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neo_pop_71 09-10-09 09:41 PM

I goofed!
Sorry man, I goofed... I thought those were Nitto "stash" bars and you were looking to dump 'em. I totally misread your posting. Duh...

Make sure you post some pics once you've painted it, it sounds like it'll be a choice ride for minor coin!

Good luck,


daway 09-11-09 03:22 AM

Picked up this nice 1986 (I believe) Schwinn Traveler for $10 the other day, it is in mint condition!

High Fist Shin 09-11-09 09:52 AM

^ Very nice catch! I like the Travelers. Nice bikes.

KtotheF 09-11-09 12:43 PM


Originally Posted by cycleheimer (Post 9620620)

Thanks for the info, I think it may be this one though:

since it had Exage parts, and I think the rear shifter was indexed for 6 or 7 speeds, definitely not 8. The bike is all scrubbed down, and I picked up a bottle of white paint with a metallic purple sparkle that I'm hoping will match the original paint, then it'll get a clear coat and get assembled, hopefully today or tomorrow. Under all that dirt, its actually pretty :D

Grim 09-11-09 01:04 PM


Originally Posted by daway (Post 9654035)
Picked up this nice 1986 (I believe) Schwinn Traveler for $10 the other day, it is in mint condition!

Smoking deal. I paid a lot more for the 85 I have and it was a basket case from being left out in the weather. I have WAY to many hours into and it still won't be as nice.

Bikedued 09-11-09 05:11 PM

Headed out the door in five minutes, to pick this one up. Not for $240, but pretty close to it. I think it's worth the trouble and expense:),,,,BD

jtgotsjets 09-11-09 06:36 PM

it's gone already! what are you picking up?!

Bikedued 09-11-09 06:45 PM

Oh, nothing. Just a 1973 Schwinn "World" Voyageur. Original saddle is gone, but the rest looks 100% there including bar wrap which is just a tiny bit faded. Dura Ace Cranks, Crane GS RD, Titlist front. Suntour barcons, Dia Compe brakes, chrome lugs, the whole deal.:).

People were calling him left and right offering him $140 and $160, trying to lowball on it. He offered it to me for $200, and I drove right over. A friend of mine who finds some ridiculously cool bikes somehow. Some even nicer than my finds. My Copper 1980 Super Course 12 came from him as well.,,,,BD

EDIT: Add pics. I still had the page up when I got home, so I snagged the pics. Too dark by the time I got home to do it justice. The condition is nice, and I have
decent B.15 to throw on it.

kingfish254 09-11-09 07:29 PM

I picked up what is turning out to be a very nice Cannondale H300 hybrid today. It had a lot of white overspray from one of the owners spray paint jobs he did in his garage. I just finished going over the whole frame with acetone and man what a wonderful metallic hunter green. The bike has less than 50 miles on it and is circa 1999 vintage.

Does anyone know much about this model? What would you expect to sell one for in minty condition?

I will post photos tomorrow.

divineAndbright 09-11-09 07:38 PM

Nice looking schwinn Bikedued, what tubes did they use for that one?

HSean 09-11-09 07:53 PM

I finally got my hands on one of these things. shipping was alot lol but I have it now. just working out the seat pole. it's stuck!

FlatTop 09-11-09 09:01 PM

Huah! What is that juggernaut, HSean?

Bikedued 09-11-09 09:39 PM

Double butted 4130. The stays I guess high 10? Suntour GS forged drops though:).,,,,BD

ohjonnybegoode 09-12-09 09:31 AM

Snagged this bad boy from a nearby garage sale...guy was pulling out a few junky mountain bikes from his basement, I asked him if he had any road bikes, and he said...sure, hang on a minute...and out came this Windsor. Pics are in as found shape...Suntour bar cons, Shimano 600 crank, Suntour GS drops...I'm happy...:)

YoKev 09-12-09 10:50 AM

Picked up this cute little number today :)

Plastic covering still on head badge:

**edit** wow, this bike cleaned up great! For not being a "first tier" Bridgestone, I am impressed with the parts on it. I cleaned up the cables ends, windexed it, repacked the headset and BB, adjusted the brakes, and took a link out of the chain. This bike can't have but a few miles on it :) It's too small for me I think, but I'm going to keep it around for a bit anyhow.

Oh yeah, the best part:

HSean 09-12-09 02:52 PM

It be a firestone super cruiser with a big seat pole issue

FlatTop 09-12-09 03:27 PM


Originally Posted by HSean (Post 9662958)
It be a firestone super cruiser with a big seat pole issue

An awesome thing it is. The fenders look as big as a VWs. Very nice catch!

noglider 09-12-09 03:49 PM

Today was bulk drop-off day at the recycling center. We get about four or six a year. Last time, the place was packed with people and junk, but I only got one lousy bike. Today, there were very few people but more bikes than I could pick up. I got a Varsity, a Panasonic mixte with steel rims, a BMX bike, and a Windsor with chrome lugs! Not sure what the Windsor frame is made of. I notice that there's chrome under all the paint. Maybe I should just strip the paint off? Anyway, it was a good day at the dump. I have more bikes than I can fix up. Maybe I should hire someone to help me?

atek bikes 09-12-09 04:17 PM

1980's Nishiki Prestige
I live in a college town and at the end of every year kids abandon their bikes instead of taking them for whatever reason so this was a great find!

I've stripped the frame down and turned it into my Schlitz bike.

finnyct90 09-12-09 07:25 PM

one mans trash
Rescued this Columbia Sport from a roadside, post yardsale, free pile on Tuesday morning and raced it on Friday.
This is one lucky old bike. All I did was free up the brakes, lube the hub, Make a seatpost and patch the tubes...she made should have seen the other competitors when I rolled up:) I even passed a couple riders.[IMG][/IMG]

CricketMama 09-12-09 07:39 PM

I found both of these bikes on the curb during the citywide Cleanup week!

Does anyone know anything about Toshima bikes? I haven't been able to find any info so far. This is it:

I have the front fender, but I took it off because it was rubbing on the tire. It was missing one bolt, but otherwise is fine.
All I had to do was air up the tires and it was ready to go! :)

I also found this Roadmaster:

It's a bit rusty and the crank assembly is bent, so it needs a little work. A friend of mine was really excited about it, so he'll be fixing it up and keeping it. :)

I don't have pictures, but a few days ago I came across a beautiful Raleigh Sport- maybe early 70s? I'm not sure. It is getting new tires on it, but otherwise it's in perfect condition. Pictures soon!

Bikedued 09-12-09 08:15 PM

Pic update on the World Voyageur before. It should clean up very nicely, and hopefully I can do a nice matching touchup on the orange. I am REALLY looking forward to riding this beast, hehe.,,,,BD

cudak888 09-12-09 08:18 PM

You lucky bugger, BD!


HSean 09-12-09 09:02 PM

Ahaa so thats what that weird casset is that I have. it's just like that one

Iowegian 09-12-09 11:46 PM

This is definately a 'saved from the dump' as it's the kind of bike I would usually leave in the recycle bin but this time was different. I answered an a CL ad for 4 bikes and found when I got there that only 3 were left: a tiny Miyata mixte, a purple Huffy and this Pacific. The purple Huffy went promptly to the recycle bin (I salvaged one tube). The Miyata is in nice shape and will be passed on. I hit it off with the lady selling the bikes so we decided I would fix this one up in exchange for the others. After it was done I have to say it rides pretty nice for a X-mart bike. I did have to replace most of the components but the original Shimano brakes and RD worked flawlessly. Best of all, the day I dropped the bike off was the seller's 50th birthday and she was soooo appreciative. It really made my day.

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