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otg 03-26-16 05:33 PM

I got out today for the first time in almost two weeks. Been a bit under the weather but feeling great now. I took the old Holdsworth for a 30 miler in pretty decent weather.

scozim 03-26-16 08:15 PM

Got out for an easy 23 miles today - only the 5th ride of the year. Took the mid-70's 531 Gitane Olympic. What a fantastic riding bike. Really enjoyed being able to get out.

northbend 03-26-16 08:33 PM

Originally Posted by scozim (Post 18639040)
Got out for an easy 23 miles today - only the 5th ride of the year. Took the mid-70's 531 Gitane Olympic. What a fantastic riding bike. Really enjoyed being able to get out.

Glad to hear you're back on the road!

I plan on heading out your way next week for a yakima canyon loop ride. Up n over Umanatum on gravel back via the canyon

pressed001 03-27-16 03:55 AM

Yesterday was just beautiful so I decided to take a long ride. It was actually my longest ever to date but was cut short due to sundown and lack of water. It took me a lot longer than expected because I'm not the strongest up-hill rider. All in all, it was a beautiful day with families about hiding the easter eggs, bikers about, and playing kids around.

So far the bike setup is great. I need to adjust the saddle position a bit, or just put my favorite saddle back on. I had installed this one as it matches with the black/white color scheme. The tri-bar could be better positioned with a 20mm shorter stem, but it is pretty good as-is.

It was the first time I took the Assaults on a high speed downhill run. They did very well with braking and I tried to go easy on them by modulating the brakes and trying to use the front brake more than rear when possible. If anyone is considering the Assaults, get the 46 Aero's instead. The assaults are not like the previous generation, they are more similar to the Attack's, and a lot of the stiffness of the old Assaults is now lost.

My ride was to St. Gallen over the mountain ranges then back over flat land. The way back was going so quickly but I just couldn't beat the sun or my need for more water. Usually fountains can be found all over the place (at least in Züruch), but I didn't see any through St. Gallen or Wil. I was kinda dissapointed in that because I had my electrolyte mix ready, just needed the water. And when I live in a "water castle" like Switzerland, I just cannot justify buying water. The tap water here is fresh from glacial melt and ozonated with no nasty chlorine.

otg 03-27-16 07:27 AM

Best thread on bf, keep 'em coming!

scozim 03-27-16 08:31 AM

Originally Posted by northbend (Post 18639074)
Glad to hear you're back on the road!

I plan on heading out your way next week for a yakima canyon loop ride. Up n over Umanatum on gravel back via the canyon

Sounds like fun - I'll be in Selah for the first softball tournament of the year. Weather is supposed to be in the 70's so you should have a great ride.

thinktubes 03-27-16 08:34 AM

@pressed001 - wow!!!!!

pressed001 03-27-16 10:47 AM

Originally Posted by thinktubes (Post 18639764)
@pressed001 - wow!!!!!


jimmuller 03-27-16 12:32 PM

Cool pic from Texas, great pics from Switzerland!

Kdogbikes 03-27-16 12:33 PM c&v bike with c&v phone. And the phone worked and the phone book intact. And it matched my bike.

Chrome Molly 03-27-16 01:44 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Beautiful Switzerland pictures. A challenging riding environment, but worth the challenge.

A whole lot of other stuff has been getting in the way of long weekend rides, but today I managed to crank out a metric century. That makes 15 months in a row with at least a metric distance (thanks to global warming, I suppose). With temps in the mid to upper 30's, my hands did not freeze when I had the all too predictable flat with the Compass Grand Bois tires. Other than that, it was a simple into the wind, turn around route.

A couple of the usual "impressionistic quality" iPhone 6 photos from along the way.

This time of year, the wildlife is everywhere. I wasn't quick enough to snap a passing view with two blue herons and two bald eagles over the same pond, but I did manage to photograph some toms strutting in the distance

The Roberts performed well on the ride, and kept me reasonably dry during the wet start

smontanaro 03-27-16 03:06 PM

Early morning ride today so I could get home and not get the stink eye (Easter brunch, don'tcha know). Consequently, I was out when the sun came up. This is the sunrise over Lake Michigan from Fort Sheridan, IL.

Darth Lefty 03-27-16 05:50 PM

I got out Dad's Paramount which I hadn't ridden in a while. Yeah, I rode to the Dairy Queen. In my defense, it wasn't the shortest route. by Darth Lefty, on Flickr

Kdogbikes 03-27-16 07:38 PM

Cool helmet.

musicdiver 03-27-16 10:11 PM

Another sakura/cherry blossom appreciation ride today in Vancouver. Rode from the Seawall near Olympic Village up Ontario St to 37th and took the 'mid-town ridgeway' route across Vancouver to the neighbourhood of Kerrisdale. Stopped along the way at Queen Elizabeth Park, and looped back towards downtown along Angus and Cypress Street bike routes after grabbing something to eat and drink. It was a blustery day, but that wind is sending all the clouds away so I shan't complain (though naturally it was a headwind for most of the climbs of the day ;) )

Stopped to snack on a hot cross bun under the shade of an elementary school's cherry tree on my way up:

Most people out at the park were determined not to let the strong gusts get in the way of their picnicking aspirations

Queen E Park offers a great view of the city and north shore mountains beyond. I had to wait my turn to get a spot to snap this shot:

musicdiver 03-27-16 10:18 PM

And a quick part 2!

