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curbtender 09-25-22 08:33 AM

Originally Posted by SurferRosa (Post 22658541)
Did this show up on your Google feed too? :lol: :thumb:

Animals deluxe edition released September 16 2022

Fitting for Drillium Dude exploits...
"If you didn't care what happened to me
And I didn't care for you
We would zigzag our way through the boredom and pain
Occasionally glancing up through the rain
Wondering which of the buggers to blame
And watching for pigs on the wing"

botty kayer 09-25-22 11:32 AM

Originally Posted by curbtender (Post 22658704)
Fitting for Drillium Dude exploits...
"If you didn't care what happened to me
And I didn't care for you
We would zigzag our way through the boredom and pain
Occasionally glancing up through the rain
Wondering which of the buggers to blame
And watching for pigs on the wing"

They've already recreated the album cover complete with pig for the remix SurferRosa mentioned above: link:
I remember when all those cranes were there but that was over a year ago.

Rumours abound that Pink Floyd may be doing something featuring the Power Station again on Wednesday and Thursday this week according to this link:
The Floyd have apparently been making hints on their social media, and pigs may be flying again.....I only live only about a mile from there so I'll keep my eyes on the skies around there this week and report back.

I was out and about again today, riding past the back of the candy like Westminster Cathedral.
After much hand wringing I decided to ride my rowdy Italian Somec today...
We negotiate the horrible traffic seeking out the much more relaxed Hyde Park, and we're not the only ones. Here's the Pan statue at the Park's Edinburgh Gate. The bronze also known as 'rush of green', depicts a family and their dog rushing towards the park, urged on by Pan who is playing the pipes.
As I leave central London's tranquillity base back out into the traffic chaos of the diesel encrusted Euston Road, I catch something out of the corner of my eye and pull over. London has its oddities too, sometimes you come across something and you think what is this and why is it here?
And sometimes you find out and are still not any wiser. The frieze depicts a scene from the Battle of St Vincent in 1797, where our very own Nelson (him of column in Trafalgar Square fame) kicked some Spanish naval behind. It was sculpted by Edward Hodges in 1826 and was originally intended to be used on Marble Arch, but in the end they didn't use it. So it sat god knows where in storage for 160 years before they decided to place it here by the side of Euston Road, which has no link to the event depicted or any of its protagonists. And nobody has any idea why its on stilts either, maybe wherever it was stored for all that time also had a load of unused metal poles....

A bit further along Euston Rd is the British Library. Now a listed building and protected as a example of modernism. It was built at great cost and was very controversial at the time, described in Parliament as possibly the ugliest building in the world, and our now King Charles, when he was a lowly prince amusingly once described it is as "a dim collection of sheds groping for some symbolic significance". There's no doubting the wonderful collection of literature on the inside, and the courtyard also has this excellent sculpture of another UK ledge, Isaac Newton. By Eduardo Paulozzi it shows a young Newton in the quest for knowledge and is based on William Blake's 1795 work Newton which hangs in Tate Britain.
On through Islington and I stop for a snack and a drink at Spitalfields market You know that feeling, one you never forget, when you realise the second pastry was probably one pastry too many and legs are slow to get moving again....
I do sometimes take for granted just how old some of this city is. I live in Vauxhall and so cycle past the nearby Lambeth Palace, the Archbishop of Canterbury's London residence, him being the head honcho of the Church of England nearly everyday. Founded in 1197 and is still going strong, they built them sturdy back then.
Interesting fact, Lambeth Palace garden has been continuously maintained since the 12h century, making it the longest continuously maintained garden in London. Another cool piece of history is just to the right of my bike is the garden museum, and in the grounds is buried local boy William Bligh, the captain of the Bounty of Mutiny on the Bounty fame.

To the rear of the garden is Archbishop Park, and in the grounds of which is this nice monument to human kindness.
Kind lady and a smart lady, I bet each and every sixpence was ploughed straight back into the tuckshop:)

jamesdak 09-25-22 01:24 PM

Lazy Sunday ride that was all about the stars. The Kirk bike (star of the stable), the Shooting Star Garage, and the Star Route Garage featured today.
Back out on the wonderful Kirk Terraplane
Famous locally for the Star Burger
Ummm....dirt road.
Aliens starting to colonize the area????
This is just so cool1
Star Garage
At the new pumpkin patch
That is one big spider!

DQRider 09-25-22 02:11 PM

The Other Side of the River
Alright, I must admit to a certain amount of location envy after reading the posts here recently. Kudos on the photography, too, but the scenery and local features you folks are sharing are staggering to behold!

