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cabrilo 08-23-08 11:41 AM

What did I buy?
I purchased a used cannondale for $150. I can not find model name on the bike. It has couple of cannondale and couple of made in us stickers. The frame has "shimano 105" sticker on it, however none of the components seem to be shimano.

Brake levers are Royal Gran Compe.
Brakes are Dia Compe

Shifters are on downtube marked vicenzia campagnolo
Front derailer only has campagnolo markings
rear derailer says nuovo record

The bike has 7 gears on rear sprocket and 2 on front.

Cranks are sugion GLP
and the wheels are mavic xp11

I have been enjoying riding it. I would like to upgrade shifters to something on handlebars. Is this possible with my setup? Are these components good, bad, average? Did I get a good deal?

jerrymcdougal 08-23-08 01:44 PM

Sounds like you got one hell of a deal is what!

gr23932 08-23-08 01:57 PM

Originally Posted by jerrymcdougal (Post 7328909)
Sounds like you got one hell of a deal is what!


txvintage 08-23-08 02:18 PM

My full 105 Cannondale Criterium set me back more than that. With the up grades, sounds like you got a deal.

One thing on wanting Brifters is that 7 speed is very hard to find, but 8 sp is plentiful. Chances are your rear drops are only 126mm, but I have been told by several riders who just manually spread the drops to drop in an 8 speed 130mm hub that it has caused no problems. The bikes each have over 2 years of regular use that do this.

wrk101 08-23-08 03:03 PM

Upgrading shifters could/will likely cost you more than you paid for the bike. The cheap route is to give the downtube shifters some time for you to get accustomed to them. Alternate is to use bar end shifters. Still will cost you close to what you paid for it.

If you really want brifters, you are probably better off selling this bike for a profit and applying that money to a bike with brifters. That would certainly be the cheapest route.

T-Mar 08-23-08 05:33 PM

Basically, you have a mutt. The components are good, with the exception of an average crankset and rims, but you would never get a mix like that as original equipment.

Cannondale offered only a few basic frame geometries and created different models by outfitting the frame with different components. The fact that it has 7 speed spacing limits it to one of the original Cannondale frames or a series 3.0. But you do not mention weird rear dropouts, so we can eliminate the 3.0 frame, which had cantilever rear dropouts. A pre 3.0 frame with Shimano 105 indcates it was probably originally a circa 1988 SR500. Pics would help to substantiate this.

As previously stated, it is a good deal. Converting to brifters will be costly, as in addition to the brifters, you will need matching derailleurs, freewheel and chain.

cabrilo 08-24-08 07:09 AM

Thank you
Thank you all for great comments.

I will definitely keep the bike as is and not change a thing on it.

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