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sekaijin 09-07-09 10:14 PM

Gift from a friend – “before” pics
My neighbor gave me this bike today. “I have too many bikes and it’s too small for me anyway.” Looks like I found my winter project.

The bike is a Hercules/AMF that appears to be made in the Nottingham Raleigh factory.

It has serial number 912344 across the seat cluster lug.

The Sturmey-Archer AW hub is stamped 69 14. (as in 1969?)

Any information about this bike would be very welcome.

Also, any suggestions for the best way to remove stickers without damaging the paint/decals underneath?

Long shot, but if anyone has a compatible front fender, I am ISO/WTB.


cb400bill 09-07-09 10:17 PM

You could try Goo Gone on the animal stickers and a hair dryer to the others.

bikemeister 09-07-09 10:27 PM

I like it! Looks like a Sturmey-Archer 3-speed rear hub - it's definitely a keeper!

YoKev 09-08-09 04:51 AM

I think the stickers add some character to it :) It's a nice looking Hercules.

takingcontrol 09-08-09 08:45 AM

The outside (orange side) of an orange peal removes stickers very well.

txvintage 09-08-09 08:57 AM

I think I would have to keep the ducks.

sekaijin 09-08-09 08:59 AM

^^ very interesting. Could you elaborate? Just rub the orange peel on the sticker? I am always in favor of simple solutions. And it doesn't risk damaging the paint or decals?

yepyep 09-08-09 08:59 AM

+ one million
You just gotta leave those ducks in a row!

yepyep 09-08-09 09:00 AM

Oh and I know of a cute little chrome bobtail front fender that came of another Herc if you are interested.

sekaijin 09-08-09 09:05 AM

Hmm, three ducks, a pig and a heart ... a tally of things the bike has run over?

sekaijin 09-08-09 09:09 AM


Originally Posted by yepyep (Post 9634406)
Oh and I know of a cute little chrome bobtail front fender that came of another Herc if you are interested.

You have my attention ... tell me more! I was just in the process of posting on ISO/WTB.

yepyep 09-08-09 09:31 AM

I will Pm you sekai

USAZorro 09-08-09 09:46 AM

I don't think there's a good way to pull stickers off of decals. Unless the decals have clear coat over them, I don't like their chances.

Ronsonic 09-08-09 11:01 AM

Lighter fluid / Naptha is the stuff for softening the sticker goo without softening water slide decals.

sekaijin 10-06-09 05:22 AM

^^ +1 on lighter fluid for removing sticker goo.

Spent an hour this morning removing stickers with a plastic scraper, a bottle of lighter fluid and a paper towel. Stickers are 80% gone. (with apologies to the ducks and their supporters) Will need to revisit a few spots of the most stubborn residue.

The other suggested remedies may work too - I just tried the lighter fluid since I have some on hand.

RobbieTunes 10-06-09 07:31 AM

Drop the ducks, get the fender. Forgive txvintage on the ducks, Navy guys think ducks are amphibious assault vehicles....

Use a hair dryer, get the stickers good and hot, use a fingernail, they'll come up. WD40 and a rag will wipe off the residue. Put the hair dryer back, and all will be well.

Soft, cheapo paste Turtle Wax and the foam applicator, small spots at a time, and the paint will come back. A little chrome polish and 0000 steel wool on the chrome. 409 or Bleche-White on the rubber/plastic, etc (don't let it sit long), and that thing will be like new for little expense.

And if anyone reading this got a box of bottle cages they didn't trade for, they belong to the OP. I know I mailed 'em, we just don't know where they went.

sekaijin 10-06-09 07:47 AM


Originally Posted by RobbieTunes (Post 9806565)
Navy guys and cheeseheads think ducks are amphibious assault vehicles....

fixed that for ya (Wisconsin Dells reference)

I will have to try the hairdryer - my wife will love that. "Honey, I just need to use it on a filthy old bike in that basement room full of icky grease, solvents and paint. What, is there a problem?" :innocent:

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