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jgedwa 05-15-09 07:45 PM

Here are pics of the Trek and the Ross. Nothing has been done to them yet. jim

fiataccompli 05-15-09 09:13 PM

sick - $10, how'd ya swing that deal?

dubesor 05-15-09 09:14 PM

Peugeot Folding Bike
I got this lovely folding Peugeot for $45 off Craigslist. The dude said it had basically been sitting around for 30 years - still has a Vancouver bicycle registration sticker from 1979 :)

It still folds perfectly. I can't wait to do this bad boy up. Now where does one find 22" 550As in Vancouver (or another tire that will fit)? The rear one has cracked.

jgedwa 05-16-09 06:33 AM


Originally Posted by fiataccompli (Post 8927825)
sick - $10, how'd ya swing that deal?

I was stalking the house I just made an offer on when I saw the garage sale.

Looked at the bikes and asked the guy to hold them when I ran (RAN!) to get cash.


BobHufford 05-16-09 09:47 AM

New New Worlds
New New Worlds.

New to me anyway ... ;) Found these at our local annual swap meet.

The partial bike is a War-time "blackout" bike with 23" frame. Missing bars/stem, saddle and pedals. The front fender is also gone and the rims bad. The hubs look pretty good -- missing an oiler cap on the rear. I will probably archive the hubs and build this up as a Clubman clone. $10.

The other (21" frame) is from the '46/'48 era and is mostly all there and in decent shape. Missing the saddle, but I never liked New World saddles that much and will probably toss on a Brooks or Ideale saddle for now. Should clean up nice (very dusty) and the chain will become an oxalic-acid experiment. AS&Co. chainring and stainless rims! $50.

I'm thrilled to have these -- especially since they belonged to the late Jesse Tate -- my former long-time Schwinn dealer ('47 - '93) who passed away last year.


Barchettaman 05-16-09 10:56 AM

Definitely not C&V, but as here is ´home´for me on the site, I´ll post it anyway (with apologies to USA Zorro!)

In my size, a TT/Tri frame, alu/carbon fork, Dura Ace bottom bracket, 650 wheels. Excellent condition, and cost me the princely sum of €53.....

I have nearly all the bits for an 8 speed build up, so that´s what it´s going to get. I´m really pleased and will report on the build.

Once again apologies for the lack of C&V content. Better pictures to follow when I´ve picked the frame up. The only ´classic´status is conferred by the fact it uses 26" rims, the rest of the Tri world has moved onto standard 28"s.

Canyon are one of the biggest bike manufacturers here in Germany. They are sponsoring the Silence-Lotto team in this years TdF.

Bikedued 05-16-09 01:19 PM

Emailed about this one early this morning, or last night(Old age is setting in, lol.) Anyways, they liked something I said in my inquiry, and said to come get it free. I just emailed back saying I can pick it up tomorrow afternoon. All I said was, "That looks like something I need to own." They liked the attitude, and said they were getting bombarded with questions they couldn't answer. I was floored to say the least! I guess my Italian curse is over, even it isn't a top of the line model.:D.,,,.BD

Better pics tomorrow if it all goes down.

Bikedued 05-16-09 01:26 PM

DP, sorry.....:twitchy:

Tigerprawn 05-16-09 02:26 PM


Originally Posted by dubesor (Post 8927831)
I got this lovely folding Peugeot for $45 off Craigslist. The dude said it had basically been sitting around for 30 years - still has a Vancouver bicycle registration sticker from 1979 :)

It still folds perfectly. I can't wait to do this bad boy up. Now where does one find 22" 550As in Vancouver (or another tire that will fit)? The rear one has cracked.

I'm extremely jealous... Folding bike is next on my buy list and that Peugeot is great!

j. hughes 05-16-09 03:55 PM

^here's one if you're nearby

I was going to bid but it'd be a bit of a drive and I want to make it to my 1 year anniversary!

JunkYardBike 05-16-09 05:14 PM

Picked some parts up from a pretty cool local bike nut clearing a lot of his stuff out. I was primarily interested in the crankset, and probably paid less for the entire lot than the cranks alone would fetch on eBuy.

Campy Racing T cranks
Racing T FD
Superbe FD
Athena BB
Modolo Kronos carbon fiber shift levers
Enough cogs for 1 3/4 Campy 8 speed cassettes
Sachs chain (used)
old looking (and well used) Mavic Montlhery tubular wheel, Normandy HF hub
another Normandy HF hub, and a Schwinn HF hub too

Grim 05-16-09 05:18 PM


Originally Posted by Chris_in_Miami (Post 8920463)
He also had a few jars of misc hardware, including two full of steel Sugino and SR crank bolt caps, and another with 3-speed hardware for Shimano and SA hubs. His prices were a bit steep on some of this stuff, but well under what it's worth. I'll be going back with a fatter wallet. :thumb:

You talking about the bolts that hold the rings to the spider?
If so price on 20 Sugino versions to Atlanta please. :thumb:

sonatageek 05-16-09 06:12 PM

Picked up a few bikes this weekend. Nicest of the bunch is this red Peugot. Suntour 7 drive train, so certainly not high end, but the paint is in really nice shape, it is clean and even the tires are in decent shape. This will be headed to CL in the very near future.



