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jimmuller 05-02-14 04:22 PM

Just back and forth to work. Haven't ridden this guy in a while. He behaved very well.

EBH 05-02-14 05:45 PM

Great pics lately folks. Keep em coming...;)

Vonruden 05-03-14 08:07 AM

Took Eddy out.

Chrome Molly 05-03-14 02:49 PM

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75 miles with about 50 of those miles on gravel. Went from Hastings down to Welch, then did two loops of hilly gravel along the Cannon River and points south. Heading back north meant bucking a 15-20mph cross/headwind, but the climb from Welch on CR7 was generally sheltered from the wind and quite scenic. A route I'd do again.

The swollen Cannon River

Vasa historical site

A view on the way toward Welch from Hastings, on the climb up from the Mississippi to HY61

websterrr 05-03-14 03:02 PM

Rode to the confluence of the Missouri and the Mississipi today on the Tempo

whatwolf 05-03-14 03:15 PM

Cunningham again, today. I'm racing my mountain bike for the first time tomorrow... wish me luck!

cog_nate 05-03-14 04:09 PM

Nice little ~35-mile ride. Great day for it.

jimmuller 05-03-14 04:51 PM

Today must have been a good day for riding all over. Nice pics, everyone.

I did 100.2 miles today, my second century ever. I took a route I'm familiar with, home in Waltham to Pepperell, but with some non-direct components.

A few photo-ops presented themselves:

Lots of good events on this ride. A year or so ago I'd broken the chain in the Masi on this run, and a local cyclist had helped me out. I happened to see him today so I thanked him again and we had a nice conversation. Then on the return I fell in with a monster rider making great time despite pulling a trailer with a youngster. We came to a stop together in some traffic at a stop sign on Concord Center and he says "That's a beautiful bike!" I thanked him and we spoke for a few minutes until traffic moved again.

What are the chances of meeting two BF members on a single ride? Apparently pretty good if you stay out long enough. On the way back I was hailed by someone passing me and it turned out to be bishbike, a frequent poster to the MetroBoston forum. Further on I was hailed by another MetroBoston regular rholland1951 going the other way.

It was a good day. And I'm really liking this bike and these tires.

otg 05-03-14 06:14 PM

Great ride!

JJScaliger 05-03-14 07:54 PM

Nice ride Jim!

I made it out this afternoon and got in a 53 mile ride on the De Rosa. Wow what a beautiful day! 65-70 degrees, sunny, perfect. I rode in Scituate-Coventry-West Greenwich.

I pass this pretty church in Hope RI all the time and decided to take a picture of it today.

Stillwater Christian Fellowship (Methodist Episcopal Church 1874)

This church was built in the stick style of architecture and completed in 1874. It was partially paid for by the neighboring Hope Mill. The Mill management intended it to be a nondenominational church with a free library open to all. There was a public library here until 1976 when the new library was built about a mile up the road.

Hope Mill (1844)

About 10 miles from home I heard a sudden hiss and sure enough, I flatted on the rear. My tire was glued so securely I had to cut it off for the first time. 1270 miles on the Rally. The prices have dropped so much on the better Vittorias I decided to splurge and get a pair of Corsa CX III tyres from wiggle.

Here are a couple of road shots from West Greenwich I forgot to include.

Lamplight 05-03-14 07:59 PM

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It's been a drizzly, sloppy, wet, muddy, overcast day. A perfect day for logging roads on the Univega!

northbend 05-03-14 11:38 PM

I escaped the rain by heading East over the Cascades to scozims' hometown of Ellensburg thinking I'd go enjoy the beautiful Yakima Canyon by doing it in a loop with a large gravel section thrown in.
I'd had my eye on this new route for a while now and I rode it alone which isn't Ideal when you get into some of the remote sections but I was extra cautious when riding and I carried extra tools, food and water in a large hydration pack. I put my map into a zip lock bag and stuffed it inside one of the legs of my shorts and off I went heading South out of town.
The pavement ends after a few miles of climbing up this canyon, The gravel was actually in very good shape. I kept climbing as the land opened up around me.
After reaching Ellensburg Pass the road starts downward. Trees are more abundant on the other side of the ridge I had just climbed.
As I descended towards the Wenas Valley, I saw someone riding up in a horse drawn buggy.
We stopped and chatted for a while. She was camping just up the road from here..
I eventually reached pavement again and rode East to the entrance to the Yakima Canyon. I had a strong tailwind and booked along spinning out in my highest gear.
I was now in familiar territory having ridden the Canyon a number of times before, heading North to Ellensburg.
The winds weren't an issue today in the Canyon. This is not always the case. The clouds were thickening up and every now and then I felt a raindrop every so often. I was lucking out though…it never really rained.
I rode back into town and closed the loop at just over 69 miles. It was a nice little adventure.

