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divineAndbright 06-14-09 07:36 AM

Normally I wouldnt care for such a thing, but that is just awesome! Super Bee!, oops, I mean aero bee!

Fast Cloud 06-14-09 08:00 AM

I picked up these three yesterday while hitting the garage sales for 50. I plan to flip the Peugeot to pay for the lot. I'll take the saddle off of the Centurion and put it on the Diamondback...soak the entire bike in oil for 40 days and 40 nights :lol: park it in the garage and use it for a wet weather beater. It rains here a lot as you can tell by my back yard. Then it comes down to the Centurion...I'm no roadie but I love this bike. Great shifters, brakes etc. but the paint is a little rough. To part out or fix up...that is the question.

jgrant75 06-14-09 08:53 AM
includes original bike license plate dated 1971

High Fist Shin 06-14-09 06:54 PM

I picked up this 1984 Fuji Sagres last weekend. It was missing it's chain and when I looked at the Suntour AR rear derailleur I knew why. The cage was twisted up pretty badly, too much to fix. So I added a new chain, Suntour VX rear derailleur, new cables, new bartape, a saddle, and a full service to both wheels. The freewheel was nearly frozen, so I added a replacement that I had handy. Turns out it was the exact same size and model. :D Here's some pictures:

This bike has a great ride and turned out beautifully.

Fast Cloud 06-14-09 07:24 PM

Great job. :thumb:

Doohickie 06-14-09 09:17 PM


Originally Posted by jgrant75 (Post 9098586)
includes original bike license plate dated 1971

Very nice. There should be a serial number on the head tube that will say when the frame was built. According to, the date of the frame is as follows:

1966 -xB00000
1967 -xC00000
1968 - xD00000
1969 -xE00000
1970 - xF00000
1971 - xG00000
1972 - xH00000

Where x = a letter for the month of manufacture (A=Jan, etc.)

AlmostTrick 06-15-09 10:15 AM

The Miyata 110 from a previous weeks trash pick up after the clean up/rebuild. It turned out the wheels were too warped to save.
I used the wheels off the Super Le Tour since I sold that frame set separately for $100. With 0 dollars invested this one will be sold for $120.

AlmostTrick 06-15-09 10:25 AM

This weeks curbside catch from Dad. 58cm Panasonic Sport 1000. Checks out nice, doesn't need anything but a tube and my normal 5-6 hours of cleaning and rebuilding before it gets posted on CL.

Tigerprawn 06-15-09 04:27 PM

My awesome pickup! (The rack no the bikes!) $10

bornhere 06-15-09 05:04 PM


Originally Posted by AlmostTrick (Post 9104223)
This weeks curbside catch from Dad. 58cm Panasonic Sport 1000. Checks out nice, doesn't need anything but a tube and my normal 5-6 hours of cleaning and rebuilding before it gets posted on CL.

Saweet, I just got a dx 3000 from a thrift store today, sitting alongside a Raleigh Technium (alum). Pics later.

PlatyPius 06-15-09 05:08 PM


Originally Posted by Tigerprawn (Post 9106511)
My awesome pickup! (The rack no the bikes!) $10

I thought you meant the white, stuffed horsie......

Tigerprawn 06-15-09 05:49 PM


Originally Posted by PlatyPius (Post 9106719)
I thought you meant the white, stuffed horsie......


CrankyFranky 06-15-09 08:11 PM

Dunno - looks more like an albino squirrel...

iamsomeguy 06-15-09 11:43 PM


Originally Posted by vincev (Post 8472518)
I picked up this nice super sport does need the chainring guard.does anyone have one they want to part with?

dont know if you found one but i have one laying around the house , paypal me shipping and its yours (assuming i can find it haha)

sonatageek 06-16-09 07:57 PM

Had to make an unplanned trip south to Akron, so I took a name a number for a fresh CL posting. Came up with a very nice and very clean Concord Freedom Deluxe Selecta 12. The pictures are as the bike was brought home and it was only $40. Just needs fresh tires and cables.


