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Sir_Name 10-18-14 04:46 PM

Wow, @PhilPub. Your Cooper is one of my favorite bikes on this site and Mallorca by bicycle is a dream vacation of mine. Wow.

jimmuller 10-18-14 05:14 PM

VonR, beautiful!

PhilP, umba as in "umbalievable", awesome!

jimmuller 10-18-14 05:52 PM

So, like, we rode the CCRT again today! It was awesome! Cool but not cold, no rain in sight, not much car traffic at the road crossings but lots of bikes. Color in the trees, about as much as the Cape's oaks and pines ever get. Today was the day for riding.

There were six of us on five bikes. L to R: Ed. (Ed), myself (Jim), my sweetie (Sharon), otg (Dave), otg's son Jeff (or is it Geoff?), and bikemore (also Dave).

A stop at Nickerson State Park. Scott R, Top, guess who we met there?? We rode up and she asked "Are you the vintage bike people?"

We had lunch at the Wellfleet trailhead.

Three bikes. Can you tell which one doesn't belong? (Hint: It raced up Mt. Washington a few weeks ago.) Ed.'s bike is the red Raleigh Team. bikemore's is the multi-color somethingorother, I forget, sorry.

otg's Fuji and our tandem, the only bikes with luggage attached (somebody has to carry the picnic!), spend the lunch break high-five'ing each other.

Then we made a quick dash to the Atlantic. While us guys watched the water Sharon was snapping pics.

End of the day, back at the Dennis trailhead in civies:

It was a great day. We did 46.6 miles, avg speed about 14.0mph, our maximum 23.5mph. Sharon wanted to ride hard so we all spent most of the day pushing. FWIW, all those guys are strong riders! Ed ran away from us more than once on the return, with bikemore drafting him. So Ed. wins the speed-demon award! Jeff is a monster too who I'm sure could have blown us all away. His bike was so light you couldn't lift it by yourself. You needed two people to hold it down to keep it from floating away. Betsy rode with us for a ways too.

Such great company and a bike ride too! What more could you ask for? :thumb:

JohnDThompson 10-18-14 06:25 PM

Some fall colors, before they're gone:
The nrth shore of Lake Winnebago, heading into High Cliff State Park:

Going through the old quarry on top of the escarpment:

Leaving the park through the back way:

C&V content: a lot of these Motobecane "Grand Record" caterpillars out and about. Must portend something, I'm sure.

Chrome Molly 10-18-14 06:59 PM

8 Attachment(s)
Wonderful pics all. Fall colors offset by blue seas, C&V is out riding everywhere.

Today I did 46 miles with a sinus thing that my kid brought home. So, I thought another rail trail would fit the bill. Took the Poprad today on the Gandy Dancer rail trail from St Croix Falls up to Frederic. This is more of a standard fare rail trail, but was one I've been meaning to ride for some time. Some pics...

Typical scenery along the way. Colors are well past peak, but I sort of like the pre-winter countryside

Every town along the way seems to have an old steel water tower. Some salesman did well many moons ago...

Someday I'll have a cabin in the woods that's an old caboose, not sure how I'll get it out there, but want one...

Nice restored train depot in Frederic

This is the old Frederic public library, not a Carnegie donation...

Was intending to go all the way to Siren, but my cold was telling me to take a break at the bakery

Breakfast of champions

View from my breakfast spot was not too bad

jimmuller 10-18-14 08:09 PM

I'll say again, Chrome, I want to ride with you one day. It probably won't happen but...

Prowler 10-19-14 04:10 AM

Originally Posted by Chrome Molly (Post 17229253)
Took the Poprad today on the Gandy Dancer rail trail from St Croix Falls up to Frederic.

Musta been a great ride. Thanks for the photos. OK now, how many of you C&V history buffs already KNEW about Gandy Dancers? Didn't have to go look it up. And didja know its the same as the "navvies" that Gordon Lightfoot sang about on the Canadian Railroad Trilogy? (OK, go youtube that. Its been too long)

I'd love to ride that rail with you.

Chrome Molly 10-19-14 07:00 AM

Thanks. Yes. Being a railroad geek as a kid, I was all over the Gandy Dancer reference and that was part of what drew me up to that trail. I've become sort of a sucker for rail trails, since they are such an easy to plan ride with no cars-pickups to worry about on the country roads. Most towns have a little something or other that caters to the riders, and most towns are 6-10 miles apart making the trip easy to expand or cut short. Trees on both sides much of the way offer a wind break.

When you get way up into the sticks, then the bike trails become ORV trails. That means you want something to deal with the much softer trail, such as a drop bar MTB (I got turned onto those by this forum). Speeds slow down another mph or two, but the scenery gets more untamed. The Gandy Dancer trail extends almost all the way up to Duluth, 98 miles one way. Sometime, when I have time. It would be a great bike camping adventure. I've done the Duluth to Twin Cities ride via the MS 150, but this would be a neat way to cover that ground too.
South Gandy Dancer State Trail - Wisconsin DNR

Another neat set of trails around these parts are the 4 linked trails along the Mississippi to Reedsburg (another 101 miles of riding).

