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josh s 04-26-09 04:53 PM

Have rsx 7spd brifters
Need mavic open pro/sport front wheel

tarwheel 04-27-09 08:10 AM


- Selcoff silver 27.0 x 220 mm seatpost. Very nice post in an unusual size that is hard to find. I bought it for a frame that I thought required a 27.0 post but it turned out to need a standard 27.2, so I haven't used it.

- Profile H2O threaded (quill) stem, 90 degree x 110 cm, black. Only used a few times. Removeable face-cap and longer quill that most stems, allowing a lot of rise for handlebars.

- Nitto rear rack, R-15, Campee or "big rack" models.
- Nitto Deluxe stem, 10 cm.
- Nitto handlebars, Noodle or B-177 or B-176 models, 44-46 cm wide.
- Touring wheels, 700c x 130 mm spacing, silver. To fit Shimano 9-speed cassette.
- Decent quality SPD pedals.
- Good quality, lightweight breathable rain jacket in mens L or XL (43 chest)

Business810 04-27-09 08:41 AM

-NOS Araya Aero 2 polished, unmachined tubular rim, 32h
-NOS SR 74bcd 34t chainring
-Shimano 130bcd 48t chainring
-Shimano Dura Ace front brake, date code "ZK"
-Dia-Compe Power Control 7 flat bar brake levers
-Nitto forged "I-beam" style stem, 80mm
-Nitto Olympiade 115 bars, ~36cm wide
-alloy ergonomic drop bars, 25.4 clamp, 42cm wide
-1" threaded to 1 1/8" threadless adapter
-clip on aerobars
-Bianchi celeste water bottle cage
-Shimano "aero" toe clips, medium
-SR Sakae 27.2 seatpost
-Shimano Ultegra front hub laced to an American Classic rim
-Schwinn-approved Huret rear derailleur
-have a bunch of other parts, will add later

-mustache bars
-riser bars
-130bcd 39t chainring, preferably unramped/unpinned
-1 1/8" threadless stem, 25.4 clamp, a lot of rise and as short of a stack height as possible

nlerner 04-27-09 09:31 AM

I'm looking for a 20" wheel BMX bike for my son for his 7th birthday. And I know nothing about such things, so I'll take some schoolin', too.


stausty 04-27-09 10:04 AM

For completing my free Gios I still need:

1 Mavic MA40 rim (32h would be ideal, others considered)
27.2 mm seatpost
Suntour superbe front hub

Waychel 04-27-09 06:15 PM

I'm looking for Sante stuff in great condition:

I am especially looking for the cranks + chainring, brakes, headset, and rear hub.

Also, I need a 7-speed Uniglide cassette.

I have a lot of stuff to trade (mostly newish)

Grand Bois 04-27-09 08:00 PM

I need these shifters for an S5/2:

ZeRinger 04-27-09 09:40 PM

Need an Ariake Nu Buck Aero saddle for my Panasonic AR-6000. Any leads appreciated.

junkfoodjunkie 04-28-09 06:11 AM


Mismatched open 4cd. Rear 36 laced to shimano tricolor 8 speed hub great condition little to no brake wear. Front 32 hole laced to mystery hub lots of brake wear. Will separate.

Mz14 32 hole Sun rims. All black hubs and spokes. rear has machined side wall. Hyperglide 7 speed cassette 13-30. Tires and tubes included.

Derailleur and shifters
Shimano 600 rd

Shimano 600 fd

Shimano 600ex clamp on fd

Shimano Altus rd, fd and shifters

Suntour downtube top mount shifters

Suntour Mountech rd

Suntour Bl (blue) rd, fd

Shimano Light action ? fd

Brake and Levers

Shimano 600 non aero levers

Dia Compe non aero lever

Dia Compe 500 g brakes

Ranndoneur Bars, Dia Compe levers with cane creek hoods, Sr Stem and wrap

Cranks and Pedals

Shimano 600 tricolor pedals

Exage sport crankset, 52, 42 biopace rings

Sugino Crankset with really heavy 52 and 42 rings

Shimano 105 Crankset logos polished off, 52 and 42 biopace rings


Shimano hyperglide cassette 8 speed 13-30


Shimano braze on front Derailleur for a double. prefer a 600ex
Axle for 126mm spacing 600ex hub.
Other interesting stuff.

bw286 04-28-09 12:01 PM

i need a seatclamp binder bolt, campy clone or something of the like.

sonatageek 04-28-09 07:41 PM

I am looking for a replacement front fork for a Schwinn Sierra mountain bike. The current fork is rigid with dual eyelets, but it is tweaked. I would like to replace it with something that is cromoly with dual eyelets and ideally with a low rider mount.

