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g_petrus 05-17-09 05:49 PM

The 'Buy It Now' seems a tad steep

stausty 05-17-09 06:49 PM

Hmmm....vintage English bike fixie conversion. Fillet brazed, no lugs. Sealed bearing BB. Odd looking chain ring...yep, that's a Viscount. And yep, it's got itself one fine spray-painted Death Fork.

Ivandarken 05-17-09 06:50 PM

OOOh, Deathfork. Yummy

cooper34 05-17-09 07:50 PM

$500 ???
Montgomery Ward Three Speed Bike For Sale - $500 (Bedford, VA)

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Date: 2009-05-16, 11:07AM EDT

Montgomery Ward Three Speed Bike For Sale $500.00
  • Location: Bedford, VA
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tolfan 05-17-09 07:56 PM

Originally Posted by bikemore (Post 8923408)
Bikes keep reproducing in my basement. Are you telling me they reproduce asexually? I guess I have never seen
one pregnant! So I guess it is true.

ever try pulling one out of as pile , it like trying to get two stuck dogs apar

cb400bill 05-17-09 07:57 PM

Originally Posted by stausty (Post 8935447)
[url]Hmmm....vintage English bike fixie conversion. Fillet brazed, no lugs. Sealed bearing BB. Odd looking chain ring...yep, that's a Viscount. And yep, it's got itself one fine spray-painted Death Fork.

And "It has been customized to fixed gear with coastal brake."

thenomad 05-17-09 10:08 PM

Death fork and suicide lever!

cudak888 05-17-09 10:24 PM

Never mind the Viscount - just take those cranks off and send them to me.

I wonder what this joker did with the TA inner ring.


cudak888 05-17-09 10:26 PM

Here's one:

I have a Raleigh Royal Scot 3 speed, THIS BIKE IS VINTAGE!!!!Full fenders and chain guard,has a back rack,blue color,Vintage made in England,there is some surface rust here and there(Image shown is a stock picture)


cb400bill 05-17-09 10:28 PM

Originally Posted by cudak888 (Post 8936634)
Image shown is a stock picture

There ought to be a law against doing this.

cudak888 05-17-09 10:31 PM

Originally Posted by cb400bill (Post 8936641)
There ought to be a law against doing this.

If it was used without permission, there is. :lol:


bigwoo 05-18-09 07:08 AM

Once again, I'M sad to inform you that Denver has the biggest lunatic scam artists in the world....:

FZ1Tom 05-18-09 09:38 AM

Ooooh, I always wanted a Miyata with the custom offset front wheel and wiggly fork!|294%3A50


vincev 05-18-09 11:12 AM

Too good to be true?stolen?

Road Fan 05-18-09 12:26 PM

One thing I've noticed so often is Ebay and CL sellers (and elsewhere for that matter) who don't know how to measure or express the size of a bicycle in a generally useful way. You get stand-over with flat tires, downtube length, seattube length with contact points not specified, measurements in inches with unknown rounding up/down/sideways, guesses, "It's about right for someone 5'9," "I'm 5'9" and it's great for everyone I know," as well as top tube length and effective top tube length. It's really a crap shoot unless you ask a good question, actually get an answer, and become convinced that the requested measurements were done right.

You have to be prepared to get something that's wrong, if you can't check it out in person.

Road Fan

cb400bill 05-18-09 02:26 PM

Originally Posted by vincev (Post 8938949)

Gone. what was it?

Poguemahone 05-18-09 04:48 PM

Gets here just on pure simple ugly, plus the combo of steel rims and back brake only for a special, one of a kind death ride:
I think the lightning bolt is the one Zeus is gonna hit you with if you dare to ride this thing...

thenomad 05-18-09 07:17 PM

"Tall Bike"

yepyep 05-18-09 10:14 PM

vincev 05-18-09 10:26 PM

It was a 2008 Cervelo SLC-SL for $1200.Turned out "owner" lived in Romania and a broker in Virginia would send you the bike after payment. lol

Poguemahone 05-21-09 11:29 AM

Sometimes I just can't take it any more:
"That would translate to perhaps 50 Jeunets, IN TOTAL, still surviving in America in 2009!"|294%3A50

This means I've had something more than 1/10th of the surviving Jeunets in my hands over the years. This guys hyperbole is a bit over the top; try reading the whole thing. I dunno if the price is fair, it seems high to me, but the market is pretty weird, but then again, he refuses to ship...

e-Man 05-21-09 09:19 PM

I never knew bikes had clutches? (or am I the numb skull here?)

scott mountain/tour bike - $150 (yuma)

Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]
Date: 2009-05-18, 9:22AM MST

scott mountain bike needs a tune up runs good 3 pc crank, clutch gear shift,exp tires(euro inner tubes),alloy rims team columbia type bike serious inquiry only make offer will negotiate if serious contact :hector 4804679972

e-Man 05-21-09 09:23 PM

Just came across another one, seems like a great bargain:

Specialized Rock Hopper - $125

Reply [Errors when replying to ads?]
Date: 2009-05-20, 3:42PM MST

Green Rock Hopper
Ape Handle bars
Needs a new tire

  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Buglady 05-21-09 10:31 PM

Yeah. New tire. That's what that bike needs. Then it will be totally fine, not an abomination at all!!

On a tangentially related note, I have recently learned that the Craigslist apartment ads are a haven for scammers. I really have to wonder if anyone ever falls for the "I'm working in East Africa and I really need someone to take good care of my condo while I'm gone, that's why it's so cheap! Just send me a moneygram with the deposit and I'll send you the keys by DHL Courier! Oh, and I will send more pictures of the inside if you want, but it's complicated for you to see it in person because I'm in Africa you see." (No kidding, I had 3 of these in a row and they all specified that particular courier. No idea why).

(I was quite relieved to find a place that I could actually enter, with an actual landlady there, and therefore I signed a 3 month lease very quickly indeed. (There's a workbench for bikes! And a cubby to park my trailer! Whee!).)

StephenH 05-21-09 10:43 PM
Title: "Vintage bike - $1000"
Entire Text of Ad: "Vintage bicycle for collector. $1000 OBO"

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