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Drillium Dude 09-28-20 02:36 PM

Originally Posted by Bianchigirll (Post 21716944)
where are you? I missed your post on that.

I'm in Peoria, Arizona - but only for a few more days before I head back home.


curbtender 09-28-20 03:28 PM

Getting smoked again so I stayed local. I heard they started a new section of bay trail so i checked it out.
On the way out, stopped to check a refurbished court to honor a local killed in the recent protest. The colors are from the local high school, Spartans.
Extension from Hercules to Rodeo
Trail will help bypass congested roads. Coming from Crockett/Carquinez brudge it will be qccessable from San Pablo Ave.
Haven't had the Marinoni out in a while...

Prowler 09-29-20 10:17 AM

No epic rides with epic scenery around here. Just rode around the block - about 15 miles through all the surrounding rolling neighborhoods, every wiggly turn and cul-de-sac. Very quiet though. "Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse." Just gliding around on my quiet Nishiki International. This bike always leaves a smile on my face. Around the block is very good exercise. Hilly but not big hills, not enough flat level road to fill a hat. Good cardio.

No, I don't ride over this, private driveway but part of the scenery around here.

ascherer 09-29-20 04:56 PM

Some more dirt roads in Vermont on Sunday. Had a nice long downhill on 7A and got up to about 38 on the Pro Mk. I which felt solid as a rock under me.
The foliage was beautiful, photos don't do it justice..
Chatting up some locals.
This was a happy accident.
Breaking in a B17 Flyer-turned-Imperial by rhm

zukahn1 09-29-20 07:16 PM

Got the Covid Clunker Schwinn Mesa GSX riding a bit better after switching the chain for nice cleaned up vintage chro-mo Kmc chain I found in my parts bin rides a tone better than the lightly worn 8x that I had on it. Now this one near perfect. So I took a quick ride up to Thompson park and half the hack trail and back.

Drillium Dude 09-29-20 09:11 PM

Only got half my miles today - and had to be rescued, too. Got two flats within a mile of one another. Both were tiny goathead thorn bits, on a different section of bike trail than I've been keeping to during my visit. Oh, well. Looking forward to getting home in the next couple days and back to the older bikes/cooler weather.

First flat:

Riding the second flat to my pickup point:


JacobLee 09-29-20 09:24 PM

GOATHEADS! I used to commute between Petaluma and Sonoma, and in the fall the goatheads were so bad that you needed a ridiculous flat kit. I remember one ride (26 miles) where I went through two tubes and a patchkit and still had to call my wife.

Straightblock 09-29-20 09:50 PM

I celebrated my 65th birthday this weekend with a 65 mile ride on Saturday. I encouraged my ride companions to ride steel but promised no shaming for those on carbon. We started in Fresno under clean blue sky and 62°.

By the time we crossed the San Joaquin River into Madera County the air quality started to deteriorate. At our turnaround near the small town of O'Neals we were only about 15 miles from the perimeter of the Creek Fire and there was a strong smell of smoke. I had to zigzag a bit in my neighborhood on the way home to add some distance but finished with 65 miles.

Quick shots of Mike's Champion Team and Tom's DeRosa. Sorry for the non- drive side pic.

SurferRosa 09-30-20 01:29 AM

From Seattle, the mountain looks huge! Enormous! Gargantuan! ... until I see it in a photo, then ... not so much.

zukahn1 09-30-20 07:09 PM

Just a quick ride over Beaver Ridge outside Fairplay so just one pic great riding conditions and Mesa GSX clunker is still going string.

zukahn1 10-02-20 06:46 PM

Not great air conditions so just a short ride round about way to the Library on local no name trails took
the MT-200 which looks good hazy sun and fall colors.

Kdogbikes 10-02-20 09:10 PM

Had to dig out cold weather gear for evening ride.

JJScaliger 10-03-20 12:40 PM

Foster RI
I rode 48 miles this morning, mostly in Foster and Scituate RI. Weather was very nice, 60ish and sunny. The Bates got its first taste of dirt, only
about 4 miles.

I grew this honking radish from a seed this covid year. I'm probably unduly proud...

malcala622 10-04-20 03:27 PM

33 miles with the group down to Berth 55 in Long Beach for seafood. The Krono was very comfortable more than I thought it would be.

noobinsf 10-04-20 05:31 PM

Once more onto the bridge, dear friends...

ascherer 10-04-20 08:13 PM

Back in NYC this weekend, I rode through upper Manhattan and the Bronx to Van Cortland Park and up the South County Trail almost as far as Tarrytown and back. I took the Hudson River Greenway home and stopped to visit the Little Red Lighthouse.
Trailside near Irvington
Little Red Lighthouse and George Washington Bridge looking west

rustystrings61 10-04-20 09:46 PM

Took a 26.7 mile ramble today on the ‘74 Allegro that included some sketchier neighborhoods, a roll past my workplace that included a jaunt on the only marked bike lane in Greenwood County, thence through Uptown to the paved rail trail-

- and from there I worked my way around past the old bottling plant and around to Briarwood, the uncrowned king of the secret roads to Mount Moriah Church Road, long a favorite that used to guarantee goat and llama sightings (both guarded by Great Pyrenees) -

- and then taking Feed Mill Road to where it meets Rock House Road. The ruin of the Rock House, a fireproof manse built by a member of what remains a very eccentric local family, is the subject of local legend and folklore. The road is another central gem of tarmacadam goodness.