So I guess I'll have to resort to a more narrative style in my story-telling; something like my old freelance moto-journalism and blog work. We'll start with today's choice of bicycle: my 1984 Dawes Ranger:

One of the things I did back in 2005, that nobody else was doing yet, was to document my pre-ride meal stop. I used a precarious stack of mini-tripod with a Sony Cyber-Shot camera, stood up on my motorcycle helmet set next to the plate to establish the perfect angle. Then I could set the shutter on a delay to prevent camera shake. The result was actually pro-quality, and very popular with my readers. These days, folks do this all the time with their phones, and a lot of them are now ridiculed for it. :rolleyes:

My Leica is much more capable, so I can hand-hold the shot from whatever angle I choose. (The only reference that remains of my old blogs on the web is from another blog that is still going today: Scooter In The Sticks ).

This morning, I tried the "Day to Day Cafe" in Downtown St. Paul. The lighting at my table actually inspired me to take these next two shots.
I had all of my essential equipment with me, including my Kindle reader and cheater glasses. Iced coffee us a must with a good pre-ride breakfast.
Day to Day's Breakfast Burrito is among the best I've had locally.

Unfortunately, the scenery on that side of the river is much the same as it is on this side. Some of you have seen this fountain before:

But I haven't done this type of thing since my shot of the Levitating Bianchi in Hastings:
I'll probably cross-post this to the "Artsy..." thread.

The bear-trap pedals on Ranger make this an easy set-up.

So, that's about the best I can do until the leaves begin to turn colors. I'll probably take a little break from the forum, so I can get serious about my job hunt. When the autumn colors begin to peak, I'll post whatever I can get then.

botty kayer 09-25-22 03:08 PM

Great light and colour as always DQRider , even the humblest things can look spectacular.

I'm not likely to get out of the city for the next few months, so I'm very much looking forward to seeing everyone's pics of the trees in blazing colour over the coming weeks.

Wildwood 09-25-22 03:36 PM

Always thankful to post this thread
Weather has been so nice that everyone is out on the weekends - makes for ‘crowded’ rides, by my definition. Anyway I got a new helmet, :o.
Barely a wisp of cloud, light breezes, going to about 72* (22c).
Blue sky days - only 0.50” of rain in ~ last 100 days in Seattle.
Buy local
Closer up of the trusty triple9. Ishi022, Batavus in Dutch colours. and full socks.

curbtender 09-25-22 04:25 PM

I was asked to usher a group of newbies who apparently like to sleep in on Sundays, lol. That was ok. Gave me a chance to ride up to Vallejo for the pedalfest swap. The Carquinez straight was busy.
Golden Bear at the Maritime Academy
Late to the swap, but seemed to have been successful. First year so it had its hiccups.
Start for the Urban CX.

Drillium Dude 09-25-22 04:39 PM

Originally Posted by DQRider (Post 22658556)

I'm so glad you're alright, DD. You've had some pretty crappy luck lately.

Thanks - I appreciate that. Yeah, it's not been one of my better bike-riding stretches, that's for sure. Hopefully the insurance takes care of everything borked on the bike, and fortunately I received no injuries of any significance. My body will be ready when the bike is again.

The story of the accident is too detailed to describe here, but in the end, I was hit in a bike lane - and I had not made eye contact with the driver who hit me. Part is on him, part is on me. I'm not to old to re-learn a lesson, and I feel lucky that I got off lightly learning this one again :)


zukahn1 09-25-22 04:57 PM

Nice weather today and the aspens are in full turn with a lot of yellow and red. So I took a casual ride to Alma the long way on back roads with the Hardrock which is just a nice bike for casual longer tides.
At the top of the long route around 12,000 feet so a 1200 feet climbing over 10 miles.

thinktubes 09-25-22 05:36 PM

Did the Treadhead Fall Tour out of Lake Geneva. 76 miles, 2700 ft of climbing. Managed a rolling time of 4:39/16.4 mph.

Roads were quiet and smooth. Weather was dicey all day. A couple of showers and wet roads for the last 25 miles.

Lots of rolling terrain. The sections that went through Lulu Lake and Kettle Moraine had some steep kickers and long hills. Topped 40 mph a couple of times.

Saw wild turkeys and caught a pair of Sandhill Cranes in a field. They nest in the nearby Horicon Marsh.

My wife found a kindly old man to hold my bike while she took a pic of it. Note the Gatorade bottles. In spite of all my packing checklists, I managed to leave my water bottles at home. I had brought the Gatorade for post-ride, but had to press them into service. Worked OK.

Classtime 09-25-22 07:07 PM

You guys ride in the coolest places and get to take cool pictures. If I’m not too busy next time being too tired and too whatever and feeling sorry for myself about being out of shape and not completing 100 miles and 10,000 feet….
Pablo’s Verdes CA lookin at Catalina Island.

Sir_Name 09-25-22 08:04 PM

northbend 09-27-22 10:47 AM

The Hop harvest is under way in the Yakima Valley of Eastern Washington and it is now the season for Fresh Hopped Beer.
Hop cones are gathered fresh off the vine and used to create tangy beers at various small breweries around the region.
The season for this style of beer is short lived so nows the time to go chasing some freshies.

