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cb400bill 06-30-10 10:18 PM


Originally Posted by soonerbills (Post 11044118)
Who needs a item description when you have all those great pics?

I love pic #2

No 3 has an interesting typo.!Bp)e1Pw!Wk~...C!T(w~~_12.JPG

soonerbills 06-30-10 10:38 PM


Amani576 07-01-10 11:42 AM

Uh... What the crap?

Vintage bicycle rust - $100 (under the gutter)

Date: 2010-07-01, 1:20PM EDT
Reply to: see below

Vintage bicycle rust. May need magnet to locate and collect drive train. Bucket not included. $100.

  • Location: under the gutter
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

norskagent 07-01-10 12:19 PM

It must be a spoof of the other raleigh CL ad for the $100 rusty bike that gets listed everyday:

funkflex 07-01-10 05:55 PM

"This bike is an vintage Italian bike that used to be rode on the velodrome"

Bikedued 07-01-10 05:56 PM


Originally Posted by 20grit (Post 11034745)
i would really question the use of a fisheye lens in an ad. Does seem like they're trying to hide something.

I emailed him saying if he gave me the bike and 5 grand, I could fix his foundation:lol:. After being informed it was a joke, he informed me he took the pics with his friends skydiving camera. I'm not sure if he's trying to be different, or just silly.,,,,BD

23skidoo 07-02-10 07:21 AM

LOL, from the Dallas/Ft. Worth CL...

WTB Housewife in SUV repellent!! - $1000000 (Dallas/ north dallas)

Looking for some type of light, horn or gas that will repel housewives in SUV's.
Must work on double A batteries or be a wireless system. Women in Dallas cannot understand that there are other people on the road, like bicycles, other than
If I have to deal with another mom getting within 5 feet from killing me when I'm riding my white bicycle on the median or on the right lane, I'm going to maybe have to put up my bike for good.

The last thing I want to see in the last few seconds of my life, while laying on the ground bleeding to death, is a SUV flying away and having to stare at Mandy, Mindy,Madison,Devon,Chelsea or Monica pasted on the bottom right back corner of a window with that mediocre white pasty colored sticker above a goddamned soccer ball or football. Please. I ride my bike because I love to ride, and it's my way of staying in decent shape.

So you housewives, in your escalades with 22 inch chrome wheels and UT Longhorn badges, please don't look at me like I'm a 2nd rate citizen because I don't drive a 3 ton automobile. I'm sorry I'm getting in your way to going to a facial or going to north park mall. Yes. I am sweaty. And yes I'm wearing a weird looking cap, it's a bicycle cap, that's in a language you can't read. I'm a human too.
I understand you are on a very important phone call. Just please. Don't kill me.

Your husband wouldn't be very happy with you if he had to get my blood and guts off that beautiful pearl colored paint of yours. And. I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate removing my recently torn off foot that's in a bloody and tattered chucks, out of your chrome brush guard.

I may be one of your kids. I may be a brother. But I'm just a dude that looks forward to riding his bike to work or around town.

I'm still looking for a repellent against you women. We appreciate you gals, for raising your kids, and making sure your kids are safe in your fifty thousand dollar chromed out Brink tanks. But please, we have moms too. They would miss us if we were dead. Pay attention to the road.

Will travel to you for repellent.


Tag: fixed gear, track, don't kill me *****, Gary Cooper never rode a bike but I'm sure his kids did, support transit bicycle company, drink decaf because you drive like a crazy two faced malignant ****,
Breast enlargements don't make you any smarter, sugino, njs, Phil wood hubs are heavy as **** but sexy, I hate flats, white rock lake is fun, nitto, Thompson, Brooks, trek, commuter, grad school is a great way to push of the realities of having to get a real job, pink on bikes, hi Fran, rally, we need bike lanes, cinelli is great brand, fixie, brakes

Bikedued 07-02-10 07:44 AM

This one has been up a while. I guess he doesn't know you can buy a whole tandem for that, depending on the brand?,,,,BD

Scooper 07-02-10 07:52 AM

Not C&V, but hilarious. Divorcing a bicycle.

brian3069 07-02-10 08:07 AM


Originally Posted by Scooper (Post 11051240)
Not C&V, but hilarious. Divorcing a bicycle.

That is hilarious

sauze 07-02-10 08:41 AM


Originally Posted by Scooper (Post 11051240)
Not C&V, but hilarious. Divorcing a bicycle.

I wasn't sold till the picture in the shower...:lol:

Amani576 07-02-10 12:08 PM


Originally Posted by Scooper (Post 11051240)
Not C&V, but hilarious. Divorcing a bicycle.

I flagged it best of C/L. That's awesome.

brian3069 07-02-10 04:44 PM

Not a bicycle, but funny

Drillium Dude 07-02-10 06:04 PM


Originally Posted by Scooper (Post 11051240)
Not C&V, but hilarious. Divorcing a bicycle.