Then onto Scotch Cross Road, a road that may go back to the Revolutionary period before heeling hard left and running back to town and the rail trails home, first through the tunnel of trees on the paved Heritage trail -

- and then on to the mixed sand, gravel, hard pack and crush ‘n run of the Cambridge Park trail, where I paused for another glamour shot of the big black bike -

Today’s ride settled it - this is a keeper, period. I love the springiness the metric gauge 531 gives. Sure, the gearing is too tall and tubulars or 700C would fit better - or even Paselas to replace these cheap IRCs - but wow, this bike is lovely to ride!

thinktubes 10-05-20 06:50 AM

Originally Posted by rustystrings61 (Post 21728500)
- and then taking Feed Mill Road to where it meets Rock House Road. The ruin of the Rock House, a fireproof manse built by a member of what remains a very eccentric local family, is the subject of local legend and folklore. The road is another central gem of tarmacadam goodness.

The Rock House

One of the best parts of this thread is finding out about local points of interest.

rustystrings61 10-05-20 07:10 AM

Originally Posted by thinktubes (Post 21728777)
The Rock House

One of the best parts of this thread is finding out about local points of interest.

How had I missed John Robert Young's article? Thank YOU for finding that!

Here's a ride account from 14 years ago that includes the Rock House.

zukahn1 10-05-20 04:54 PM

Got spare wheel sorted out for one of my bike so took it on test ride up to the remains of a gold barge and mine about ten mile round trip. The aspens are half gone and half gold red so nice photo's.

Sir_Name 10-05-20 07:45 PM

I got out for a quick 15mi during lunch this past Friday:

About 30 miles followed on Saturday:

Then 50 on Sunday with a friend. Hoping to get in a couple all-day rides over the next few weeks. The bag on the Woodrup is a recent eBay find, works well for this bike if not loaded too heavy.

northbend 10-06-20 10:48 AM

My wife was going to visiting her aunt for a couple of days last week so I decided to do a short tour of the North Sound while she was out. route by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr

Leaving Thursday morning, rode into Seattle and took the ferry over to Bainbridge Island. sun started to break up the fog by the time I got to the Preston Trail by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr'n rabbits in the I90 bike trail, Seattle by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr

I had camp set up at a wonderful little hiker/biker spot on the beach in Fay Bainbridge S.P by early afternoon - just as the fog had burned away making for a nice afternoon. campsite on the beach at Fay Bainbridge St. Park. by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr view of the lagoon next to the Park by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr

I rode around the island for a couple of hours before settling in for the night back in camp. The park is fairly busy until sundown then it is really nice and peaceful. on the beach by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr

I woke up later that night and walked the beach illuminated the light of the full moon for a while until the chill set in.
Getting back into the comfort of my down bag and falling asleep for a second time that night doubled the pleasure.

northbend 10-06-20 10:51 AM

Foggy Saturday morning, I broke camp and set out for Port Townsend. The highway across Agate passage was busy with morning commuters and stressful but thankfully not long as I headed north thru Suquamish on some quieter roads until I got to highway 104. Traffic came in waves as ferries unloaded another batch of cars at Kingston. Crossing the Hood Canal bridge in the fog with fairly heavy traffic was kind of harsh but again, thankfully, I’m relieved from it all as I take the Paradise Bay road on the other side. What a nice road! The sun finally burned off the fog by the time I passed through Port Ludlow and it began to warm up. The final few miles to Port Townsend were ridden on the Pacific Northwest Trail, hugging the bay dropping you off right in town. Rock, Bainbridge Island by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr Port Townsend by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr

I hurried off to Fort Warden S.P. to secure my hiker/biker spot then rode back into town for a nice afternoon lunch after setting up camp. campsite at Ft. Warden by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr beach at Ft. Warden by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr

There’s a great little craft brewery on the south end of town, Propolis Brewing specializes in farmhouse style ales. I bought a bottle to enjoy with my dinner later that night. great brewery by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr

When I got back to the campsite, I had neighbors. 8 women from Whidbey island over for the night to celebrate birthdays. I fell asleep to the sound of them partying into the night, sounding to me like a gaggle of geese.

Intense fog on Saturday morning, I had a long transit day ahead of me - nearly 90 miles back home. for the Ferry Saturday Morning by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr

I packed up and rode to the ferry dock only to discover the ferry wasn’t running on account of the fog. Had to wait until 12:30 for the ferry operations to start up again.

That put me on Whidbey Island at Keystone at 1pm. Real late start… arrival at Whidbey Island by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr

No monkeying around now I took no scenic routes, just the highway over to ferry at Clinton (It was foggy anyway).
The shoulder was wide and fairly clean so I put my head down and time-trialed it as best as I could.

As timing would have it, I got there just as the Mukelteo Ferry was arriving. Mukilteo Ferry to the Mainland by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr

It was 4 by the time I unloaded onto the mainland. Not knowing the area all that well, I stuck to a route I did know to get to Snohomish via the Lowell River road.

I figured I had about 3 hrs of daylight left - enough to get to Duvall if I kept up a good pace. I really didn’t want to ride any busy roads on a Saturday night.
If I could just get to Duvall, I could ride up the Snoqualmie Valley Trail in the dark - no problems.
Well, I got into Duvall by 6:30 stopping at the Duvall Tavern for a burger and beer. I took my time savoring that meal…. Nothing to worry about now, I’m almost home.

Riding by myself up the Snoqualmie Valley Trail in the fog at night in a bubble of light, I had plenty of time to decompress and think about my last 2 days.
Probably the last trip of it’s kind this year. Soon it will be too cold and wet to do these all day rides. I savored those last few miles home. Home by 9:30.

kross57 10-06-20 02:48 PM

NJ coast.

Sir_Name 10-06-20 04:48 PM

Nice trip and ride report, @northbend. I’ve been getting the itch to do similar.

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