Anyhow, thanks for the compliments all. I'm past my "ride fast, ride far" phase of the year. Now I'm just snapping pictures along the way during these shorter and cooler rides that round out the year until nordic skiing (and the accompanying rude awakening for my level of fitness and ego). The stories and photos posted here make me want to tour the country riding these spots when I retire (not soon unfortunately), and stay in decent shape to make it happen someday.

Vonruden 10-19-14 07:11 AM

I'm with you Chrome, tis the season to enjoy the scenery. Lovely pics.

This morning got out for a quick ride through the Pine Barrens on the Indy Fab.

likebike23 10-19-14 02:33 PM

I did about 25 miles on the trail today. It was pretty cool, 50 degrees with a stiff 20MPH wind. Rode my recently completed Schwinn Super Sport and have to say, it's way faster than any 30+ pound bike has any business being. I think the weight helped as all that wind couldn't budge it when I was taking the picture.:p

jimmuller 10-19-14 04:32 PM

Nice pics, guys. VonR, my sweetie saw your pics and suddenly started liking the idea of riding trails.

After yesterday's CCRT run we did only 24.5 miles today. Got a late start for several reasons. Today it finally felt like late October, almost cold, trees either bright with color or brown and losing their leaves. Not so many bikes today. maybe too cold for some.

We had a great ride though.

iab 10-19-14 04:48 PM

Northern Illinois by iabisdb, on Flickr

Vonruden 10-19-14 04:59 PM

Thanks Jim. It's real nice to get into the woods at this time of the year.

djkashuba 10-19-14 05:54 PM

Just around town today. Wife on her 610: 610 by djk762, on Flickr


Peugeotlover 10-19-14 07:10 PM

Three large bicycle sculptures along the bike/hike Rail Trail...
9 Attachment(s)
and some Fall color.
Those are goats, and natures jewels (apples), hanging from the tree.
The goats were funny, when I went by they looked at me, then start following me.
Maybe they thought I had food, but they didn't seem disappointed.
But, then, how do you tell when a goat is disappointed? I don't know.

RobbieTunes 10-19-14 07:30 PM

No pics, but I hustled like crazy to get to an unspecified "group ride" sponsored by an outdoor company about an hour away. I actually got behind a funeral procession on the way, but made it. Ended up being a slow 16-miler through a town and on a greenway, but, the session afterwards, over craft beers, was what I went for... We discussed the formation of a bike club for the area's non-competition-minded folks (a needed thing there), and also, a steel frame-building class that is being proposed at the community college's high-end fabrication shop. We may have found an underwriter for the jigs; everything else is in place, and guest instructors who are custom frame builders are being lined up. Worth every centimeter of the casual ride.

jimmuller 10-19-14 07:54 PM

RT, it sounds like you had a productive day.
PL, nice pics!
djk, you have a lovely wife.

We got out for only 24.5 miles on the tandem today. It was cool, feeling like late October. Looking like it too.

The spider at Fern's are hanging in there despite the high winds these last few days.

mountaindave 10-19-14 09:10 PM

Originally Posted by Peugeotlover (Post 17231706)
Those are goats, and natures jewels (apples), hanging from the tree.

Funny... I didn't see any goats hanging from any trees in your photos...

Usually they look like this:

mountaindave 10-19-14 09:15 PM

Only had time for a few laps around the track in solo pursuit:

Then we did a team pursuit:

Not a bad day :thumb:

scozim 10-19-14 09:31 PM

No photos yesterday either. Got in 48+ miles from Yakima, Wa to my place via the Yakima River Canyon. It was a beautiful fall day, temps in the mid-60's and a light wind. Traffic was a little heavier than normal but with a speed limit of 45 mph it's not too bad. Decided on the Spectrum and glad I did - it's a nice comfortable ride.

northbend 10-20-14 06:06 AM

Awesome goat tree @mountaindave!

I got out for a 20 mile spin around the valley on Sunday then spent the rest of the day doing home repairs I should have completed last summer.
Beautiful weather comes to end, it's raining outside this morning (sigh..)

EBH 10-20-14 06:34 AM

Your pics make me wanna ride NB.

mountaindave 10-20-14 11:00 AM

Gorgeous, @northbend! Fall is one of my favorite times to ride.

Those goats are eating Argan fruit in Morocco. The women (why do they always get the $#!+ jobs?) collect the inner nuts to press for oil. Not my personal picture, but saw such happenings during my and my wife's tour there for Peace Corps.

southpawboston 10-20-14 11:09 AM

Originally Posted by northbend (Post 17232523)

More amazing photos from another beautiful part of the country I have yet to witness in person. If I'm ever out that way, @northbend, I'm looking you up!!!

northbend 10-20-14 12:51 PM

Well, if I am ever near the Catskills I will be looking for you too, southpaw. That picture you highlighted is somewhat of an illusion: It is someones gated driveway - the sun hitting it as I rode by. Most of the fall colors in the PNW are much more muted - more like the other photos I posted in that thread..

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