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nlerner 03-11-22 08:09 AM

Beautiful early spring day here in the Boston area. Had an early appointment in Cambridge and went home along the Charles River Esplanade.
Arther Fiedler statue
Near the public boat house

NJgreyhead 03-11-22 11:45 AM

Road-tested a '77 Fuji S10-S that a buddy donated. I repaired it and will sell it, proceeds to benefit the bike share. Good to go up on Craigslist.

Went for a slice, then to make a deposit for my bike club.

Spaghetti Legs 03-11-22 06:55 PM

A windy 65 degrees today with forecast for cold and snow tomorrow, so got out for 20+ in the hills. Final training for spring training trip and expect my next ride will be in the sunshine of Arizona next week!
Blue Ridge in the distance. Winter is out there somewhere, coming back tomorrow! This is just past the “Rough Hills” estate for those who have ridden here.
Afton, Virginia looking northeast. Blue Ridge off camera to left

Sir_Name 03-11-22 07:21 PM

Lunch ride!! It was a balmy 50 F, quite nice. For tomorrow: rain followed by snow, then dropping to 23 F. March in New England.

JacobLee 03-12-22 06:42 PM

B is for blossoms!

Sunny morning in Portland before the rain started, like clockwork, at 2pm. Everybody was out soaking up the sun.

Hey look, there’s me trying to take a picture of me!

Been feeling very fortunate these days to go take a very average ride and take some silly pictures.

zukahn1 03-12-22 08:07 PM

Nice weather today finally above freezing so got a bit of work done on the 1995 DBR Vertex I'm fixing up for the local thrift store nice bike that I feel just needs to be saved. Got the tires tubes tires fixed and original wheels back on the the bike with some pedals. Rides nice but the vintage but new looking tires are noisy pretty sure I can work this out. Took a short ride to the local Library to volunteer at the book Garage.
Getting this one pretty close to looking stock in the wild. Pretty sure on a tight budget and time frame I can get this one looking stock sans decals and brakes which are nice .

Wildwood 03-12-22 08:32 PM

Thankful to post this thread
Mostly blue sky. Sun gaining strength. Ride a brifter bike since going to be in traffic. Just a couple of pics. Gardening in the afternoon. Optimistic for Spring.
Nice Saturday.
Blue with mild breezes in the Cascade foothills
Just an old guy wearing his spare tire

philburden 03-13-22 11:14 AM

My living room... there is still lots of snow here in Ottawa, Canada! Looking forward to 2 months from now!!

botty kayer 03-13-22 01:06 PM

Thankfully no snow, but in a surprise to nobody we had grey skies and rain in London today, but this patch of colour was happy about that.
We are slowly getting more blossom, and though we don't have snow, wet cobbled streets and greasy pavements in cleats can still cause Bambi on ice moments, which I comically recreated here taking this photo at the medieval church of St Batholomew the Great.
Some more colour to bring some relief from the grey, this time provided by the Mizuho Bank building.
I passed this nearby which made me laugh as it made me do a double take, is that a massive cockroach? just a X-ray type image of an ironing board.
I then crossed the Thames stopping at Tate Modern and its mass of brick, I particularly like the multi-plane brickwork at the end.
And the obligatory riverside city skyline scene.
Then back home for lunch, passing this new Anthony Bourdain mural near Waterloo on the way.
As I near home I pass these unassuming railings opposite the Oval cricket ground, and thoughts turn to those in the Ukraine and towns and cities anywhere else subject to bombing.
It was all before my time and there's not many of these left now, but I'm glad there's still some left as a reminder. Following World War 2 and the Blitz in London, the UK was seriously broke, and we had to make do and rebuild with what we had at hand. Closer inspection reveals and reminds that these railings that 1000's of people walk and cycle past oblivious to every day, are made up of old WW2 stretchers.
I moan about the weather but I'm thankful I'm warm, well fed and can sleep soundly in the knowledge that nothing other than rain will fall out of the sky here tonight. Thoughts go out to those that are not so lucky.

LucasHartong 03-13-22 02:17 PM

Thank you, botty kayer for your pictures and thoughts.

Curtis Odom 03-14-22 06:05 AM

Brian Baylis Birthday Ride
Yesterday was the Brian Baylis Birthday Ride. We do this every month on vintage bikes, only this month was only a few days after his real birthday. We ride around San Diego Bay, a dead flat thirty five miler, the same ride we would with Brian on his birthday.

obrentharris 03-14-22 03:32 PM

A fine early Spring day for a trail ride on the off-topic MTB.

The flowers think it's spring.

My @djkashuba tribute shot:


Spaghetti Legs 03-14-22 04:19 PM

Brent, it’s always spring in coastal a California. That’s what I love about it.

I know , fog and what not but I still love it.

