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bironi 03-18-22 03:50 AM

That looks lovely as well.
Please post a picture in the same pose as the Paramount.
I would like a closer look.
Thanks much.

bironi 03-18-22 04:06 AM

We all have our preferences.
I like both red/white/blue bikes, but would change a few details on each.
What works for the rider is what matters.
Again, lovely bikes.
Go for a ride in the sun and enjoy the ride.

microcord 03-18-22 06:14 AM

Weekends are for hilly rides; weekdays are for lazy flat rides. Yesterday I went upriver to the only "cyclists' shrine" I've heard of:

Um, well, actually that wasn't the destination; it just happened to be on the way. The true destination was:

a Nepalese lunch. All was well: I just had 49 km of headwind on the way home.

botty kayer 03-18-22 06:41 AM

Originally Posted by P!N20 (Post 22442656)
I lived near Oval (Vauxhall) in 2005-2006 before moving to Balham. (Before moving back to Australia in 2008.)

I worked at The Fentiman Arms for about six months before landing a job in my chosen profession. Good times.

Ha no way. I'm not exactly a regular propping up the bar, but that's my local, I live just a 'six' away on Rita Rd:).

Pubs in the UK were closing at record levels before the pandemic, which will have killed off a load more since. I think only this summer will we get a picture for how many have been lost over recent years. I think the Fentiman is probably largely unchanged since your time there, and thankfully is one of the survivors. But I'm sure all of the tower blocks at the end of the road will be new to you. In fact the whole area from Vauxhall down Nine Elms to Battersea has been massively developed since the 90's.

Here's a pic from 8am this morning to bring back some memories for you:thumb:
And I'm more of a football fan than a cricket fan, and maybe you're not that into it either, but regardless, thank you for showing uncharacteristic Aussie restraint in not mentioning the recent Ashes whooping you gave us:lol:. And RIP Shane, proper one of a kind, he tormented us for years but I loved the way he played the game and his lust for life.

BFisher 03-18-22 01:47 PM

Ride #1 on the new to me GT today. 26 miles, full sun, temps upper 60s F. Bike is a laser. Great ride!

Oldairhead 03-18-22 03:48 PM

Molalla Forest Trail near Canby Oregon.

ascherer 03-18-22 06:28 PM

Vacation week on Cape Cod with Mrs. ascherer. 3 rides in 5 days on the rail trails, about 50 miles in all. Good season opener!

ascherer 03-18-22 07:34 PM

Originally Posted by SJX426 (Post 22442051)
  • First use of Garmin Varia (Radar of the rear with light)

What are your impressions of the Varía? I used
mine for the first time this week and I’m impressed. I have the impression that I can hear approaching cars from a reasonable distance, yet I was alerted by the Varia a few times before I heard the car. The display is well designed.

SJX426 03-20-22 06:23 AM

@ascherer - First use of it for me too. I like it a lot. I am still getting use to it. It beeps when o car shows up and when it clears up. the bar that is displayed on my Roam changes color depending on the speed of the vehicle or maybe the distance. The number of vehicles detected appears to be reasonable as is the distance.
The one thing I really like is knowing if it is clear behind me in different situations like needing to change lanes for a left turn lane. I double check before moving over, but there is at least knowledge that there isn't a vehicle on my back side before looking.
I agree about detecting with an auditory indicator. Doesn't work as well as I get older!
I don't have a clue what the light is doing.
Glad I have it and will likely get at least another mount . It is easy to move and I expect replacement O rings are easy to find. I do find the O ring is not tight enough for th 27.2 post.

The integration with the Wahoo Roam is excellent.

smontanaro 03-20-22 10:18 AM

Made it out for Chicagohenge... I might need a nap later...

Warbird21 03-20-22 01:34 PM

Originally Posted by ascherer (Post 22443557)
What are your impressions of the Varía? I used
mine for the first time this week and I’m impressed. I have the impression that I can hear approaching cars from a reasonable distance, yet I was alerted by the Varia a few times before I heard the car. The display is well designed.

I rode with my Varia for most of 2021 and loved it. I let the battery run down once - it left me feeling quite vulnerable - you get used to it real fast! (and I still have a bar-end mirror)

Back on the C&O Canal for me for the first time yesterday, since November. Felt great to get out of the basement.
I added a Redshift Stopshock stem and a Surley Truckstop bar, which turns out to be the perfect combination for my Salsa.

JacobLee 03-20-22 05:36 PM

Cherry blossom season = crowded paths. Nice to see people mingling again.

Did a good bit of climbing and descending in the hills with my buddy (who is this bikes previous owner). I was able to go up a little faster (no choice with a 42-24), but his modern steed left me in the dust on the way back down. If I said I trusted those Campy sidepulls as far as I could throw ‘em, that might be accurate in terms of stopping distance. I actually really like them, and I’ve got nothing to prove going downhill, anymore, so they’re just fine!

leftthread 03-20-22 06:39 PM

Sunny today, hardly any wind, 35 miles.

Tallied 126 miles last week on the winter beater.

Last ride of last week had wind gusts to 32 and drizzle.

Roger M 03-20-22 07:45 PM

I got out with my son today, on the Centennial trail. We rode with one his classmate and their grandfather. A slightly damp ride, but good to be outside.

oneclick 03-21-22 03:16 AM

Originally Posted by bironi (Post 22442719)
That looks lovely as well.
Please post a picture in the same pose as the Paramount.
I would like a closer look.
Thanks much.

