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skyrider 07-09-09 05:51 AM

tubular tire air leak
My tubeless conti sprinter on my roval rim is leaking air where the Valve and tire meet, having never done a repair before, how should I proceed. Do you have to take the whole tire off or just peel the tire over the side of the rim? thanks Sky!

sced 07-09-09 06:07 AM

tubeless or tubular?

skyrider 07-09-09 06:29 AM

Im sorry its too early here, its TUBELESS, thanks

Old Fat Guy 07-09-09 06:37 AM

The only Continental Sprinters I've ever heard of are TUBULAR.

Are you sure that's where it is leaking, or is that where the air is coming out while it's glued to the rim?

Take it off and determine exactly where the leak is.

Road Fan 07-09-09 07:42 AM

Before you take it off, fully inflate the tire, take the wheel off the bike and do a very detailed inspection of the tread, for debris or puncturing objects. It could be as small as a staple or other very fine metal wire (been there!). If you find something like that, get it out and air should flow thru the hole.

skyrider 07-09-09 08:27 AM

Whats the difference between tubeless and tubular, there conti sprinter 250, The air is coming out when its glued to the rim, between, the rim and tire. I picked it up at a yard sale the rim held air all year, left the bike in the van on a hot day, next day flat, pump air in leaks or escapes between rim and tire at the valve. Thanks

Ronsonic 07-09-09 09:51 AM

The tires you have are tubular. Tubeless is something else, completely different.

For your problem you've got three choices:

Option A -

Option B -

Option C -

urodacus 07-09-09 10:23 AM

tubular have a thin tube in the center of a tire that is itself sewn into a tube after the inner tube has been inserted, and then glued onto the rim. tubeless tires have no inner tube but rely on a perfect fit between tire and rim (and no leaks through spoke holes) to keep air in the tire.

if you left a fully inflated conti sprinter in a hot car during the day, the inner tube may have blown up. the air pressure in a tire increases as the tire heats up: blow outs on descents when you brake hard are a common source of such failures, as are over heating tires in the sun, especially on old tires after the rubber has aged.

skyrider 07-09-09 01:53 PM

Thanks all for the info quite informative. Yea im thinking it was the hot air in the car. I pumped 160 + PSI into it, it rolled very well. So now the question is if it is a blow out, is it repairable, im assuming yes, Thanks for all the help.

Old Fat Guy 07-09-09 04:34 PM



Road Fan 07-09-09 06:31 PM

Originally Posted by Ronsonic (Post 9246842)
The tires you have are tubular. Tubeless is something else, completely different.

For your problem you've got three choices:

Option A -

Option B -

Option C -

Option D - fix it yourself - several sets of instructions are on this site.

If you didn't hear a big loud sound and ringing in your ears, it was not a blowout.

Ronsonic 07-09-09 06:37 PM

Everything is repairable. The question is whether it is repairable by you. Or for a price less than replacement. Or it is in good enough shape that the repair won't be wasted.

Check those links I gave.

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