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BFisher 06-02-21 11:47 AM

Snapped a pic of this old trestle as I rode around the West Pittston, PA area before heading south into a rain shower.

The weather turned foul, and the scenery was fowl at times.

obrentharris 06-02-21 08:58 PM

@fabiofarelli those green lanes certainly look idyllic! Do you have many miles of those in The Netherlands?

northbend 06-02-21 11:00 PM

I did the “RATROD” route today. It was a beautiful day to be in the Mountains. Creek Road 2 by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr backdrop by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr and the BG by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr Rainier from Stevens Canyon by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr fast downhill off of Backbone Ridge to finish the day by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr

fabiofarelli 06-03-21 03:07 AM

Where I live, in the south, yes!

ExPatTyke 06-03-21 05:13 AM

Originally Posted by northbend (Post 22085938)
I did the “RATROD” route today. It was a beautiful day to be in the Mountain

Stunning scenery and great photos - thank you for posting northbend

rccardr 06-03-21 06:45 AM

60 miles on the fully laden Davidson waaaaaaayyyyyy out in the country. Saw six snakes on the road!

ExPatTyke 06-03-21 06:52 AM

Did a few miles yesterday, out over the Levels, over Mudgeley Hill and into Wells, and back via Glastonbury, Shapwick Heath, and Mark. There was a warning of "occasional light showers" on the weather forecast, so I put a rain jacket in my bag. That turned out to be a good decision; I got to the top of Mudgeley and the heavens opened. The "scattered light shower" became a torrential downpour as I headed towards Wells, and didn't stop until I got to Glastonbury.

Really nice ride though, and the sun came out on the way home.
Cloudy view from Mudgeley Hill.
Signpost to Wells.
Bishop's Palace, Wells.
Tythe Barn in Wells, plus a blue plaque for W. G. Grace.
Bridge over NCN3 just outside Wells. I've cycled along here a few times but never noticed the sculpture hanging from the bridge.
Glastonbury Tor - the rain's just stopped.
North Drain, on the oddly named Rattlers Bow bridge

obrentharris 06-03-21 09:36 AM

My birthday is rapidly approaching. This is my last chance for a birthday ride in my sixties, so why not double up? 69 miles and 6,900 feet of climbing.
Here's my route.

My day began with a gentle warmup under low clouds on California's Highway 1.

I began the real climbing at about mile fifteen on my favorite Marin County road climb.

Up into the clouds. These Coast Redwoods thrive here because of their ability to condense the cloud and fog moisture on their leaves and drip it onto their roots.

Another few hundred feet of climbing took me above the clouds.

I detoured from the main road onto some dirt roads for a few miles before resuming my climb to the top of Mt. Tamalpais. This was the first of several dirt detours, a total of about 15 miles on dirt roads and single track.

Lunch on the top of the mountain at about mile 30 with more than half of my climbing behind me.

Some wooded single track on the way home.

A snack stop in the Redwoods of Samuel Taylor State Park. As I grow older I need to eat more often to keep my energy up when I ride.

The final climb, just a half dozen miles from home.


northbend 06-03-21 11:05 AM

Originally Posted by obrentharris (Post 22086393)

What a dreamlike picture Brent. Happy Birthday!

gaucho777 06-03-21 03:11 PM

^Agreed & Happy Birthday, Brent!

ExPatTyke 06-04-21 05:59 AM

Originally Posted by obrentharris (Post 22086393)
My birthday is rapidly approaching. This is my last chance for a birthday ride in my sixties, so why not double up? 69 miles and 6,900 feet of climbing....

Fantastic photos Brent, and some beautiful scenery. Thanks for sharing them, and a Happy Birthday to you.

Bochan 06-04-21 06:07 AM

nice thread!

eom 06-04-21 08:43 AM

National Doughnut Day
7:00 AM start with my brother-in-law.
Not scenic but tasty.