EBH 05-04-14 01:58 AM

Great story and pics NB

jimmuller 05-04-14 04:56 AM

Originally Posted by EBH (Post 16726423)
Great story and pics NB

What he said. Nice!

Vonruden 05-04-14 06:10 AM

Very nice day Northbend, wish I had that scenery.

jbchybridrider 05-04-14 06:40 AM

Another easy ride today along the River Torrens but rode the coast to Glenelg and back again.

JJScaliger 05-04-14 01:40 PM

32 miles out on the Dawes in Scituate and Cranston. mostly sunny, I did get caught in a brief shower. temp around 65, with some strong gusts.

Here in swamp yankee land the Symplocarpus foetidus (skunk cabbage) is in full bloom

The gearing on the Dawes is perfect now with the 50/40 stronglight and 13-24 6 speed for those 30mm tires.

Velocivixen 05-04-14 08:51 PM

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I took a quiet evening ride along the Fanno Creek Trail.

oddjob2 05-05-14 06:40 AM

First ride on Belle Isle on the Detroit River, near gale force wind gusts today, with 15+ knots prevailing. Great art deco era architecture. The grandstands are for the June 1 Indy Car race. About 6.5 miles around the island and 5 miles from my home.

scozim 05-05-14 12:34 PM

Got out for a 3 hr mountain bike ride in a light rain yesterday - climbed to about 4300 ft elevation - another 2300 to go to the top of the ridge.

Great open shot from the height of our day - you can see all the fire damage from a couple of years ago:

The cool smooth rock/sand outcrop in the background didn't show up well. Guess I'll have to ride the route again to get a better picture:

Realsteel95 05-05-14 01:54 PM

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I had a nice 17 mile ride in Scituate, Rhode Island. I took the Plainfield Pike/ route 14 the whole way. Lots of big hills going out but mostly downhill towards my house in Johnston. Lots of scenery it's pretty rural. Lots of farms and forests as well as a great view of the state reservoir. An excellent ride on my vintage Cannondale ST 700.

jimmuller 05-05-14 07:08 PM

I did my usual 30 miles with 8 hours of work in the middle. Took the Bianchi today. Great weather, but drivers didn't have much patience with each other.

scozim 05-05-14 09:06 PM

Hopefully they had patience with you

PhilPub 05-07-14 03:58 AM

To the village pub!


(Final line: "Warning: This pub may contain nuts.")


non-fixie 05-07-14 12:55 PM

From The Hague (you may have heard of it) to Vrouwenakker (you probably don't want to know). A 30-mile ride back from work, because of non-optimal planning. I'd sold my car and agreed with the buyer to deliver it in The Hague where I work. When I told mrs non-fixie she asked: 'and how are you going to get home? I'm not available to pick you up.' .... Uhhh ..... well ..... I ... uhhh ...

So this is how I arrived at work this morning. Happy it didn't rain, as there was no way I could have closed the top:

The ride home was nice, though. The expected rain showers did not arrive, there was a fierce tail wind, and the scenery was, well, 'polderesque':

When I took this picture I made three observations:

1. I should move the saddle forward half an inch, for comfort and looks
2. My little seat bag with my tools and spare inner tubes is NOT hanging from the saddle
3. I'm an idiot

I'd apparantly left my seat bag lying on the floor near the office exit. I'll probably never see it again :(

Forgot to bring a water bottle as well, so I stopped for a drink in Woubrugge. The Coke can is orange-colored, and says 'Hup, Holland, Hup', to make us win the soccer world cup next month:

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