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Prowler 09-22-21 04:04 PM

Originally Posted by bironi (Post 22240692)
Looks funkadelic, any chance of a pic in better light?

See new thread on DIY luggage racks.

Wildwood 09-22-21 09:10 PM

Glad to post this thread - such a fine ride
Not great views or
an epic ride
but some days
a rolling country road
Is all one needs
to be satisfied. :)
but please STOP the asphalt plant on Hwy169
Free stuff along the way
Quiet roads
A gentle stream completes a country road
especially on cool mornings begging long sleeve wool over lightweight jackets.
Hope all enjoyed the day as much!

AJI125 09-24-21 09:10 AM

Nothing special about this ride location, but meant a lot to me to get back riding. Been avoiding reading this thread as I had been off the bike since July 28. Radiculopathy in the C5 region (pinched nerve in neck) has been a pain in the neck, shoulder, and some significant arm issues (nerve binding preventing arm extension). After physical therapy sessions and lots of exercises at home, I had a real bike ride the other day. Luckily I have been running a lot for an upcoming race, so the cardio fitness is there. But it may take a while for my bike legs to come back. As usual the LeMond 650b made for a comfy smooth ride.
Smoooooooooooke on the water......
Here comes the sun...

Wildwood 09-24-21 10:42 AM

Thankful to post this thread
I guess I’m just a rural guy.
Starting from my daughter’s house was hoping for a pic of Mt Rainier ( from a distance), but it was not to be. Just turned out to be a nice roll. :thumb:
A community Meadow - what a good idea.
Quite a few miles from Seattle……
Nice skeleton for climbing plants. …was more interesting in person
Race? What went down recently? Not on this day.
End of the road. Almost.

droppedandlost 09-24-21 02:08 PM

Originally Posted by Wildwood (Post 22244047)
Race? What went down recently? Not on this day.

There was a half Ironman triathlon based out of Lake Wilderness in Maple Valley

SurferRosa 09-24-21 06:50 PM

Really feel a need to go out and explore before it starts getting wet and dark. And it was sunny and 70° today! So I headed to the North Creek trail, which starts at the Sammamish River trail in Bothell. This "wetland welcome" boardwalk greeted me from the start.

It's near UW-Bothell's Sarah Simonds Green Conservatory ... and two garter snakes that were warming themselves on some pavement. I was really happy to see them ... and thankful it was before they met my tires. A local told me this is a great place to watch thousands of crows return home to roost at each sunset. I'll pass.

The trail took me north, up to Lynnwood almost. I kept going until the I-5/405 interchange, got on the boring old Interurban trail and headed home.

NJgreyhead 09-25-21 04:41 AM

Rode the Super Course Mk II on a mixed route from Millville Airport in Cumberland County NJ.
Shaws Mill Road
My trusty steed at Shaws Mill Pond

northbend 09-25-21 09:50 AM

My wife got an E-Bike over the summer and she loves it. She’s been wanting to go on a short vacation somewhere where close by where we can ride bikes on easy and scenic bike paths away from cars.

A weather window opened up this past week and Port Angeles fit the bill. We got in Wednesday afternoon and drove up to Hurricane Ridge for an easy hike. I’ve never been up here this late in the year. The meadows were all brown and the Olympic Mountains nearly devoid of snow. Ridge 2 by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr

Looking down at Port Angeles and the Straight of Juan De Fuca North towards Pt. Angeles from Hurricane Ridge by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr

The next morning we ride the Olympic Discovery Trail along the waterfront and out to Ediz Hook. Discovery Trail 4 by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr caught several Coho by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr Hook by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr

Friday morning, we checked out of our hotel and drove out to Lake Crescent to ride the beautiful Spruce Railway Trail over to Fairholme Campground at the other end of the lake. That was the highlight of the trip. If you ever get the chance, go and ride it for yourself. It is simply gorgeous on a warm sunny day. Railway Trail 3 by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr Railway Trail 7 by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr turnaround at Fairholme C.G. by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr

malcala622 09-25-21 10:06 AM

Critical Mass Los Angeles

Spaghetti Legs 09-25-21 10:22 AM

Great pics everyone. Especially you PNW guys. Get out there while the gettin’s good!

