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lotek 06-13-05 08:07 AM

Where'd You Ride Today? (New & Improved)
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The new and improved "Where'd you Ride Today?" thread! We all know that our bikes are more than just wall hangers, so let's see all those fantastic places we ride!

-holiday76 11-07-08 06:30 PM

Where'd You Ride Today? (New & Improved)
I live in Phoenixville PA which is an old former steel town and a suburb of Philadelphia. It's on the Skukill River which flows into Philadelphia. There is a bike path with goes next to the river all the way to the city.

I wanted to start out my pictures at my local coffee shop, but unfortunately, and this always seems to happen to me, there was a really weird guy hanging outside where my bike was. He really really really wanted to talk to me about his BMX bike from what I could gather. I didnt gather much because I really couldnt understand him due to an accent and the fact that I think he might have been 4 quarts short of a gallon. I didnt get any pics at the coffee shop.

Instead I rode right out of town to the trail head.

oh, let me just warn you a lot of these pics are probably boring and redundant. I'm also sure lots of people have posted pics of this bike path as its a very popular place in the area.

Anyhow, we're on our way.

-holiday76 11-07-08 06:36 PM

since I couldnt enjoy my coffee and bagel at the coffee shop I stopped here to sit on a rock and eat/drink.

sesame seed bagel with jelly. They make it for me at the coffee shop before i even ask. They know me because I stop there every morning on my commute to work.

timer on the camera...

the pants and arm warmers wouldnt stay on long. It was in the 50's but damp and after a bit I got too warm.

-holiday76 11-07-08 06:38 PM

oh one more thing. It's true I live almost on it, and I should be able to spell it, but I'm going to mispell the name "Schuykill" in these posts numerous time. Deal with it. I might even spell it several different ways, probably of which zero are correct. The one above was probably the only correct one.

I can't spell. I don't care.

Moving on..

-holiday76 11-07-08 06:45 PM

what i'm actually riding right now is a brand new connecting trail that goes next to a canal and connects my city of PHoenxville to the...skukyll.. river and the river trail.

They're still building part of it. Part of it isnt paved. They're also building a bridge.

after that it gets nicer.

then it meets up with the actual ... sckukewl river path trail. I have to climb up a hill soon and ride over this bridge.

can you tell its fall?

the first part of this trip is actually my normal commute and I remembered that my ipod was at work and I wanted it. So I took a 2-3 mile detour off the trail to sneak into my work gym to get my music.
First I had to cross the river , next to a highway.

are these pics too big? I can make them smaller.

i guess someone was using this sign to hitch into the city. Or maybe someone was just stating the obvious for us trail users.

-holiday76 11-07-08 06:55 PM

i think i'll move back to the bigger pics. They arent that big , unless you have a really low resolution monitor. But this is a picture thread after all...

the trees on the way to my work were jsut beautiferous..

I just made that word up.

you can't read the sign, but all you need to know is that George Washington slept there. Literally. I mean, not right on the get the idea.

my work after all is just outside Valley Forge National park. Google it if you don't know what it is.

OH and, that's a camera strap. Like I mentioned I'm not good at taking pics. Not because I lack skill, but because I normally don't feel like stopping to take them. So today I kept the camera in my back pocket and just grabbed it when the mood struck me.

entering work on your day off isnt a good idea. You have to be careful and make sure no one sees you.

mission accomplished. And I got my ipod.

Now i'll give you the bird.

it was nicely situated in an apartment complex I went through on my way from work back to the trail.

now I'm back on the trail. I don't know if you can read this, but basically it says that they used to film movies in that building.

maybe that explains why there are two huge iron balls just a bit further down the trail? I don't know what they are, but I'll get some better up close pics on the way back home.

I don't know if there are any Iron Ball fans here, but maybe someone will be able to chime in with what they are.

-holiday76 11-07-08 07:04 PM

the nice thing about riding the skukill river trail is that in addition to the fact that its flat because it follows a river, it also follows a train track. That means that if you were so inclinded, you could throw your bike on the train and take it to the city, or back home. I thought I might do that today if it got too dark or too wet. It never did. I've ridden this trail roughly 6,000 times and I've never taken the bike on the train. But the point is, you could if you wanted to.

that was the norristown train station.

this is a mailman and some purdy trees. I have trouble just letting the pics do the talking..

just leaving norristown now. There's some places down the road and that sign tells you how far. Duh.

lots of old textile buildings where I live. This one is right next to the trail in Norristown, Pa.

hanging out on the trail under an overpass.

i only had 10 seconds to run across the trail, jump the bike puddle, and then attempt to look cool before the camera took its pic. at least I did two of those things.

-holiday76 11-07-08 07:07 PM

this is an old paper mill from the 1700's that was converted into offices. Its next to the trail. THe only reason I know it was a paper mill was because I used to work in it.

just down the trail from that something big happens. You technically enter Philadelphia proper. This is big time.

Once you pass that line all bets are off. It's a whole new world.

...ok, I have to go to some house chores before my fiancee kills me, then I'll be back to finish this story. We're only about 25% done if that.