Can't - sold it.

But there are some more pics scattered through this thread:

curbtender 03-21-22 09:50 AM

Had a friend who is a strong roadie want to ride with me yesterday. Told him he'd have to tone it down some and he said he just wanted a a leisurely exploring ride, lol. Well, he had a route he had searched so we went. He insisted on going down an unfinished trail and that he had googled it. His path was fenced and they flooded a marsh next to it to discourage entrance. We took our rides up to the rail tracks and followed foot paths through homeless encampments, down behind public housing with pitbulls going crazy and then through a hole cut in the fence near a park. I had a good time, but I think his definition of leisure has changed.

merziac 03-21-22 04:35 PM

Yesterday, Worst? day of the year ride, dry, cool, snacks, fun.

No pics. ;)

I think this ride used to be earlier in the year so it really lived up to its name back then.:twitchy:

These folks were there to send us off at the start and are awesome. :thumb:

SwimmerMike 03-21-22 09:38 PM

3 Attachment(s)
Did a ride with some BF members and CR members yesterday. About 25 with the group, including some dirt trails and a tour of Moffett Field and some Google campuses.

The bike I was most intrigued with w the Evan's Mixte was custom ordered by Spence Wolfe for his wife back in 1961. The wife didn't like the bike and so it was sold to a college student that mistreated it. It made it back to Cupertino Bike Shop eventually. and then was sold and completely refurbished.


P!N20 03-21-22 11:30 PM

Originally Posted by SwimmerMike (Post 22446601)
The bike I was most intrigued with w the Evan's Mixte was custom ordered by Spence Wolfe for his wife back in 1961.

Cool bike indeed. Is that Campagnolo bottle vintage or a reproduction?

SJX426 03-22-22 08:59 AM

Last ride was Friday. I usually don't take many pics along the route, too focused on riding. We walked along the Chatham bridge yesterday which is on my route so here are some pics along the route.
First up is a view of Chatham Manor. It is across from Fredericksburg. This is where the Union Army set up 100 Cannon to bombard the city. The first attack on citizenry in the War Between the States as commanded by Mr. Lincoln. This was the beginning of the Fredericksburg battle which the Union lost.
South of town is the railroad bridge which carries the mail line including Amtrak, Virignia Rail Express and freight. This river use to be deep blue but has not been dredged for 70+ years and is filling up with silt. There use to be a sternwheeler docked in town with dinner and rides.
The new Chatham bridge and a view of a church steeples that predates the WBS.

botty kayer 03-22-22 02:14 PM

A day off work and the sun is out = blessed, head out on the bike.

I started the day in Cheapside, photographing an old tree that featured in an old Wordsworth poem, see here:

And just around the corner from that I discovered this which I'd never seem before.
A plaque on the wall explains this is the site of the old church of St Pancras that was destroyed in the Great Fire of London in 1666 and not rebuilt. I was expecting the church pews dotted about the site to be ancient, as a reminder of the ancient building that once stood here. Closer inspection reveals they are carved with scenes that look medieval, someone is being thrown into a pot for example, for some misdemeanour like stealing a chicken or looking wantonly at the neighbours wife or something.
But hang on a minute....then I noticed the carvings also show the Norman Foster designed Gherkin building that was only completed in 2003, and also features the big wheel, or the London Eye as its known, which was unveiled in 2000, so these re not old at all, I was duped!

I then cycled over to the east End in search of some new street art, and managed to find these pieces I'd not seen before. What's up Doc?
I've had long days in the saddle before where this phrase seemed appropriate....
I then cycled back through central London, and on the Mall saw my ideal kind of C&V car, a beautiful 1977 Maserati Khamsin, and rare too, this right hand drive version is one of only 71 RHD ones made. Stunning though it is, that is an expensive car to run here in the UK. It has a 5 litre V8, and after recent fuel hikes here, 1 litre of super unleaded petrol or diesel is currently about £1.77, that's $2.35 A LITRE, NOT A GALLON!!, ouch, better off by bike....
Cycling around London this week I swear there is noticeably less road rage just because the sun is out, its all been very Zen. I had a moment of further calm at the Peace Pagoda in Battersea Park...
Before taking the winding path back home....
And amazingly I think I've got tan lines from today, or it could possibly be diesel.... I'll see if it comes of in the shower. On reflection if it is diesel, the way prices are going rinsing it down the plug seems a waste, I should be trying to bottle and re-sell it:lol:

Drillium Dude 03-22-22 03:27 PM

Botty, great photos as always - but the two shots of the Khamsin are icing on the proverbial cake :thumb:


Drillium Dude 03-22-22 03:36 PM

No cool cars or colorful graffiti, but I did see another snake today:

Gopher snake, a little over 2' long, sunning himself on the path - and not in a big hurry to move out of the way, either:

What a beauty!

I was wearing my lucky snake-discovering jersey - same one I was wearing when I came across the rattler a couple weeks ago:

Hairpin at quarter-distance; I almost lost the rear end last week carving through it right-to-left from this viewpoint:

The (usual) trusty steed:


thinktubes 03-22-22 08:01 PM

Note to self: get back to London

rccardr 03-23-22 06:56 AM

After riding all last week in Tucson and then spending 14 hours on a plane (long story), had to get out and stretch my legs yesterday on the Peg.
Gorgeous day, cool in the shade. Spring is definitely here in Northern VA!

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