Beautiful weather but only time for a short ride around town today. Today, being a football Saturday, would normally be a lot of hub bub and activity but since college sports now is all about the TV revenue, the game was last night. I rode by Scott Stadium, saw a gate open and popped in for a pic. Clean up crews were at work and turned out to be Army ROTC. I chatted briefly with a cadet, commiserating with him as I had many a wet, early Sunday AM cleaning up Wally Wade in Durham as a Navy Mid.
Clean as a whistle!

etherhuffer 09-25-21 08:15 PM

Mercer Island to Downtown Seattle then up to Discovery Park. Lovely late season weather

SwimmerMike 09-26-21 03:12 PM

3 Attachment(s)
I did a birthday ride with an Eroica theme since I didn't make it to Cambria for the rides last weekend. Since I'm turning 58 this week I rode 58 miles with 5800+ feet of elevation gain. For those of you that have ridden in the South Bay Area, I started out by climbing Montebello (~2400 ft of climbing) then took the dirt/gravel park road across to Black Mountain and then over to Page Mill. From Page Mill continued to climb to the top and descended West Alpine. Turned around and climbed West Alpine, descended Page Mill and then hit bunch of the small rollers through Portola Valley, Los Altos, Cupertino and Saratoga to round out the miles and climbing.

zukahn1 09-26-21 05:13 PM

Very nice fall riding weather today about 70 degrees with a light breeze. Road the bike path up to Alma took the Hardrock for a nice easy ride and got some nice fall Aspen pics.
Seems every time I ride by the bike art house there's another bike. I actually owned the blue Miyata 90 in the background briefly no clue how it ended up here.

curbtender 09-26-21 07:46 PM

Reflecting on mt Tamalpius...

75lechamp 09-27-21 06:19 AM

Tour of the Moon
Couple days late, but I did the Tour of the Moon on Saturday 9/25/21, which is over the Colorado National Monument here in my home state, on my '71 Paramount... 67ish miles, about 3K elevation...

ultrarider7 09-27-21 07:04 AM

A joyous 40 mile ride around the lakes in Minneapolis. Oh, was there a football game?

Deal4Fuji 09-27-21 08:30 AM

Back to the City to the Sea ride with hometown and BF buddy 3speed-Law. This ride was Covid canceled last year but yesterday was a perfect day to ride. Trying to recreate the images from the Sept '19 ride

djkashuba 09-27-21 07:38 PM

New pavement on the local Hwy. Good day for the go fast bike.
Colnago Super Saronni by djk762, on Flickr
Caz Hwy by djk762, on Flickr
Colnago Super Saronni by djk762, on Flickr

thinktubes 09-27-21 09:53 PM

Have been off the bike for 2 weeks. My sister visited from PDX and then I was tuckered out. Rode 47 miles north. 80 degrees when I left, 65 when I returned. A weird upper level disturbance flipped the wind off the lake. Shadowed, but did not overtake Jerry Ortega.

Lake was roiled up and looked "wintery" - the seasons are changing for sure.

The climb out up the ravine from the shore is pretty steep. A friendly chap shouted encouragement as I was crawling up.

Going to have to snip after-work rides to 40 miles or less at this point. Mostly dark for the last 5 miles. Passed many festive sukkah lit up for the evening.

BFisher 09-29-21 01:17 PM

15 miles on the '51 Raleigh. This tree had grown at about a 45 degree angle, and was finally taken down from the remnants of Ida, I believe. Still there.

Wildwood 09-29-21 07:26 PM

Originally Posted by Spaghetti Legs (Post 22245053)
Great pics everyone. Especially you PNW guys. Get out there while the gettin’s good!

just read that in the 6 months of Spring & Summer (Mar thru Aug) - Seattle had the driest period in 77 years of official record keeping. 41 days with measurable precip. Like central California used to be.

expecting a normal winter, or so I hear.

leftthread 09-30-21 01:50 PM

Today's bike. Over the last seven days 212 miles with 6800 ft of climbing, which must be the hill repeats.

Spaghetti Legs 09-30-21 03:40 PM

Western Albemarle County today around the communities of Free Union and White Hall. Beautiful day.

curbtender 09-30-21 04:05 PM

Originally Posted by Wildwood (Post 22250744)
just read that in the 6 months of Spring & Summer (Mar thru Aug) - Seattle had the driest period in 77 years of official record keeping. 41 days with measurable precip. Like central California used to be.

expecting a normal winter, or so I hear.

San Pablo Dam today. Will need a good drenching this winter...

billnuke1 09-30-21 05:15 PM

Opportunity arises!
My Motobecane Grand Record showed up as I’m redoing my life. Rode it. Readjusted and perfected the fit, the ride…
I did the Cape Cod Canal today…roughly 16.41 miles…the seat adjustment worked out great and the stem, handlebar creak is gone!
Just a great classic bicycle!
I’m coming in to the house and there’s the Motobecane Team Champion hanging on the other stand!
I love this bicycle!
Ideal opportunity to ride these bicycles back to back…get a comparison of these two classics! I wish that my built Motobecane Le Champion was still here…it’s gone to temporary storage…sigh…
I weighed both bicycles…22lbs each!
To make a long story short…Omg! I did another 8.94 miles…no time to do the whole Canal again! The Island side gets real dark, real quick!
The GR handles much quicker, but, the TC’s ride is magical…I have ridden beyond my usual stopping point and past my house many times to get more riding in on this bicycle!
I know that the Le Champion would have favored the GR ride…maybe?
Maybe I’ll slap some good wheels with the Shimano 600 hubs on the Le Champion that is still here…hmmm…

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