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curbtender 05-08-22 05:46 PM

Originally Posted by leftthread (Post 22499732)
"Gee, the car seems to be pulling to one side…"
Yeah, someone probably just dumped it there.

For some reason it pulls to the left.

oneclick 05-08-22 07:39 PM

Originally Posted by botty kayer (Post 22499498)
I then ride on past one of my favourite buildings on Fulham Road, the original Art Deco Michelin House, not the home of the tyre giant now as these days its multi-use with cafes, shops and offices.

Bibendum is the name of the Michelin mascot.

oneclick 05-08-22 07:49 PM

End of the road:Arichat
Test ride for the new-build Torpado; a few tweaks, no issues. A stiff breeze today, so I chose the target destination with a view to a tailwind on the way back.

bironi 05-08-22 09:07 PM

Looks like some ornate lugs there.

oneclick 05-09-22 04:14 AM

Originally Posted by bironi (Post 22499973)
Looks like some ornate lugs there.

Build thread:

fabiofarelli 05-09-22 08:58 AM

A short ride to pick up some jerseys nearby.

For a change this is a Bianchi made for the US market (I live in the Netherlands).

This is not the original set up and it's heavy but I like it.
On our way met another European icon.

And not to forget, these are the jerseys.

fabiofarelli 05-09-22 10:03 AM

Originally Posted by botty kayer (Post 22499498)

As usual great pictures!

thinktubes 05-09-22 08:15 PM

Warm temps - 80 degrees and sunny (and windy). Rode 46 north after work.

Along with warmth, came an epic May fly hatching. They swarm into clouds and were a constant barrage for the last 20-miles. I was getting a buildup all over my person. Periodically, a brutal wind gust would sandblast me with road grit, stripping them off.

Saw this sign on a “free” bed frame up by the fort - made me laugh. The May flies are pretty thick up there.

Need to clean all the bugs off.

Warbird21 05-09-22 08:40 PM

We had heavy rains here in Maryland this weekend, and the Potomac River is still in flood stage. I took a shot at the C&O Canal this evening. The canal was pretty dry, but I had to climber over several downed trees. Two barges broke loose from the McMahon Mill construction area, with cranes on board. They are stuck in Dam #3, till the water recedes then the Park service will try to retrieve them. (stuck near Harpers Ferry now). I suspect the McMahons Mill section will remain closed for a while, and the several mile detour on local roads will continue.

75lechamp 05-10-22 08:45 AM

Where the Hell is Maybell?
Did the annual "Where the Hell is Maybell" ride -60 miles out and back from Craig (where I grew up) to Maybell. Weather was iffy, but importantly the wind cooperated...
Sunrise in Craig, CO USA
Tested the Trek 950 - it was a great ride...
Downtown Maybell

cooperryder 05-10-22 11:37 AM

Ride to White Rock Lake Dallas, TX this morning,
30 miles total on my Austro Daimler Puch Vent Noir II.

Goodness, the cockpit has too much stuff.
Better go remove some of it.

That Reynolds 531 bike rides so nice.
It's sporting Challenge Strada Bianca 700 x36 tires which contributes to a very smooth ride.

jimmuller 05-10-22 03:29 PM

Wow, lots of interesting ridin' goin' on here!

I took some time away from work again today, easy to do when one is working from home. Got in 17.9 windy miles through the usual northwestern suburbs, mostly combined rural and residential. Very windy. A nice day. Did I mention that it was windy?

I spent some time eating a snack at the usual munching hole called Fern's General Store. While sitting there munching quietly I was approached by another cyclist who might have been as, um, experienced as I am. He commented about my bike "That sure looks like an old one. What year is it?" I told him 1983. He was mightily impressed! I explained that it was a PF10, like a PX10 but with Vitus 181 tubing instead of Reynolds. He said he didn't know the models, and it wasn't clear that he knew what a PX10 was. I then 'splained that it started life as a PFN10, that the N signified clincher tires but since I had mounted sew-ups because I liked how they made me feel like I was faster it was now a PF10. He commented as to how they were so skinny. (Well, yeah, I guess. 23mm sew-ups do look skinny compared to the usual asploding-bikes tires of today. But I like 'em.) His friend and riding partner said it was easy to go fast when you had a good tailwind! So very true.

