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YoKev 04-06-14 05:34 AM

I had an unexpected medical procedure done on monday, but, I was riding bikes by the end of the week :) I was so happy. My lady snapped this picture and showed me afterwards :love:

Vonruden 04-06-14 08:31 AM

Nice pic Kev! Funny what a ride will do for the mind and soul.

I hit the trails solo, took this selfie shortly after going over the bars.

Roger M 04-06-14 11:01 AM


Originally Posted by northbend (Post 16645367)
My friend Ty and I rode in an organized ride to raise money for the Oso mudslide victims. Long drive to get to the starting point for a ride that was simply an out n back on the Centennial Trail on a rather cold wet day but it was still worth it. It was for a good cause. I got a chance to ride with a good friend I hadn't ridden with since last year and along the way we ran into Roger M. Nice seeing you Roger! Congratulations for getting into RAMROD this year.

Thanks Matt. It was nice running into you and Ty as well. The weather turned pretty sour after we parted ways, heavier rain and headwind for most of the ride home.

I went for a pretty good bike ride yesterday despite the crappy weather. I tagged along with the local shop ride for a couple hours before peeling off and bumping into Northbend and his friend. The LBS has moved into a much bigger space up the street from their old shop. It's great to see that business is thriving for them.

Ty was riding a really slick Schwinn Voyageur that he bought new in 80? The crome and polished stuff looks great with the red accents.

The Bruce Gordon looks awesome, even in crummy weather(excuse the poor photos, rain was on everything, including the lens)

I stopped in town for a bite and beer. I probably should have eaten lighter before the long climb to home

Steve Whitlatch 04-06-14 12:03 PM

Where? Raceway Woods Carpentersville Il . The racing machine? Trek 560 . How did I do? Failed to complete under my own power. Blown engine. :)

I thought after losing 30 lbs I might make it up the "up hill climb". I should have known better. I hope to conquer it by the end of the year. My biggest cog is 24 t. Parts of the Original track are still there but there is a smooth paved trail all the way around for the most part. You can see the old guard rails as well. There are a lot of off road trails for cross and mountain bikes. Up hill, down hill. Test your legs. Fun place to visit. 2 minutes from my house. Looks way better late spring through the end of fall of course.

JJScaliger 04-06-14 02:06 PM

Today was my first ride of the year with real spring weather. 55 degrees and sunny! I took the De Rosa out because of my lack of french threaded pedals for two of my bikes. It'll be ok, I have a set of atom pedals on the way.

Riding the De Rosa was a treat! Fits me perfect, all the bugs are worked out, has my egg beaters, dual pivot brakes, light tubular campy record wheelset, perfect gear range for me: 53/39 -13-26 campy 8 speed. I bet I average about 2-3 mph faster on this bike than my more retro rides.

So I got out and logged in 60 miles mostly in RI but a little in CT.
Scituate-Foster-Killingly (CT) -Sterling (CT)-Coventry-Scituate-Cranston

Moosup Valley

Hopkins Mills
All that I'm saying is give peace a chance.

thinktubes 04-06-14 02:18 PM


Originally Posted by Steve Whitlatch (Post 16646645)
Where? Raceway Woods Carpentersville Il .

I grew up In Crystal Lake during the 60's and used to drive by it on the way to may grandma's house in Elgin. After the track closed, I remember the forrest swallowing it up as each year passed. Need to get out there and visit some time.

Vonruden 04-06-14 02:44 PM

The pics from all are so nice, especially those Northwest pics.

I was able to get a road ride in after a morning MTB ride, a rare double session.

Post rides

Vonruden 04-06-14 03:20 PM


Originally Posted by noglider (Post 16636026)
It was locked, though not adequately. The thieves here are quick and sophisticated. Lessons learned.

You may want to sniff around Columbus circle.


noglider 04-06-14 03:30 PM


Originally Posted by Vonruden (Post 16647144)
You may want to sniff around Columbus circle.


Holy poop!

Vonruden 04-06-14 03:36 PM

It may be bogus, however I have heard this story a couple times. I ride down 57th st early mornings and tons of bikes locked up overnight, I figured food delivery workers, maybe worth checking out.

seedsbelize 04-06-14 03:54 PM

I rode 35 miles which felt like 70. in headwinds, crosswinds, tailwinds and temps in the 90s. No pics. My first ride on the new (to me) Romin evo expert. I'll reserve judgement until after a few more rides.

JJScaliger 04-06-14 05:34 PM

That listing is clear evidence of the death of grammar in America.

Roger M 04-07-14 01:44 AM


Originally Posted by YoKev (Post 16645850)



Originally Posted by Vonruden (Post 16647054)
The pics from all are so nice, especially those Northwest pics.

I was able to get a road ride in after a morning MTB ride, a rare double session.

Nice. does that bike have to be recharged :)?

scozim 04-07-14 09:26 AM

Got out in the hills for the first time yesterday after getting the Klein back from the LBS. Was nice to escape the wind and smell the pine trees.

Rode with a guy I met here in town a few months back - those 29" wheels sure seemed to roll nicely over things in our way

There's always the risk of horseback riders on the weekend - which means careful riding for both us and the horses.