The main shopping street in Kerrisdale almost feels like its own little town.

Though tempted, I figured I'd had enough pastry...

And then succumbed to sushi and bubble tea

And photographed a different variety of cherry tree:

Before heading back past the railroad tracks (which in 20 years may feature a cycling and pedestrian greenway now that the city and rail company have settled their dispute)

greg3rd48 03-28-16 11:15 AM

2 Attachment(s)
I just turned my Easter afternoon commute home into a quick 15 mile ride since I knew I should burn some extra calories before dinner. The roads were pretty empty and the paths in the parks were quiet and peaceful. It was nice to see a few families celebrating Easter by having picnics in the park too.

ButchA 03-29-16 03:42 PM

Just got back from a nice 17.35 mile ride out to the western suburbs of Richmond, VA. It felt great to finally get the old C&V '85 Fuji out for a spin after I cleaned her up a little and topped off the air, front & rear in the 27" tires. Total: 17.35 miles in 1 hr, 5 min, for an avg speed of 16 mph. Not too bad, in spite of a few wind gusts!

Here's a view of the rebuilt fence line by the old cow pasture at River Rd & Patterson Ave.

Here's a quick photo by Benedictine Prep School along River Rd.

Vonruden 03-29-16 04:49 PM

One geared today

northbend 03-29-16 10:06 PM

Your Ellis is beautiful VR, the color is very close to my FG Paramount..

Introduced someone new to my valley today. A meandering route through the upper valley under bluebird skies. Back Alleys, rail trails, a mysterious road in the middle of a vortex, paths, coffee shops and a brewery checked all the boxes.. by NBend, on Flickr

obrentharris 03-30-16 08:45 PM

A couple weekends ago My friend Paul and I raced our old Rock Lobsters in the Keyesville Classic Mountain Bike Stage Race. Along with all the regular categories there were a couple of vintage categories. We entered the "1986 and Older" category. If there had been a prize for oldest vintage riders we probably would have won it. It was great to see so many younger riders embracing these old bikes. The "Stage Race" consisted of a short track race, a downhill race, and a cross-country race. There were a lot of vintage bikes present but many of them did not race. In fact the vintage riders stayed away from the downhill course in droves! With our fully-rigid bikes we ran the worst section of the downhill rather than riding it.

Team Rock Lobster circa 1986. My apologies for the helmets hiding the front ends of the bikes.

Lots of vintage bikes present.

Team Rock Lobster on the podium in 2nd and 3rd places. The non-lobster in first place was a really great guy with an Australian accent from Southern California riding a Specialized Hard Rock that he bought at a garage sale. Just goes to show the fancy bike won't win the race for you!

More pictures in the thread.


Vieux chnoque 03-31-16 12:54 AM

I liked your trip, and especially the Kestrel. I bought the same bike back in december 1989, unfortunately the aluminium sleeve in which the bottom bracket is screwed, has become unglued, it hangs in my workplace. Seeing your on the road, I will be looking into a repair to get the by now oldie on the road again.
By the way did you take a bus/train back to the starting point?

northbend 03-31-16 07:35 PM

@obrentharris outstanding report!

Beautiful weather today here in the PNW.

Temps in the lower 70’s!
Shakedown ride in the woods. by NBend, on Flickr by NBend, on Flickr by NBend, on Flickr by NBend, on Flickr

The Singer is ready for Paso Robles. I leave on sunday and look forward to doing some riding around Santa Rosa next week on my may to Eroica California by NBend, on Flickr by NBend, on Flickr

jimmuller 04-01-16 05:04 AM

Stunning as usual, NB.

The only woods and canyons I rode through yesterday were of the more suburban type, with a dash of 40mph wind gusts for fun.

I was prompted to ask this question:
Why did the turkeys cross the road?
A. They saw the chicken do it.
B. The chicken told them to.
C. The chicken proved it could be done.
D. None of the above.

Drillium Dude 04-01-16 01:38 PM

Myself and @Wildwood have been enjoying some riding, hiking and wrenching in the past couple days. Here are some pics from our Snoqualmie Valley Trail ride on the 30th. I picked the Sparrow since saddle time may be coming to an end fairly soon (it's for sale on CL locally).

Trailhead in Carnation:

Stuart and his AD:

The trail begins:

19mm tires were enough for me today, gravel-grinder trail or not:

Stuart on one of the trestles:

Near Snoqualmie, we had to turn around - repair work continues on the Tokul Creek Trestle:


Heading back through the trees:

Final approach into Carnation:

Seen on Highway 202 on my way back home:



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