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bbllaakke 11-28-09 01:22 AM

I just trash picked a heavy-duti (I believe they were spelled this way)

I was riding my Raleigh Sports to a buddy's house when I came across this beautiful heavy-duti laying in front of a house out for garbage. I grabbed the Schwinn's stem and rode the rest of the way to his house (flat tires and all).

After drinking a few brews and getting slightly tired, I decide it's time to ride home. The trip is about 5 miles with a 35 degree headwind, and I'm pulling a ~40 pound bike with flat tires.

The ride was slightly epic and totally worth it!

Based off a quick once-over, the bike will need pedals, tires, tubes, and overhauls.

It came with the rear rack, kind of a wirey one.

I'm very excited to get working on this bike. Mainly because I have never trash picked a quality bike.

Of coarse "Pics or didn't happen" but it's far too late.

I'll post pics tomorrow.

Good night to all.

DRietz 11-28-09 02:07 AM

You're such a tease! You can't do this to us! :(

RobbieTunes 11-28-09 03:00 PM

I had one of those, they're fun and easy to work on. The chrome will clean up well, the bike is not complicated, and is fun to ride.

StephenH 11-28-09 04:38 PM

There are fairly recent Heavy Duty's that are sold as industrial bikes, and then the older ones are a more general-purpose cruiser. Which is this? The styling is distinctly different on the two. (And I'm not sure which way Schwinn spelled it, but you'll see both Heavy Duty and Heavy Duti used about equally.)

Bikedued 11-28-09 08:18 PM

There's the older middleweights with heavy spokes, then production went to Hungary and they got alloy stems, unicrown forks, and unstamped S-2 rims with heavy spokes, then the newer version.,,,,,BD

I have one of the Hungarian balloon tire models with welding rod spokes. Heavy as hell, and rides like a Harley without an engine. The ride quality can be expressed in two words...What bump?.. LOVE it!!:D

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