* apologies, I've just heard it one too many times

Lamplight 03-11-08 04:37 PM

I certainly wouldn't consider my Epic vintage, but I suppose I could say it's "old" carbon. :D

Otto Rax 03-11-08 05:07 PM

any of the sp. epic road bikes i consider vintage. That's a right pretty conversion too!

Lamplight 03-11-08 07:10 PM

Thanks! It's really not very fun to ride at all, though. :lol:

Elev12k 03-12-08 01:14 PM

Hi dear people,

My 1991 Koga Miyata GentsRacer Carbolite does have a fork with carbon blades:

Quite early for a carbon fork I think. The Koga catalogue claims it is the 1st for Europe. The frame looks quite a lot like Robtown's.

The oldest carbon rig in my stable, a 1990 Miyata Century:

Reynolds 03-12-08 01:57 PM

Not mine but the nicest CF I've seen:

mynameisphunk 03-12-08 03:01 PM

would a used Specialized Epic be worth $150?

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