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jan nikolajsen 05-28-09 11:46 PM

Those are some good photos, Cuda. Nice to see another vintage Gazelle out there.

This afternoon I stripped all the cork of my handle bars and, greatly inspired by the purists here on this
forum, re-wrapped with Tressostar, the Dobbins way. Ah, the true look of seventies pro racers! Slim bars with subdued
colors. On the roll as I was, next came the dusty, bone dry chunk of unbending leather over in the
corner, masquerading as a French bicycle saddle. Proudly displaying these true vintage articles I hauled
the bike out on the street and did 60 miles....

...which was not a pleasant experience. My hands were all over the bars hunting for the former cush &
comfort of thick syntho-cork, but found none. All I discovered was numbing fingers and pressure points
more associated with swinging a framing hammer all day. The saddle was, to continue the carpentry
metaphors, like a two by four on edge. That thing will never, ever break in.

So, in the name of esthetics and period correctness I took a colossal step rearwards in riding comfort. Or
maybe I'm just too soft. Too many hours surfing Bikeforums instead of hammering out the miles. I do like
the look of that bartape though.

YoKev 05-29-09 12:41 PM

I did a nice 30ish mile loop on my Woodrup from Kingston to Saugerties today, and stopped in at my friends shop; Revolution Bicycles in Saugerties :)

Mike Mills 05-29-09 04:12 PM

kevinsubaru, I cannot see your photos while here at work, but I will check back later.

When I was in high school, I lived in New York City. My father would drive us north and across the Hudson River and drop off two of us at Nyack. We would head north along Hwy 9W (?), up along the Hudson River, then turn west at Kingston and ride over to Phoenicia. Another left turn just west of Phoenicia would take us to Woodland Valley campground.

This trip was done fully loaded with camping gear. It was a two-day ride each way. We would hang out at Woodland Valley as long as the money lasted (food and camp site fees). Then, we would head back home.

The first time I did this, it was the greatest adventure of my life. It was so much fun I did it several times during my high school years. Once I did it alone. These were my summer vacation trips.

When I was in college, my friends and I would drive up there and camp for an extended weekend. Car camping was fun but was NOTHING compared to the challenge and joy of riding in that beautiful part of the country and the self-satisfaction of making it all the way under my own power.

To this very day, I miss it. It is one of my favorite parts of this great country of ours.

YoKev 05-29-09 04:54 PM

I hope the pictures don't let you down, but they're just showing off the shop space :) I enjoyed your memory could still get here with those directions you've memorized!

I've posted some HV pictures recently, and I should be taking a few more this weekend if all goes well. The Catskills are a great place to live!

Mike Mills 05-29-09 06:52 PM

The last time I rode a bike in the Catskills, I rode from Woodland Valley to and around the reservoir at Downsville and back. I rode my Bob Jackson.

Linking back to the topic of this thread, I rode that same bike to work today. The bike is 34 years old. The rider is quite a bit older than that.

mkeller234 05-29-09 07:29 PM

Thats a great looking shop, lots of old steel in there. I enjoyed your story Mike.

bigbossman 05-31-09 01:53 PM

Yesterday, Rich and I saddled up for a ride, with no particular place to go. So, we set off with a vague idea about doing some sort of 40-ish mile loop. It was pretty breezy out when we started, and we sort of paid attention to it as we headed of east to the Livermore Valley. Going out, it was all rainbows, cotton candy, and unicorns. We were flying down the road having a grand old time. At about mile 25 or so, we stopped at a taco wagon and enjoyed some scratch-made tamales - Mmmmmm.

While leaning up against the fence, we took note of the ever-freshening breeze. I speculated that we might be in for a challenge on the way back, but we brushed it off and pressed on. At about mile 30 or so, we hit the far end of the loop and turn back west, into the wind.

Damn.... it was pretty strong, and we were out in the open grassland getting all of it as it swept along. We made a bee-line to a LBS whose owner Rich was friends with, and ducked inside for refills and a bit of rest. Eventually, we had to get going, so we said goodbye and took off.

Now we were on a major blvd heading right into the teeth of a full-blown wind, and we were getting brutalized. For 6 miles, we did a two-man rotation and managed to move along quite well until we hit a McDonald's. Taking refuge for a bit, we had a small snack and enjoyed sitting still for a little while - the last 6 miles had taken it's toll and we were feeling a bit lethargic.

Moving along, we made our turn north to close the loop and get home. The cross wind wasn't' nearly as bad as the headwind, but still problematic. Nevertheless, we made good time and I got home in plenty of time to clean up and get over to the middle school to see my daughter star as Dorothy in her school production of The Wiz.

About 55 miles and a couple thousand feet of climbing is all, but we worked for it. It was a great day to be out despite the wind, and I enjoyed (almost) every minute of it.

Diablo in the distance:

Diablo a little closer up:

Chasing down Rich:

Looking at my front wheel, ducking the headwind:

Big Train, hustling down the highway:

mkeller234 05-31-09 03:46 PM

I made up a new route today, it was about 23 miles through east Canton, Louisville and Canton. Mostly rural and some crazy hills in the country. The first 15 or so miles were tough, after that it was smooth and relaxing. It was windy as hell though, and it felt like I was always riding straight into it.

Tall white sock and shorts, nerd alert:

My computer actually says 140 not 14.....:innocent:

Stopped for a rest in Louisville:

Received a blessing from Pastor Bob's friend for the ride home

JunkYardBike 05-31-09 08:13 PM


Originally Posted by bigbossman (Post 9015338)

So how's the Dancelli?