Snow on the south slopes is starting to disappear:

Nice and muddy:

WNG 04-07-14 04:04 PM

I haven't ridden in 3 weeks since my trail mishap, and injuring myself. Everything healed except my left wrist, which still has a pain in odd angles and holding weight.
But I was impatient because I was itching to try out my latest acquisition. I picked up a '91 Haro Impulse Comp mtb for cheap, that I wanted to use instead of the Giant Smurf in the trails. Maybe that'll stop me from crashing! ;)

It was all finished Sunday morning, and I decided to take a chance for its initial outing on the TRW Trail, the least difficult of the off roading in my neighborhood.
The ride was quite different from the Giant that I have gotten accustomed to in the dirt. The Haro has a stiff, twitchy quick front fork, and planted and biting rear end. Traction and acceleration was better than the trailing and sliding Giant's. But the Giant's fork and handling was more forgiving and dampened the shock better. Which allows me to ride at a faster pace confidently on this trail.

The stiffness of the front end re-injured my wrist, plus creaked my neck when I rode over some large rocks poorly. (note to self: release front brake!)
Reducing the tire pressure only helped a little. This frameset is really stiff.
TRW Trail-Impulse First Ride-002 par WNG555, sur Flickr
TRW Trail-Impulse First Ride-019 par WNG555, sur Flickr
TRW Trail-Impulse First Ride-020 par WNG555, sur Flickr

These reminded me of the movie "Critters".
TRW Trail-Impulse First Ride-025 par WNG555, sur Flickr
TRW Trail-Impulse First Ride-029 par WNG555, sur Flickr

Looking towards Scottsdale, ~20 miles away.
TRW Trail-Impulse First Ride-032 par WNG555, sur Flickr

Stopped on the way home to capture the bloom.
TRW Trail-Impulse First Ride-034 par WNG555, sur Flickr

It looks like the nice weather is ending for me, while it's riding weather for the rest of you. It's going to hit 95+F on Wednesday! :( I'll need to leave at dawn soon.
TRW Trail-Impulse First Ride-038 par WNG555, sur Flickr

jimmuller 04-07-14 05:08 PM

Nice pics, everyone.

No pics for me today. Just experiences to convey. I rode another commute, the 3rd to my new job, round trip about 29 miles, 800ft of climbing each way. I took the Motobecane today, my first on it and my first on sew-ups. The ride was great and the bike was terrific, very comfortable at speed. Maybe it the tires or the rims or the frame, or something, but it felt very fast. Maybe it's just the slightly lower gears. :o

I had another first experience today too, changing a sew-up on the side of the road. Less than 30 miles on it and the rear goes bang, well sort of bang. Bummer. :( I was cranking at the bottom of a hill at nearly 30mph. The cut it picked up would likely have punctured a Gatorskin too. Now I have to decide whether to bother fixing it. But I won't be riding the Motobecane again until I have a spare. Double bummer. Something tells me St. Tullio is behind this.

JJScaliger 04-07-14 06:26 PM

It's ok Jim, it happens to the best of us. Although some will tell you on the totally tubular thread that flats only happen to people who ride rallys and yellow jersey tires...

I have a couple of nicer sew ups waiting to be shipped to tire alert. The idea of a $60 flat is tough to swallow. At least for a pleb like me.

WNG 04-07-14 09:06 PM

Ouch! A $60 flat?! I guess tubulars are to road bikers as sheer nylons are to fashionistas. ;)

jimmuller 04-07-14 09:22 PM


Originally Posted by WNG (Post 16651208)
Ouch! A $60 flat?! I guess tubulars are to road bikers as sheer nylons are to fashionistas. ;)

It's even more frustrating when it happens on a tire's maiden voyage and just a few miles from home. On the other hand, it isn't as painful as you falling onto one of those cacti. Do be careful!

I must say, that bike fairly flew all by itself today. It felt like a light puppy, all energy and curiosity and impulse. I wonder how much is the wheels and tires. It tempts me to consider building a set of sew-up wheels for the Masi.

Sixty Fiver 04-07-14 09:28 PM

The where...

The why...

Bruce27 04-08-14 05:33 AM

6 Attachment(s)
From the weekend, but did my D&R Canal route again. 42 miles.

oddjob2 04-08-14 12:02 PM

Just a quick 5 mile shakedown ride on the Motobecane GT around the hood to get my park pass. Lake St. Clair in the background.

OldsCOOL 04-08-14 12:20 PM


Originally Posted by oddjob2 (Post 16652979)
Just a quick 5 mile shakedown ride on the Motobecane GT around the hood to get my park pass. Lake St. Clair in the background.

I still have a nagging softspot for the elegance of old Moto's. Very nice, as was the weather yesterday. Go Tigers!

oddjob2 04-08-14 12:38 PM

@OldsCOOL thanks! Yes elegant they are, but for the top tube plastic automotive style badge! The Vitus frame rides very nicely and the old Huret Duopar is smooth as well.

Velognome 04-08-14 01:03 PM


Originally Posted by Bruce27 (Post 16651733)
From the weekend, but did my D&R Canal route again. 42 miles.

D&R Part II

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