HSean 06-16-09 08:01 PM

I was riding my bike and passed a box with bent road bars hanging out of it, so I turned around and took a peek inside, heres what I found, also what an odd cog lol and that other thing looks like disc brake piece, is it a bicycle piece? Sorry for bad picture, it was dark and I couldn't really see lol

Bikedued 06-16-09 08:32 PM

Well, I had to trade off the chrome Voyageur, but it went to a good home. BUT,,,, sitting under the carport, is a fairly decent condition, Miyata 1000, about about 1984-85 vintage. Friction Dearhead with barcons, radial tires, three water bottle mounts, and triple butted. Needs a little paint work, but I am pretty happy right now, as some of you can imagine. Gonna get the serious redo done to it.,,,,BD


sonatageek 06-16-09 08:44 PM

Here is another bike I snagged this weekend for a cool $5. Skyway 3 speed, which I think was a Bridgestone brand, and featuring a smoothly working 333 hub with an oil hole and tires, brake pads and cable in dire need of replacement. On the the other hand, it is such a pretty blue.


brianparker 06-16-09 09:53 PM

Gazelle Champion Mondial - I need help!
I just picked this up from my uncle's attic, and it's obviously a Gazelle 531 Champion Mondial, but I'm looking for the year and maybe edition, as it has lots of matching Campy parts, Belleri handlebars, but no brakes. I'm looking to restore it with Campy SR levers and calipers, and I'm willing to spend about $250. Take a look at the pics and any feedback would be great!

TheDL 06-16-09 10:14 PM

^^^Feedback? You're a lucky ba`tard. How's that for feedback ;)

Bikedued 06-17-09 05:01 AM

YEAH! Lucky basst ard is right. Nice bike!;),,,,BD

sonatageek 06-17-09 06:09 AM

Here is one more picked up this weekend, 1963 Schwinn racer with a 2 speed Bendix kickback hub. First time I have seen a north road bar swapped for an upturned drop bar.


TheDL 06-17-09 06:28 AM

^^^ That brake lever = WTF mate?! :lol:

Bikedued 06-17-09 02:40 PM

Yeah I know, pic or it didn't happen. :D:D It was dark last night when I got it, so first chance to shoot a pic was this afternoon. I checked again just to be sure, and yes.... It is a One Thousand, hehe. Says so right on the top tube. The person I traded the Voyageur to bought it off ebay for $650. So, technically through the trade, probably the most money ever paid for a chrome Voyageur, hehe.,,,,BD

Needs wider bars, paint repair, a nice saddle & cables, and maybe some Elk hyde wrap to send it over the top?

C-Note 06-18-09 12:05 AM

My Second Great CL find
So i've been looking for a smaller frame lightweight for my girlfriend who is about 5 foot, for a few months now.
This morning after we roll out of bed and i do my morning ATL CL run and i find a gem.
So we hopped in the car and drove 2 hours to the other side of atlanta and got a deal...

(These pics are the ones from the listing as i don't have a camera.)

on a pair of TINY 88' Schwinn Paramounts... $150 for the pair!
Did away with the seat covers and saddle bags, which exposed the original
80's-riffic seats with neon intersecting lines and whatnot.
They seem to need little work, mostly cleaning... new shifter cables on the yellow one,
and some issues with the rear hub of the black one not wanting to spin freely...
but i think it just needs to be cleaned and lubed.
nice components little wear... the yellow one still hasn't been used
enough to even scuff the rims. The black one even has a newish computer
and oddly enough they both were wearing cross tires.

Apparently the lady had bought them at a garage sale on a whim thinking she and
her husband could use them when they went rv'ing. But clearly they were not
the type to be riding racing bikes so she just wanted her money back for them.
I felt great about it, and this being the second time i've found a diamond in the crapheap
i'm thinking about taking it up as a hobby reselling bikes.

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