I managed 60 solo miles today. 1000 ft elevation to sea level then back up again, with one serious climb in between. It was smooth riding with the Centurion Equipe, much faster than with my poor man's Rivendell imitation. But even with a triple crank, it left my knees in more pain. Trade-offs.

No pics, but there was some gorgeous riding on some rural roads along a couple rivers and creeks in the valley.

bigbossman 05-31-09 08:41 PM


Originally Posted by JunkYardBike (Post 9017069)
So how's the Dancelli?

If it had a black Regal on it, it would be perfect. I need a black Regal.

JunkYardBike 05-31-09 08:49 PM


I just happen to have one. Have a Rolls in yellow or orange?

bigbossman 05-31-09 08:52 PM


Originally Posted by JunkYardBike (Post 9017302)

I just happen to have one. Have a Rolls in yellow or orange?

No, but I have a collection of dead president miniature portraits....... :D

JunkYardBike 05-31-09 08:59 PM


Originally Posted by bigbossman (Post 9017328)
No, but I have a collection of dead president miniature portraits....... :D

Well, it's sorta in use...on a bike without a rear wheel presently. But I'll take some pics tomorrow and we'll talk. I must say, however, I prefer inventors and almanac writers to presidents. :innocent:

JunkYardBike 05-31-09 09:29 PM

Some pics from a ride a couple weeks back. Not terribly interesting, but they give a flavor of Northwestern NJ environs.

Rode a 40 or so mile loop on mixed roads. One of my favorite stops during the fall season. Unfortunately, no cider donuts in the spring or summer:

One of the many old mills, no longer in operation. The road jogs to the right after the mill, and there's a house on the left. Feels as if you're riding in their driveway when you approach it.

Lots of fast gravel road. Some of it is a bit harrowing when you hit the washboard ripples:

I think there was about 400 yards of recognizable pavement before this sign, and it was a poor excuse for pavement:

A garter snake sunning itself. Not a bad size. I helped it off the road after taking the photo.

Sign of spring in the wetlands: eastern skunk cabbage (Symplocarpus foetidus), and lots of it:

The gypsy moths are making a comeback after years of measures to control their numbers. Not good news for the native trees:

The Raleigh at the top of Black River Road, the first of three big climbs back home:

Ort Farms, a family favorite during the harvest season:

Some of the fields on Ort Farms. I'll climb part of the ridge you see in the distance. Sure, doesn't look imposing, but the early settlers in this region didn't have the grading equipment used to build roads in the western mountain ranges. They just built roads straight up the godforsaken hill.

JunkYardBike 05-31-09 09:29 PM

Beginning of the second big climb. Actually, I took the first right before this hill, but it climbs the same hill:

Top of the second big climb. I don't know where the view was, but the climb sure wasn't fair.

Nearly home, but I really gotta go! Difficult to find a safe pitstop around here:

High Fist Shin 06-01-09 07:56 AM

Rode the Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike. The only abandoned superhighway in the U.S. I believe. 18.6 miles of road reclaimed by nature, including two tunnels!
It felt like an episode of "Life after People" on The Discovery Channel. This is what our highways would look like after 40 years of neglect.

mkeller234 06-02-09 02:16 AM

^That is awesome and very creepy at the same time. A very unique place to ride for sure.

High Fist Shin 06-02-09 05:43 AM


Originally Posted by mkeller234 (Post 9025433)
^That is awesome and very creepy at the same time. A very unique place to ride for sure.

If you should ever be in the neighborhood, I'll take you up there for a spin. It's really cool.

Lizzy 06-02-09 08:29 AM

Awesome pics - thanks!

Lizzy 06-02-09 08:41 AM

You can see some of my bike route here - I'm a recreational cyclist. I have a Schwinn 1984 World Tourist 10 speed [my favorite], Schwinn Suburban 1980 5 speed, Raleigh 1970 LTD-3 and Schwinn Collegiate 1967 3-speed. I also have a couple of mountain bikes - a 1997 Pacific Catalina with steel mainframe [upgraded parts] and a Raleigh Venture 3 [cushy ride for relaxing]. I ride most every day. Florida is not the best place to ride but I've found a nice area or two. you can see my old gals here -

High Fist Shin 06-02-09 09:36 AM


Originally Posted by Lizzy (Post 9026391)
Awesome pics - thanks!

You're welcome.

And welcome to :)

michaelwc 06-02-09 01:30 PM


where abouts in PA is that?

Boatdesigner 06-03-09 10:12 PM

Lizzy, your pics reminded me of just how nice your area of Florida is. Most people think all of Florida looks like Miami. Tallahassee is very pretty, for a city (I consider anything over a few thousand people to be the big city!). I always wanted to ride the trail that runs to St. Marks but never got the chance. I'll have to keep it on my to do list!

mkeller234 06-03-09 10:43 PM


Originally Posted by Machin Shin (Post 9025664)
If you should ever be in the neighborhood, I'll take you up there for a spin. It's really cool.

I will take you up on that if I am ever out that way with a bike. That would be awesome.

Those are some nice pictures Liz, looks like a really nice commute. I think this is my favorite thread on BF

olan 06-04-09 12:09 AM

the reason why i love a bike because of that beautiful places that only a bikers can appreciate. i love the idea of taking photos of it and make a post!

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