-holiday76 11-07-08 07:44 PM

so where was i?

sometimes the trail isnt really a trail, its a road. Not far after you enter Philadelphia city limits you get here:

thats where the path ends and joins a road. The uphill road is cobblestone. It's pretty steep, and its cobblestone. I didnt ride it today.

by this time I believe I'd ridden about 25 miles. I was getting a little hungry to it was at the above crossroads I ate a power bar. Just thought I'd share.

sp down the road a little but you have a choice. You can stay on the road and up a really big hill, or you can follow a unpaved path next to the river. I chose the unpaved path as that's exactly why I was running 32c tires and riding my "do everything" bike.

getting to the unpaved path first you pass over the traintracks and a old unused train station

then another cobblestone section. There are a few ruins of old textile mills next to the river.

behind the ruin are some type of radio towers. They're actually a few miles away.

you used to be able to go in the ruined buildings and throw rocks and check stuff out. I guess they've decided to gate them up. That was probably a good idea. Not a lot of people take this section of trail, but I'm sure someone has gone back there and got hurt before. It's kinda crazy that this area is technically in the city limited of philadelphia. It doesnt feel like a city at all..

except for the graphiti. graphitti. I dont know how to spell grafitti i guess.

after the ruins its just a ride on a woods path, next to a river and a bank with traintracks on the top.

you might think you're in a park somewhere. Then slowly there are a few signs that there is a city near by.
And old factory appears on the canal.

then the path starts to get a bit more groomed.

-holiday76 11-07-08 07:46 PM

then suddenly out of no where the path dumps you in the middle of a bustling city. Before this point it was quiet, you'd been by yourself on a bike path in the woods for miles. Then you're in a loud city. Manayunk to be exact, which is a section of Philadelphia.

expensive shops, drunk college kids, traffic. It's all here.

but its not long before you start to leave the Manayunk section of the city and into the Fairmount Park section of town.

-holiday76 11-07-08 07:54 PM

i'll take the falls bridge over the west river drive.

you cant have too many pics of your own bikes..

more bridges that are over the path on west river drive. there were trains too.

look at this beautiful tree

look at this beautiful tree with my bike in front of it. What is my problem?

one wasnt enough.

-holiday76 11-07-08 08:02 PM

I need to take another brake. I think we're almost half done.

I wonder if anyone other than BigBossman actually read this thread?


Ok, I'll pick this up again in a bit. Biking 70 miles in a day then making posts about it makes you hungry.

retrofit 11-07-08 08:41 PM

Beautiful country. Love the fall colors and the rustic buildings and bridges. Thanks for taking us along.:)


cb400bill 11-07-08 08:52 PM

I'm with you so far. What bike is that you are riding?

-holiday76 11-07-08 09:14 PM

the bike is a Japanese made early 80's Bianchi Sport SS.

so I was approaching the city.

boathouse row:

the art museum.

when i got into town I took less pics because I needed to pay attention to what I was doing so I didnt get killed.

ben franklin blvd.

-holiday76 11-07-08 09:17 PM

i made my way over to rittenhouse square park.

lots of bikes in center city.

lots of people too. It was lunchtime.

-holiday76 11-07-08 09:26 PM

After leaving Performance I decided I should start heading back in the general direction of home. I'd ridden around 40 miles and it was time to turn around.

I only went a few block though when I saw a few signs that sidetracked me.

I was hungry and it was time to stop.

it was a coincidence the Mini was driving by and got in the pic just as I was snapping it.

beers and bikes. Couldnt get any better.

yes it could.

cb400bill 11-07-08 09:34 PM

This pic makes me sad.The sign says the rider was only 6 years old.

-holiday76 11-07-08 09:34 PM

after 2 Guinnesses and the fish and chips I jump back on the bike and continue my loop of center city back to Manayunk and the bike trail.

I believe this is some type of war memorial.

and this sculpture had something to do with Irish people.

one of the bridges to new jersey.

the other side of the irish statue.

yet another statue.

and into the touristy northern liberties area.

this horse wouldnt even pay attention to me. It was as if he had blinders on.

it was then when I was trying to get the horse's attention while holding the camera, and riding my bike, and weaving in and out of traffic that I almost hit the back of the next horse carriage. Luckily I didnt.

-holiday76 11-07-08 09:41 PM

after the near death experience with the horse and the traffic, I made it to china town.

after china town I had basically completed a big loop of the center of Philly and was headed back towards the art museum and the river drives.

the franklin institute.

there are other people who ride old bikes.

this is the back of boathouse row which we saw from across the river as i was entering the city before. THis time I took the river road back to manayunk that was on the other side of the river.

that ballon as above the philadelphia zoo.

-holiday76 11-07-08 09:46 PM

Kelly drive. heading back to Manayunk and the woods trail back home.

back to the bridge that I took over to the road on the other side of the river when I came into the city.

back to manayunk.

-holiday76 11-07-08 09:53 PM

and finally back to the path that comes off of the road, into the woods again. Goodbye City.

hello canal path.

and back into the woods.

i think i started listening to myipod in the woods and forgot to take pictures. A few miles later the dirt path jumped back on the road for a few hundred yards, then back into the paved bike path that basically takes me all the way back to Phoenixville.

but a few miles up the trail I decide to jump off and head up a hill into a town called Conshohoken. What was in Conshohocken that made me get off the trail and head up a steep hill? I'll tell you in a few.

-holiday76 11-07-08 10:05 PM

right, so here's where I was headed. My favorite store in the world.

after leaving rei where i couldnt find a front bag for my rack i had to ride through some crappy parts of Norristown to get back to the trail.

then it was back to the trail. The sun was getting low.

the sun also came out for the first time all day.

it as basically just 9 miles home now. I was glad, but I was also thirsty. I was out of water but I found the water fountain to be closed for the winter.

so I just relaxed for 5 minutes instead.

then i headed back down the trail. I decided to get a closer look at those two big iron balls. I still have no idea what they are.

but they're big.

i gave up on figuring out. I was just 4 or 5 miles from home now.

-holiday76 11-07-08 10:06 PM

almost there:

-holiday76 11-07-08 10:12 PM

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