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bloom87 03-07-10 05:39 PM

Mystery Campy calipers... help ID
I grabbed a pair of campy brake off ebay for 18, which seemed like a decent a bargain, seeing as they're in excellent visual, mechanical condition.

so from what I gather (a single bid, mine), i've hit the low-low-end campy stuff here... they were sold to me as Gran sport model, but the seller is obviously confused... I cannot take that for granted.

there are no markings on any of the calipers., no GS , no Brev int. , no nothing.

here's the photo, i'll see if I can come up with something of better quality...

Servo888 03-07-10 06:14 PM

They look like my old Campy Victory calipers.

bloom87 03-07-10 06:20 PM


the only difference I see are the central cone-nuts... mines are hollow... maybe they're not originals.

thanks a lot!... part has been id'ed..

JohnDThompson 03-07-10 07:30 PM

The block lettering and the quick release style tell me they're Gran Sport.

guygadois 03-07-10 09:45 PM

Look like my Victory brakes

luker 03-08-10 01:36 PM

I think Victory brakes were the later model Gran Sport brakeset. They are nice brakes - the same arms as the record, just not a variable quick release.

Bianchigirll 03-08-10 08:55 PM

the brakes in the OPs pic are Triomphe. they are very close to Victory but have that funny hollow nutcap.

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