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chinesebull 03-19-10 12:52 AM

Vintage Cinelli?
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I am debating about buying this bike, but not sure what the model or value should be.

Here are the details and pictures they sent me. Any help identifying this and an approximate value would be greatly appreciated!!

Bike Details:
Frame: Classic Cinelli Columbus Racing SLX Chrome Fork & Frame: Tubi Speciali Superbutted; Acciaio CoMo Cyclex
Seat Post: Thomson Titanium
Seat: Serfas dd Arroyo
Gears/Brakes: Shimano Ultegra 600
Handlebars: Cinelli 42 Solida w/ Profile design Airstrike 2000 Aerobars
Gauge: Shimano Wireless T1-AH001

Torchy McFlux 03-19-10 01:04 AM

Well, it's a Cinelli Supercorsa. This guy is asking $2G for his with newer tubeset but more classic and region-correct componentry:
I know Cinelli switched from SL to SLX tubing for the SC in 1986, and the decal on that one looks 1990-ish to me.

unworthy1 03-19-10 01:34 AM

A LBS was selling these "reissue" Cinelli SC framesets as late as 2000 or 2001. I didn't know they built them of Neuron tubing as well as SLX, but since they were bare frames the buyer could build them with whatever: from the hodge-podge of this black one to the vintage Super Record of the red eBay bike.
Back in '00 or '01, the price for frameset alone, NOS, was $1050. Track frame: $1100. Said to be the last of the "Super Corsa" line, back then.

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