Hot and sweet, just the way I like them.

zukahn1 06-04-21 10:30 AM

Great riding weather yesterday so I took a nice easy ten m ile or so ride on the local trails around Fairplay on the Schwinn Mesa GSX which is a great trail bike and is now a legit classic since it's turning 25 years old this summer one of few classics to have a good working oem suspension fork.

JacobLee 06-04-21 06:12 PM

With these colors, you’d think it was Christmas.

But it’s firmly summer in Portland. I always crack up when I see people hanging out at Poet’s Beach, because it’s right under I-5, and not the most introspective place, really.

johnnyace 06-05-21 07:07 AM

Returned from camping with the family in central Oregon yesterday. The weather was warmer than usual for late May-early June, but I got an early morning ride in, via the Lake Creek Trail, from Camp Sherman to Suttle Lake. It was a mix of paved road, old dirt road, red cinder dust road, and single track.
Down the road...
The Metolius River at Camp Sherman
"Old road" portion of the Lake Creek Trail
Uh oh, time to portage...
Mystery hot-tub-in-the-woods
Lake Creek
Suttle Lake Lodge
Early morning Suttle Lake
Bike at the observation deck
A dock at Suttle Lake

Hobbiano 06-05-21 01:54 PM

Originally Posted by Straightblock (Post 22082852)
Today was the first really hot ride of the year. No great scenery, but 50 miles out and back on one of my routine routes. 73° at 7:30, 89° when I got home a little before noon, on the way to 104° later in the day.

This always confuses me. Is 50 miles out and back 100 miles, or is it 25 out and 25 back?
I describe my typical 28 mile out and back ride as 28 miles out and back. But it's 14 out & 14 back.

malcala622 06-05-21 02:12 PM

See you guys in a week.

obrentharris 06-05-21 06:51 PM

I'm envious @malcala622!
Give my regards to the Plaza de Armas and the Mercado Libertad. I lived in Guadalajara with my family when I was a young child in the summer of 1957 and have been back a few times but not nearly enough.

curbtender 06-05-21 07:33 PM

Originally Posted by Hobbiano (Post 22089406)
This always confuses me. Is 50 miles out and back 100 miles, or is it 25 out and 25 back?
I describe my typical 28 mile out and back ride as 28 miles out and back. But it's 14 out & 14 back.

You got it. Out n Back as opposed to a loop.

Kuupola 06-06-21 09:13 AM

My Sturmey Archer ASC equipped Peugeot PH11 got a short cruise on local tractor paths.

fender1 06-06-21 12:38 PM

Got in 25 on the Ritchey today but man was it hot out! 94 degrees and humid as all get out.

My loop took me close to home and I bailed as I was starting to feel hard-boiled.

Saw my camel friend again and some of the Brood X cicadas. Very loud!

camjr 06-06-21 01:13 PM

A great solo ride north to Denton, TX and back, but pretty brutal with the headwind and humidity on the return leg. 30.5 miles. It had been a while since I had taken the '76 Motobecane Grand Touring out for a ride, and it reminded me how smooth the butted Vitus 172 steel frame rides when paired with a Brooks B17. It's about time to break out the Camelbak as Texas starts to heat up.

P.S. Freight trains at speed are INTENSE when you're on a bike and first in line at the crossing...

Bad Lag 06-06-21 03:26 PM

I did it! As promised, I finally got some photos of a ride on the bike path.

These were taken in Manhattan Beach.

Looking north - Santa Monica Mountains in the distance on the horizon; Malibu is in their center and Santa Monica on the extreme right:

Looking south - Manhattan Beach Pier with Palos Verdes Peninsula in the distance; normally visible, Catalina Island is hidden behind that low-lying fog bank off shore:

Bad Lag 06-06-21 03:41 PM

I'm going to be taking more photos, as I may be leaving the area and want to document some of the local places I've ridden during my tour of duty here.

I did not do any of that during my years back in New York and very little of it in Albuquerque. In retrospect, it seems a loss to not have done so. It may mean nothing to anyone but me but I will share them, nonetheless.

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