It has a 1" threaded headset and if it were 1 1/8th I would just buy a new Surly LHT fork.

cudak888 04-28-09 09:44 PM


Campagnolo Nuovo Record rear derailer body. Just the parallelogram body, no hardware - I have a complete RD here that would be intact if it were not for the fact that the body itself is twisted:


banjo_mole 04-29-09 12:58 AM

Wow... how'd the body get twisted? Did you do it? *gasp*

Crudge, man, now I have to go check mine.

High Fist Shin 04-29-09 06:16 AM

ISO: six speed thread-on freewheel with 24T max low gear. Good condition.

Have: forbidden.

redneckwes 04-29-09 08:53 AM

ISO: 23" Peugeot UO-8/UE-8 Frame and Fork, Ugly is ok, but no major dents.

EDIT: OR a similar vintage lower end Motobecane or Gitane

Have: 21" and 22" UO-8 F/F's 21" is white and passable, 22" is blue and one of the nicest I have seen.

I need to get some of my parts collection onto a bike that fits me.

cudak888 04-29-09 09:42 AM


Originally Posted by banjo_mole (Post 8819658)
Wow... how'd the body get twisted? Did you do it? *gasp*

If it wasn't for the potential copy of Premier, I'd be telling you to wash your mouth out with soap :p

You'll have to speak to whoever sold the fake Rossin to Gilberto - it is the same derailer that was on it when he purchased it.


Originally Posted by banjo_mole (Post 8819658)
Crudge, man, now I have to go check mine.

If it is shifting well, there shouldn't be any issue. This is the first NR that I've seen with a bent parallelogram. I usually see them with bent pulley cages.


gr23932 04-29-09 01:53 PM


Originally Posted by cudak888 (Post 8821351)
You'll have to speak to whoever sold the fake Rossin to Gilberto - it is the same derailer that was on it when he purchased it.

Sorry to hear that Kurt. I never noticed it since I really never rode it or really looked at closely. I will see what I have in my part bins once I unpack them.

mkeller234 04-29-09 04:17 PM

Glad to see you back gr23932, how was your move?

fieldrecordings 04-29-09 04:35 PM

ISO - 36h Open Pro 4 CD rims (new or used)
170mm Shimano road double (600 pref.)

Let me know.

joemullins 04-29-09 05:23 PM

Does anyone no where I can get a Velosteel coaster brake hub? They're made in the Czech Republic. Thanks!

cudak888 04-29-09 06:59 PM


Originally Posted by gr23932 (Post 8823233)
Sorry to hear that Kurt. I never noticed it since I really never rode it or really looked at closely. I will see what I have in my part bins once I unpack them.

Don't let it trouble you - a bent NR can be overlooked very easily by anyone, and remember, the frameset was more important to me.

I'll source a replacement cage, don't worry. In the worst of cases, it will wind up being a very nice parts source...


divineAndbright 04-29-09 07:03 PM

anything in this photo, some info; the pedals are french thread, the crank is a maxi 171 length all alloy, 52/44 alloy rings, the old saddle is a favorit, derailleur nouvo record 74 date (missing bolt to attatch to derailleur hanger!) cinelli 3t abrosio ITM stems various lengths, seat post is just a steel thing by favorit, 26.2

a 36 hole cassette style hub that will accept a 10 speed shimano cassette, pref silver
a first gen front dura ace brake caliper to match this one:

jebensch 04-29-09 08:06 PM


(2) 27.0 seatposts - doesn't have to be Campy, but not total junk. Of course, Campy would be great


several seatposts that aren't 27.0!
lots of odds and ends between Shimano, Suntour and some Campy stuff (nothing too high in the order though)

Shoot me a PM and maybe I have something that you can use!

mparker326 04-30-09 08:56 AM

Thanks jebensch.

fearfeasog 04-30-09 02:46 PM

i need a pair of Time ATAC pedals, cosmetics not important as long as they function--willing to trade:

old raleigh (Phillips) 3 speed frame, and the parts that came on it minus the rear wheel, which didn't. fendeers, chainguard, brakes, cables, etc. all present. it's about 54cm, i'd say, black, kinda beat up, but solid, not bent or dented, just scratched etc.

frame and fork--schwinn step thru road frame, pink, 80's vintage, '86 - '88, i'd say. have headset and BB/cranks. disassembled. not sure what size (i'll measure it if yr interested) really good shape, a few scratches, maybe.

i have a few other odds and ends, too, nothing fancy.

and dough, of course, wanna spend $20-ish if i can help it.

thanks! mark

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