T-Mar 03-15-22 01:26 PM

Spring is just around the next corner in my region. To-day dawned right at the freezing mark and we're expecting it to be unseasonably warm for the next few days. This morning was likely the last chance for a dry trail along the waterfront. Puddles are forming on the ice around the islands and it will start breaking up very soon. So, one last shot of things completely frozen over and snow covered...

botty kayer 03-16-22 11:11 AM

Considering I live in south London and not anywhere significantly warmer and more accommodating, coming across a pride of lions on today's ride was not something I expected when I left the house this morning, but surprisingly I had two big cat encounters in London today. First up quite a posse in Waterloo....
....further explanation here:
I then cycled up towards London Bridge to cross the river, passing the Shard, which was Europe's tallest building until it was pipped by a foot by a building in Poland that was finished last year. It appears as though it only went higher thanks to an antenna bolted to the top, which in my view is cheating, I mean where do you draw the line? Could a bungalow with a 1000ft or so antenna bolted on the roof be a contender?
I then came across a tiger in the Shoreditch, who proved to be much less charming than my previous feline encounter, OY!!! Seriously?
The weather Gods then decided that as London hadn't had any rain for 24 hours it was overdue another dose. As it was predictably not forecast and therefore not prepared for, before long my socks were soon as soggy as this green wall which at least was enjoying the top up from the heavens.
Then back home along the north side of the river, stopping for a pic at Cleopatra's needle, which was brought to London from Alexandria in Egypt 145 years ago, and in that time I'm sure its seen more rain than in the 3377 or so years it was in Egypt.

T-Mar 03-16-22 03:48 PM

We were supposed to get sun and warmer temperatures today but the morning was overcast and just above freezing. Still, the water by the islands had opened up substantially over the past 24 hours and the waterfront trail was almost devoid of snow.

There's supposed to be a +18F temperature swing over the next 24 hours, so I set off to find some snow. I worked my way inland, to check out the local waterfall, which should be flowing well and still have decent snow coverage on the ground, as it's in a small, sheltered ravine. After getting off the waterfront trail, most of the ride was on lightly rolling pavement, though some sections had gotten pretty rough over the winter. Then things got messier when I had to divert onto a dirt road, which was mostly soft mud. Upon reaching the entrance to the ravine, the amount of snow exceeded my expectations but it wasn't good. The snow was soft and wet, and my shoes sunk to the point where the snow came up past my knees. It was only about 100 meteres to my destination but it took me about 15 minutes, as had to carry the bicycle, lift it over fallen tree trunks and cut a path through some patches of pretty tight brush. Then, even though the falls are only about 12' - 15' high, there was the problem of getting the the bicycle from the base of the falls to the top. Hopefully, the photos made it worth the effort. Enjoy!

(And, yes, I know some of the photos are taken from the non-drive side but since the bicycle is secondary to the scenery, photo composition takes priority.)

thinktubes 03-16-22 08:45 PM

After-work ride up to the fort. 70 degrees/40 miles. Not much blooming yet

At the HP train station. No restless diesels.

Sunset on Church Street.

BFisher 03-17-22 06:37 AM

Felt like summer yesterday. Couldn't get out the door fast enough. First ride on the Cannondale, little bit of climbing. Only had my crummy cell phone, but snagged a couple shots. Saw a native bluebird, but couldn't get close enough for a pic.

SJX426 03-17-22 10:58 AM

It was yesterday and it was the first ride of the year on the road. Lots of miles on the stationary cycle (Nordictrack cycle)
differences from the last ride on this bike:
  • Shorter stem - 100 from 120
  • Anatomic handlebars
  • 9 speed Campagnolo block - converted 8V freehub to 9V Ti freehub on Record hub
  • New wheel set - Campagnolo Omega Hardox Strada in Aero cross section with Chorus front, Record back
  • New tires - Challenge Elite - 28-25
  • Rerouting of shift cables - Cross over under the DT for improved clearance of the cables from the frame
  • New saddle (thanks @Shrevvy) C13 (<300g)
  • Rebuilt Ergos to include 9v from 10
  • First use of Garmin Varia (Radar of the rear with light)

daverup 03-17-22 12:48 PM

Today was my first non-fatbike ride of the year. A balmy 40F on St Patrick's day. Our ice and snow have receded a good bit, but still too much salt on the roads for C&V.
Therefore today's ride was on my gravel bike that I built over the winter. Frameset from another bikeforums member, and a bunch of other average parts.
It was the correct color to ride on this date.

bironi 03-17-22 09:12 PM

Botty Kayer,
You get some wild shots in an urban environment.
Thanks much.
I live vicariously.

CV-6 03-17-22 10:18 PM

A couple of days ago. First ride for the 56cm Waterford Paramount. Nailed the hand issues. Woohoo. Paramount first ride by L Travers, on Flickr

P!N20 03-17-22 10:52 PM

Originally Posted by botty kayer (Post 22437563)
As I near home I pass these unassuming railings opposite the Oval cricket ground, and thoughts turn to those in the Ukraine and towns and cities anywhere else subject to bombing.

I lived near Oval (Vauxhall) in 2005-2006 before moving to Balham. (Before moving back to Australia in 2008.)

I worked at The Fentiman Arms for about six months before landing a job in my chosen profession. Good times.

bironi 03-18-22 02:20 AM

Originally Posted by CV-6 (Post 22442651)
A couple of days ago. First ride for the 56cm Waterford Paramount. Nailed the hand issues. Woohoo. Paramount first ride by L Travers, on Flickr

That's a pretty bike, perhaps the only red/white/blue bike that has ever caught my eye.

oneclick 03-18-22 03:34 AM

Originally Posted by bironi (Post 22442705)
That's a pretty bike, perhaps the only red/white/blue bike that has ever caught my eye.

Like this one?

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