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pastorbobnlnh 10-20-14 05:38 PM

I completed a 60 mile gravel grind on the Northern Rail Trail from Lebanon, NH to the Concord/Boscawen town line. My riding buddy Paul and I hit the trail shortly after 9:30 a.m. when our lovely wives :D dropped us and our mid '80s Schwinn High Sierras at the trail head. It was about 32F (it had sleeted yesterday).

We climbed from about 600 feet over 18 miles to 1000 feet at the high point or "Summit" in Orange, NH.

It was then all down hill :p for the next 42 miles to Boscawen at the Concord line at about 250 feet. We stopped at the Danbury Country Store for a chocolate milk break.

And in Andover at the Potter Place station, which has to be the most scenic place on the trail (and the closest to home).

Here I am at the 100 miles to Boston granite mile post in Andover (as you can see Paul is clearly in this picture). ;)

Our selfie at the end of the trail at about 5:15 p.m.

Chrome Molly 10-20-14 07:48 PM

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Looks like a great ride PB.

I barely had time to do a 20 on the cross bike after work as the sun was going down. Managed to snap one nice pic while riding the bike.

BluesDaddy 10-20-14 08:31 PM

Awesome @pastorbobnlnh ! Some day I'll join you.

EBH 10-21-14 12:34 AM

Originally Posted by EBH (Post 17232598)
Your pics make me wanna ride NB.

Like I said. Had a ride through the autumn forest.

Whoops, No steel...!!

northbend 10-21-14 06:13 AM

Very nice, EBH!!

scozim 10-21-14 06:28 AM

I agree - great shots, EBH. Looks like the type of road I'd love to ride.

whatwolf 10-23-14 10:46 PM

I took my SS MTB out yesterday for the first time in a couple months! It's a great bike. Just lowered the gearing to a more reasonable 36-22 for the hilly terrain around here. Back in flat NYC I had 36-18 and never had any trouble.

Chrome Molly 10-24-14 04:19 AM

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Dealt with one of the hazards of vintage yesterday.... Managed to slip my rear wheel against the stay on the climb up this (pic from earlier this year) when I stood up to get over the top. Always on the lookout for those few vintage steel years with vertical drops.

scozim 10-24-14 06:33 PM

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Got in a late afternoon ride that include a short amount of gravel and a really irritating dog that I finally nailed in the face with a full water bottle. Been a long year with two of them that live at that house.

mountaindave 10-24-14 06:47 PM

An annoying "do"?

northbend 10-24-14 06:57 PM


as in dog....

Or maybe it's an agressive neighbor named Doug :-)

scozim 10-24-14 07:00 PM

Definitely dog - two Chow mixes

obrentharris 10-24-14 07:04 PM

Our rainy season is just around the corner so Stokerette and I took the tandem up to Sonoma County to enjoy a fine, sunny day in the wine country of Dry Creek Valley and Alexander Valley.

Alexander Valley Vineyards:

Our West Coast version of fall colors:

Welcome to California! Cactus and wine grapes side by side.

How the Titanic ended up in a barn in the Alexander Valley is still a mystery:


mountaindave 10-24-14 07:50 PM

Wow! That's a cool model of the Titanic!!

Irritating neighbor "Doug" LOL!! :roflmao2:Dogs are definitely one of our main route markers. We have a section of a ride that we still terrifies my wife even though we haven't seen the dog that would regularly chase us in almost a year. Perhaps it got run down, a mountain lion ate it, or someone shot it? (This is Montana after all.) :eek:

curbtender 10-25-14 07:04 AM

Not so much a Dry Creek today...Brent, that's some nice country!

obrentharris 10-25-14 08:51 AM

Yes, the rain started a couple hours ago here in Lagunitas. Maybe the Titanic will sail again!

Chrome Molly 10-25-14 03:24 PM

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Winds were in the 20-30 mph range all day, so did a 58 mile city ride instead of the open country gravel thing I had planned. Pictures of some of my usual stops on a ride along the Mississippi to St Paul and around the Minneapolis lakes.

Obligatory picture of Minnehaha Falls

Not so great picture toward Minneapolis on Lake Harriet

Along the Greenway, back of an old roundhouse with a picture of the bike bridge in distance

An old Alco Century passed by, don't see those too often anymore. They sure belch out the smoke.

Snack stop along the river

So many choices

Looking down river just east of downtown St Paul, then up the bluff home

otg 10-25-14 03:35 PM

Got out in S.E. CT and RI today for 39 miles. I've passed this old foundation before and have been meaning to get a picture, today was the day.

scozim 10-25-14 05:30 PM

No photos - pretty short ride today on the Peugeot hybrid converted to touring bike. That means it also wasn't a fast ride. Weather was threatening and was getting worse with wind, lower temps and dark clouds rolling in so I turned back home. The best part was seeing a neighbor who asked if I wanted his Univega Gran Rally - uh, heck yeah! I was just looking at another perfect fit all original pink one yesterday in town but the bike fund didn't have the dollars for it. My neighbor says it would be alright to part it out if I wanted. My response was that's ok - I'd rather ride it.

jimmuller 10-25-14 05:45 PM

CM, otg, some nice ride pics there. Made me wish I could've gotten out today. Had to play a gig instead, which is not a bad alternative when you get right down to it.

Hoss Cartright 10-25-14 05:51 PM

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There were 19 of us today. 43 miles with the WRCC (Wabash River Cycle Club) - We "thumbed our noses at winter" - AWESOME weather and riding conditions. This gives an idea of the camaraderie of our Northwest central Indiana club riding and what a gorgeous day it was to ride the Wabash River valley. - I rode my 1995 Bob Jackson. - I made it over my 1000 club-miles this season so I get my name on the back of the annual club t-shirt for the third year in a row. ~ The very cold and wet spring, as well as persistent cold and rain this summer has cancelled a large amount of our weekend rides.

crank_addict 10-25-14 06:19 PM

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Beautiful pics all!

Squeezed in a swift 32 miler on a fave loop. Gorgeous Autumn temps. Sucked in lots of smoke from burning leaves and hacked from 2 stroke leaf blowers. Shortcut thru a State Park will be closed after tomorrow (hunting season opens). Rarely do I ride without some sort of aux. lighting but did forget a front beam. Was OK with a rear flasher yet is a weird sensation on a familiar smooth road without a front beam.

Michael Angelo 10-25-14 07:19 PM

Very nice pictures, you guys look like you had a great time. Tomorrow I plan on taking out the Paramount. It's winter here too, it may get down into the low 70's I may have to wear a jacket....Brrrrrrr.

Winter here in's too cold for the beach, water's in the 60's.......

lexm 10-26-14 01:07 PM

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Mary's Lake (Lawrence, Kansas), on an '85 Nishiki Citisport.

greg3rd48 10-26-14 03:15 PM

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A nice 50 mile Sunday morning at the 20th annual Tour de Bronx! A perfect fall day for a ride. Check out the Manhattan skyline in the background.

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