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Quebber 06-03-16 05:05 AM

@hat and beard, terrific shots!

pressed001 06-03-16 05:47 AM

Originally Posted by realsteel (Post 18805560)
Through a forest on a 1951 Rotrax listening to Pink Floyd.

I would enjoy some HQ photos!!

nm. Found 'em! :)

Absolutely gorgeous.

realsteel 06-03-16 07:37 AM

Originally Posted by pressed001 (Post 18817622)
I would enjoy some HQ photos!!

nm. Found 'em! :)

Absolutely gorgeous.


Here's a full frontal:

... with the Bluemels mudguards correctly positioned thanks to @clubman .

northbend 06-03-16 07:41 AM

On Wednesday I led a ride thru Mt. Rainier National Park.

Forumites RogerM (Roger) and Faustocopious (Bob) were in our gang along with a couple of other good friends. We met just outside the park at the intersection of Hwy 410 and the Crystal Mountain Parkway. From our starting point, our climb begins straight away heading into the park. Traffic is light on a mid-day morning and we warm up quickly. Views of the mountain open up just after we pass the white river entrance. climbing up Cayuse Pass by NBend, on Flickr

We are soon at the top of Cayuse Pass. The snow has melted considerably since my last visit here. photo atop Cayuse Pass by NBend, on Flickr

We put our jackets on and enjoy the long descent down the backside of Cayuse.

We turn onto Stevens Canyon Road and refill our water bottles by the ranger station. I take a moment to get a picture of Bobs incredible Kevin Sayles bicycle. It glows in the sunlight. stunning Sayles glows in the sun by NBend, on Flickr

Stevens Canyon is one of my favorite roads in Washington State. It is especially beautiful in Spring. The sounds of water falling everywhere, the quiet, and up high, the snow still clings to the roadside. of the many waterfalls along the way by NBend, on Flickr passes by Box Canyon by NBend, on Flickr lower reaches of Stevens Canyon by NBend, on Flickr

Roger grins like a Cheshire Cat as we wait for the everyone to regroup midway up the climb enjoying the view by NBend, on Flickr

My good friend Ty is the last one we are waiting for. He is an incredibly strong rider but is hobbled with bad knees. This ride is his last before he has total knee replacement surgery (both knees) NEXT WEEK. will be going in for total knee replacement. On Tuesday. Both Knees by NBend, on Flickr
What a stud!

We rest, take a few pictures then finish the climb up the Canyon by NBend, on Flickr

The climb ends at reflection lakes which aren't doing much reflecting yet.. stretches as we reach Reflection Lakes by NBend, on Flickr

northbend 06-03-16 07:42 AM

Ty and Bob turn back at Reflection Lakes, the rest up us push on to Paradise where we have lunch and Joshua buys some souvenir socks :-) buys some souvenir socks at the lodge by NBend, on Flickr

It’s 3:30 now and the clouds are rolling in. It’s time to head back retracing our steps. Good bye Paradise it’s been fun! roll in by NBend, on Flickr

We zip down Stevens Canyon, go up and over Backbone Ridge. (click on the picture below and it will go to my video) canyon by NBend, on Flickr

Roger is hollering on the descent off of backbone that “This is the funnest descent I’ve ever done!”. I would have to agree. The asphalt is new and the sweeping switchback turns can be taken at speed.

Now we have the long climb up Cayuse - time to pay for all that fun. So much fun that I had to stop at one point and throw up my lunch - yuck! In survival mode for that last 3 miles, I reach the top of the pass and descend just as a light rain starts to fall. Chilled, I have to stop on the descent and try to warm up. Ty and Bruce are back on Cayuse, Josh is ahead of us all going to get the car to pick them up. Roger is ahead of me and Bob is certainly ahead of Roger so I finish the ride alone. Sick and cold but also very much happy for our experience today. I reach our end point and there’s Bob and Roger. They were only waiting for a half hour or so.

Talking with everyone later on, we all made it home safe n sound. Everyone was tired, most complaining of cramps during the night but all agreed it was a special day. Well worth the effort. to paradise by NBend, on Flickr

jimmuller 06-03-16 04:12 PM

NB, spectacular!

hat and beard 06-03-16 04:34 PM

Originally Posted by Quebber (Post 18817572)
@hat and beard, terrific shots!