Is this French for gas pipe?

PlatyPius 05-16-09 06:22 PM

No pics. I picked up a Schwinn Varsity today for $5.

sonatageek 05-16-09 06:29 PM

Two more from the weekend. A Scott mountain bike with Mountain LX (early Deore) drive train and an un-decaled mountain bike with Acera-X components. Paid $25 for the Scott and $5 for the 'generic' one. Unfortunately the rapid fire shifters on the $5 bike did not magically come back to life after a WD-40 flush out and will need to be replaced.



sonatageek 05-16-09 06:44 PM

Last bike of the weekend, a China built Schwinn Caliente. It is small, but has full size 27" wheels on it. After taking the picture, I removed the kiddy seat and adjusted the rear brake and took it for a quick spin around the block. It seems like a solid ride, only needing a little wheel truing in the back and some normal rubber and cable items. Got it at the same sale as the unlabeled mountain bike and also paid $5.

I left my name with them as they have a Schwinn World Sport that might be available sometime soon. :D


Chris_in_Miami 05-16-09 09:12 PM


Originally Posted by Grim (Post 8930763)
You talking about the bolts that hold the rings to the spider?
If so price on 20 Sugino versions to Atlanta please. :thumb:

No, these were caps that cover the spindle bolt. I had to pass on them since I was low on funds and I figured that they'd be unlikely to sell, so I'll try to grab them next time...

raverson 05-16-09 10:33 PM

Picked up this sweet Markant 5 speed this week along with a Schwinn Varsity and a Raleigh Gran Prix for $25. All three need complete overhauls, but I noticed the aluminum chain guard on the Markant had a protective film on it that had never been removed. Nice and shiny after all these years. :)

jetpants 05-17-09 01:02 AM

Just changed jobs to a position in an office I can ride to. Was planning on buying something when I noticed someone on my street put this out for the garbageman with a $20 bill taped to it and a note saying 'please take'. Hot damn, it is even my size. Gave the neighbor the twenty back, replaced the wheels, tires, tubes, handlebar tape, and hoods. Rebuilt the derailleurs, and it now suffers under my 220lb ass for 16 miles every day.

1981 Fuji Sports 12, but you can call her Ellen.

jetpants 05-17-09 01:03 AM

and yes...
The kickstand will be coming off...

leftthread 05-17-09 07:12 AM

Going to see a Schwinn mtb this morning. Maybe something, probably not. Cruising three large subdivision sales yielded zip. Odd episode where I saw a Fuji on the curb, pulled over and stopped. One of the local flippers pulls up behind me-what a coincidence-and runs over to the bike, offering the guy half the asking price. Meanwhile, I'm just petting the family dog that wandered over to say hello.

cycleheimer 05-17-09 07:45 AM

Gotta love it....

Two Older Bicycles - $150 (New Rochelle)

Reply to: [email protected] [Errors when replying to ads?]
Date: 2009-05-16, 10:57PM EDT

My downstairs neighbors threw out these two bikes and I think they can be put to better use.

The blue one is a Spartan, but the larger gears' outer rim seems to be bent and the brakes are locked in braking position.

The lavender one is a Panasonic Sport-LX and is in good shape. Probably just needs new tires and a bit of brake work.

Please e-mail me ASAP if you are interested in the Spartan, it is still in the dumpster. The Panasonic has been brought indoors.

$120 for the Panasonic, $30 for the Spartan.

Apologies for the crummy pictures. Curious cat not included.
  • Location: New Rochelle
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
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Iowegian 05-17-09 10:20 AM

Found these in the dumpster during our neighborhood cleanup.

An old Urago
There is some surface rust but everything came apart very easily. I really like the old steel Nervar crank, Dural Forge brakes, Atom freewheel, old Huret RD and especially the handlebar mount bottle cage:D
The fork is a bit of a mystery as it looks like it was a slotted steerer that was cut to fit into the French frame. The fork paint looks original and the headset is French so go figure.

There was also an old Schwinn Traveler

I don't plan to keep the parts in the picture so if you want them, PM quick. I salvaged the 36 hole AW hub (1960) and shifter parts, the rear reflector, fender stays, head badge, pedals, bars, chainguard, handgrips, etc. If anyone needs some of these parts, give me a shout. I don't have any use for them (except the SA hub) but didn't want to trash them since they are in good condition.

raverson 05-17-09 10:34 AM

Picked up an '84 TREK 420 and an '85 TREK 400 last week. The 400, with a 49cm frame went to CL and was picked up by the first caller. She was very happy.

The 420 fits me nicely. :)

Here's the after photo's of the 400. It had upgraded Shimano 600 and an Ofmega Mistral 165mm crank.

Poguemahone 05-17-09 04:04 PM

That bar mount bottle cage is a great find!

Found this little 48cm Celeste Bianchi, italian made from Columbus steel, Ofmega parts with a SUntour derailleur set, at a local church sale for 25$. Best local find I've had since the Eisentraut three-four year back. This one is a garage queen with very few miles. Either will be a bike for my girlfriend, or, if it is too small, swap bait.

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