Some throwback technology:,jpg.jpg

On the way back to my car I had to stop and snap a pic of one of the new houses that went up recently on one of the highways. I think I must have been transported onto the set of Gone With the Wind. Or something. I should have worn my aluminum foil hat so the aliens couldn't mess with my thoughts.
I wonder how many people will actually use those stairs instead of going around to the side where there must be another entrance with an elevator.

Did I mention that it was windy?

zukahn1 05-10-22 06:52 PM

Very nice day today in the mid 60's got the gears nicely sorted out on the clunker challenge bike Stone Grinder. Went for a nice long ride up to Alma on the bike trail and road the Skull Tree trail about 20 miles round trip and the clunker performed great much better than a bike like this should ride.
Still some snow on the trail in places.
Nice clean dry bike path for a easy down hill ride home.

AJI125 05-11-22 08:21 AM

A typical 22 that I like to ride in the mornings when possible, enjoying the Fuji ride more and more. Got a few things to do before a 100mi (supported) ride in about 3 weeks. Started out chilly, had the tights on today!
South Platte River flowing lazily into the pretty full Chatfield reservoir
Hello sun
Close up of my recycled torn up bar tape
Much greener after some rain last week, and the Cottonwood Oaks are finally leafing out
Enjoying the Fuji more and more, gave the '82 Trek to my brother in law as he cracked his old steel Schwinn

Bruce27 05-11-22 12:48 PM
Did the D&R Canal where someone's been busy.

MasiMoe 05-11-22 03:28 PM

Looks like they can't decide which one to take down first.

zukahn1 05-11-22 04:47 PM

Originally Posted by MasiMoe (Post 22503142)
Looks like they can't decide which one to take down first.

Those are beaver cuts they often eat chew several trees at ounce at night and then go back and take the ones they want a day so or later.

BFisher 05-11-22 06:16 PM

Great day for a ride here in the Northeast. Temps in the upper 60s and sunny, but almost hit 80 later in the day.
Just my out and back river route, but snapped a pick of today's weapon of choice.

bironi 05-11-22 11:52 PM

Aint a weapon, that's my brother or sister or other!
And I love them.

rccardr 05-12-22 07:29 AM

42 miles on the W&OD trail west today on the Pegoretti, with a stop at Velo Classique at midpoint (see my post in C&V). Gorgeous weather, lots of people taking advantage of it.

daverup 05-12-22 01:04 PM

Took the "new to me" Black Lightning for it's first 15 miles.

botty kayer 05-12-22 01:26 PM

Out on the Team Panasonic Merckx today.
Dog encounters when cycling can be cause for anxiety, I've written off a lovely Brian Rourke frame crashing into a labradoodle before (the dog was fine by the way), and I've had a dog run out into the road and sink its teeth into my calf before too, but today my dog encounters posed no threat at all, even the menacing looking ones. Traffic can be hellish here, but on this sentinels watch was OK today.
"Throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball"
"I've got not idea what you're talking about, it definitely wasn't me" a look most dog owners are familiar with....
I'd much rather be chased by some pretty girls than a pack of hounds, but a middle aged man in lycra can force people to avert their eyes......
....or simply close them and try to think of something else:lol:

MCHunt 05-12-22 03:52 PM
Nice day for trip to the summit of Mt Diablo!

CV-6 05-13-22 11:48 AM

Twenty-five miles last evening on the Masi. May 2022 by L Travers, on Flickr

smontanaro 05-13-22 02:29 PM

We are out in Burlington VT, so I've been getting in some hill work the past couple days. I brought my ItalVega (Ellen in the background taking her own scenic shots on the ferry ride):

Nothing particularly scenic yesterday, but a nice view of Lake Champlain today from Overlook Park (looks better IRL):

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