@northbend Gorgeous! I hope I get a chance to ride in that part of the world sometime before I kick the bucket.

noglider 06-03-16 04:45 PM

I can scarcely imagine riding through a place with snow in June!

horatio 06-03-16 05:13 PM

Epic ride, @northbend!

Wildwood 06-03-16 07:57 PM

Originally Posted by hat and beard (Post 18805390)

Wondering about your bike - Is that an AustroDaimler headbadge? Olympian?
Beautiful pics.

Lascauxcaveman 06-03-16 08:46 PM

Let's see... the last time I climbed 9400 ft in a day was... well, never! Not sure I could run with these big dogs. :thumb:

Chrome Molly 06-03-16 09:06 PM

NB has plenty of rides to envy. Someday I hope to get out that way. Great pics

noglider 06-03-16 10:28 PM

Wednesday and Thursday, @Prowler and I took vacation days and took a couple of rides in the Central Hudson Valley. We documented the ride (with pictures) in this thread.

Vonruden 06-04-16 03:44 AM

Originally Posted by Chrome Molly (Post 18819769)
NB has plenty of rides to envy. Someday I hope to get out that way. Great pics

So true, however I'm not sure I could tackle those hills he rides. Keep em coming NB!

hat and beard 06-04-16 05:18 AM

Originally Posted by Wildwood (Post 18819686)
Wondering about your bike - Is that an AustroDaimler headbadge? Olympian?
Beautiful pics.

Thanks. It's a Paramount repaint.

northbend 06-04-16 07:02 AM

Thanks guys. Not many rides I do are this hard. If you ever travel out this way, look me up. I'd love to show you around

Peugeotlover 06-04-16 09:34 AM

Re: Ty & knee replacement.
My next door neighbor had both his knees replaced, but not at the same time, it is very painful for months afterwards.
Beautiful photos, thank you.

HamboneSlim 06-04-16 12:09 PM

Around the neighborhood
Stayed close to home today:
Red Hill church.
Farm School Road bridge.
Tohickon Creek.
Tohickon Creek bridge.

Not very exotic, but a pleasant jaunt.

ButchA 06-04-16 12:11 PM

Just got back from a 12.95 mile bike ride to one of the newer LBS's in town.

Distance: 12.95 mi
Time: 46:34
Avg speed: 16.7 mph

Conte's Bike Shop in the west end of Richmond, VA in the area known as Short Pump. Great place with great people!

On the way back home, my wife took a quick photo of me riding up the hill on our street. Here I am on my "old school" C&V 1985 Fuji Del Rey...

Chrome Molly 06-04-16 05:01 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Tried to get home before it poured today. Near the end of the ride, I had to take shelter from the storm in the entryway of a local country church. A couple riders passed toughing it out. I was happy to wait (keeping both me and the drivetrain from getting swamped).

obrentharris 06-04-16 07:13 PM

Nice photos @HamboneSlim.
Pretty exotic, especially the arched bridge and the stone-and-wood barn, for someone from California!

Sir_Name 06-04-16 09:24 PM

I found some new single track today, I had passed by the entrance a few times and always wondered. It looks maintained, but scarcely used. The sections I passed through today were great. Looks like there's quite a bit more to be found - the main trail broke off in quite a few places.

Doohickie 06-04-16 10:08 PM

I rode to breakfast. I did my usual group ride. I didn't want the single rider in the "Cruiser" group to ride alone, so I rode with her and got 12 miles in. Then I did some bonus miles and ended up with 55, on my 1994 Nishiki.

Vonruden 06-05-16 07:09 AM

Saturday on the Kirk, Sunday the Ebisu.

greg3rd48 06-05-16 05:31 PM

1 Attachment(s)
I took a 101 mile ride from the Bronx north into Putnam County on Wednesday then back via a different route and met a buddy at Kensico Dam Park on the way home. It was a very nice day to ride, very warm and sunny but as long as one remained hydrated, perfect. I only took one quick picture of the Super Course TT while at Kensico Dam.

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