Yesterday I rode up to Snoqualmie Pass via the Old Snoqualmie Pass Road to sample the goods on the patio at the DRUBRU brewery.
Fall colors are starting to show themselves in the avalanche paths on Denny Mountain. Freshies by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr

Fresh Hop IPA. Yum Freshies by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr

I return to North Bend via the Iron Horse Trail… Freshies by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr

…and enjoy a lighter tasting Fresh Hop Pale Ale at Volition Brewing in North Bend before riding home. Freshies by Matthew Pendergast, on Flickr

jamesdak 09-27-22 01:50 PM

I've got the rest of the week off so hopefully I'll ride and shoot pics each morning. Today I went all the way around the reservoir. I don't usually ride the one side because it's busier and such normally. Sad to see how much of the view is disappearing on that side too as house after house goes up. Open space shots are becoming rare up here and cementing my decision to leave in few years when I retire.

Today's ride was the Italian built 90's C4 Air One I picked up this summer. It's a pretty good ol' ride even if it isn't steel.

botty kayer 09-28-22 02:51 PM

In order to see if the rumours I mentioned on my post on previous page were true, I managed to haul my behind off the sofa for a brief 5 mile evening ride to my local disused power station. There were no pigs anywhere to be seen. Now I think about it I've never seen any pigs flying at night before, so maybe they don't have night flying capabilities. :).


NJgreyhead 09-28-22 03:04 PM

Cranberry harvest time in the Pines, Burlington County NJ.

jamesdak 09-28-22 03:51 PM

Well today was nice morning out on the old Team USA. Was able to take it places I don't ride the normal road bikes.
From a bluff overlooking the reservoir
Off road beach parking for the reservoir, closed off for the year.
A little gravel travelling
Winter Grove area
Abandoned campground
Abandoned campground
Middlefork area
Middlefork area
Middlefork area
This is at least the 3rd bridge here since I moved back. The other ones got taken out by rushing water during the spring thaws.

jamesdak 09-28-22 03:56 PM

And some pics of the star for the day. Completely different from the bike I was on yesterday except they both happen to have the same type saddle.
Lots of wild apple trees round this time of year to keep me fueled while riding.

zukahn1 09-28-22 04:53 PM

Very nice last of Summer day took only a short ride on the SS Nishki to the vacination clinic to get my 4rth covid booster and flu shoo a.nd to town

cooperryder 09-29-22 08:46 AM

Season of the Pumpkin
I visited a plant nursery several times recently and spotted this old rusty Western Flyer bike.

On another trip they had set up a most impressive pumpkin display in and around an old 3 stall barn. That old Western Flyer is incorporated in the display.

All in all very cool I think.
Note the bows on the front hub area of the bike.
Interesting and strange.

curbtender 09-29-22 08:51 AM


jamesdak 09-29-22 02:03 PM

Ok, I knew today was going to be tough. Was planning on heading up to the most northern part of the valley with the Team USA. Wanted to see the changing colors up close. I'd done this before on my Jake the Snake and struggled with the 39T small chainring. Today I only had a 42T and it rained last night and this morning. Steep, muddy dirt roads are not conducive to standing and pedaling a 42T to get up the steep stuff. Needless to say, this old geezer actually walked a few times today on the really steep stuff. So worth it though as the views were great.

thinktubes 09-29-22 03:06 PM

Wow - those colors!

jamesdak 09-29-22 06:26 PM

Originally Posted by thinktubes (Post 22663645)
Wow - those colors!

They're just beginning, soon it'll be like this.

Spaghetti Legs 09-30-22 08:45 AM

Originally Posted by curbtender (Post 22659177)
I was asked to usher a group of newbies who apparently like to sleep in on Sundays, lol. That was ok. Gave me a chance to ride up to Vallejo for the pedalfest swap. The Carquinez straight was busy.

Back in my sailor days, the Carquinez bridge was the trickiest to get through on our way back to Concord from sea. It was a tight squeeze for my big fat old ammo ship. We were always tired and ready to get home too after the long haul from the Golden Gate.

Originally Posted by Classtime (Post 22659316)
You guys ride in the coolest places and get to take cool pictures. If I’m not too busy next time being too tired and too whatever and feeling sorry for myself about being out of shape and not completing 100 miles and 10,000 feet….
Pablo’s Verdes CA lookin at Catalina Island.

Plenty of beauty out there Jeff. Leave the bike computer at home and post some pics from a beach cruise!

I was able to squeeze in a couple of rides this week before work and now hurricane leftovers are going to wet up the weekend. Hope all of our Florida, SC friends have weathered the storm OK
This is in a McMansion development with classic American roads to nowhere but pretty nevertheless.
Ortman Rd, Albemarle County looking north at the Blue Ridge

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