The wine for two killed me...

jet sanchEz 07-03-10 06:59 PM

Hrm, this is an interesting setup...

cb400bill 07-03-10 07:29 PM

^^^It would take someone with arms like a tyrannosaurus to ride that bike.^^^

StephenH 07-04-10 07:31 AM


Originally Posted by Bikedued (Post 11051202)
This one has been up a while. I guess he doesn't know you can buy a whole tandem for that, depending on the brand?,,,,BD

If I'm not mistaken, the same person had another tandem frame for sale at $200 or so. I assume that for whatever reasons, he assumes this frame is worth that much more. The same thing goes on with high-end single bike frames, although I have no idea if this particular frame is worth anything.

Bikedued 07-04-10 08:06 AM

I found their website?,,,,BD

It's dropped a bit since his initial attempts...

tmh657 07-04-10 06:47 PM

1 Attachment(s)
The photos in this ad make me want to rush out and pay twice what this bike is worth, or maybe 2 1/2 times.

Schwinn Paramount Series 3 PDG - $750 (Seal Beach)
Shimano RX100, Large frame, great paint

wrk101 07-04-10 07:17 PM

Someone on Charlotte, NC C/L is selling a "Classic 1973 Schwinn Varsity" for only $1000.

From the ad: "A deal of a price! First one with the money takes it! Email with an offer if you want pics!"

Oregon Southpaw 07-05-10 01:27 AM

The little evil thorn poking out of the seat is perhaps symbolic of the whole endeavor. I emailed to see if I got "the original parts" with a potential purchase but no response yet.

Are those actual Campy track hubs?

cb400bill 07-05-10 06:17 AM


Originally Posted by wrk101 (Post 11060996)
Someone on Charlotte, NC C/L is selling a "Classic 1973 Schwinn Varsity" for only $1000.

From the ad: "A deal of a price! First one with the money takes it! Email with an offer if you want pics!"


Binxsy 07-06-10 02:20 AM

Not really wacky just sorta sad...

raverson 07-06-10 08:32 AM


if you are wearing rolled up skinny jeans, a vneck, a messenger bag with a macbook, horn rimmed glasses, goatee, beanie on the back of you head, then this bike is for you. but then again you can ride it equally well in bootcuts and a flannel.
and damn! i didnt know how much these things sold for on craigslist!
i have this vintage road bike. no idea what the frame is. nor the wheels. nor the fork.
i pulled a bunch of parts out of dumpsters in true earth friendly hipster style (people pay more for that these days right?) and hand sanded, hand painted, and hand reassembled all the hand. so no electricity or other such evils used in the process.
bike rides fine.
its by no means fit for Mr Armstrong, but then again hes an image of mass media so who would want a bike fit for him anyway right?
its white, if there arent pics up when you are reading this then txt or email me and ill send u some or ill put some up on CL in a couple hours.
it actually looks pretty cool in my opinion, but then again it would also look cool covered in super liberal bumper stickers or the ones indie bands give out at their cafe shows. whatever works for you.
there is only a rear brake on it, originally i was going to go the no-brake fixie route but decided that i liked life too much to be that cool. so it does have a brake. easily removable though, i promise. and it doesnt work that well. so give yourself a extra 20 feet than you normally would to brake. or jam your beat up pumas/vans/other hip-ly worn out shoes into the frame and against the tire to slow yourself. the latter method is probably more effective anyway.
the front shifter went out on me today. just needs a new cable. or not. you can ride it the way it is. you probably want a 1 speed anyway right? but the back one still works great, so you have 6 or 7 speeds still. im sure it wouldnt be too hard to break that one too to make it a 1 spd tho. hell, ill break it/take it off for you for another 10$. but being a hipster, you probably want to do it yourself.
and ill also replace the shifter cable for you for free if you bring me some cable, as i am not able to get any right now.
so in all, this is a good bike, yeah the front wheel wobbles, and it may need new tires in the next year or so but i ride it just about every day and it hasnt given me any big problems. the wheel is just off by a little and i could try to true it for you but that would take a lot of time and i dont have that much time.
so yeah, let me know if you want it.
and im not bashing hipsters, yes i think tight jeans are funny, but really, hipster types are the ****. thats what makes portland what it is.
my phone number is 3606007417 so txt or call me anytime. im a nice guy, i just happen to have a sense of humor. so really, im probably somewhat of a hipster myself (minus the jeans, they hurt) so really, brutha to brutha, come buy my bike. please.

Scrockern8r 07-06-10 09:46 AM

I notice a few of the links are dropped/edited rather quickly. I pray the authors are being razzed by the general public and not by the upstanding viewers of BF...
If they are flamed too soon; they are burnt by the time I get there.

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