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KonAaron Snake 04-08-10 04:41 PM

Delta Brake Pads
The pads on my deltas are starting to wear and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to replace them without spending $40 a pair on ebay. Are there any other pads that will work with them? Any substitutions?

coloneluw 04-08-10 05:05 PM

I thought they were $40 for 4. $20 a set. Not a bad price considering you are putting them on one of the most expensive brake sets around. Not sure if price should be an issue. That said, unless they have changed the compound/rubber used for the reintroduced pads, they aren't worth the "lowly" price they are charging. I know the brake design has a lot to do with the brake's performance but a good pad goes a long way in improving a poor design. Let me know if you find a better pad as I'd like to find a better pad for mine also. (do a search for delta pads. I asked about this a few months back and someone has put different pads on their deltas)

Bianchigirll 04-08-10 05:25 PM

these were mentioned in a thread a few months ago. I think someone was talking about a repro rather than the stiff dried out NOS pads

coloneluw, these pads are different from all other Campi pads and while I have not priced them I am sure 40 for 2 seems right

KonAaron Snake 04-08-10 05:31 PM

Actually, I'm amazed but...he's right. It's $40 for two sets...which really isn't bad all things considered. My fear is that NOS pads will be dried out crap.

mainducoyote 04-08-10 05:40 PM

Originally Posted by KonAaron Snake (Post 10643813)
Actually, I'm amazed but...he's right. It's $40 for two sets...which really isn't bad all things considered. My fear is that NOS pads will be dried out crap.

Most of them are current production new, not new old stock

coloneluw 04-08-10 05:59 PM

I am very aware of the delta pad, Bianchi girl. They are unique to only the two models of deltas produced. Along with there toe-in allen screws. My only interest is in the compound used to produce the new pads verses the original pads. I realized they are new pads and not NOS. But if the compound/rubber is the same makeup as the original ones were, then they aren't worth the money even though you have no choice. The compound used in pads makes a huge difference in braking performance. Modifying a proven, quality, modern pad to work on a delta would do wonders in improving their inherent design problems.

KonAaron Snake 04-08-10 07:57 PM

Main...thanks much for the help. $40 for two sets of pads that are new production works for me!

I finally have the Deltas adjusted well and they stop as well as any brake I've ever used. I actually like their feel quite a bit (shocking!).

miamijim 04-08-10 08:02 PM

I dont understand the toe-in allen screws. If the pads have built in conical washers for angle adjustment why do u need the toe-screws? I backed out the toe in screws on mine, set the height then properly adjust the up/down angle and toe. They work real well.

miamijim 04-08-10 08:05 PM

The ebay pads are probably OK. They've never been exposed to the elements which is what really degrades them.

Force 04-08-10 09:11 PM

I bought genuine Campy Delta replacement pads from Ochsner USA for $33 before shipping. That was the cheapest I could find them. Looks like they are out of stock now, though. They are a good source for Delta small parts and other Campy bits.

coloneluw 04-08-10 10:09 PM

I think the toe-in screws where meant to be for quick adjustments similar to an adjusting barrel brake levers/calipers. Easier and faster than resetting the toe via the actual shoe housing. Remember, these were designed for the "elite" race teams who don't have time to hassle with constant adjustments. ;) I don't recall the exact chronology of the deltas (mine are 2nd gen excluding protos) but I don't think the conical washers and the toe-in screws where introduced at the same time. Could be wrong but Campy was pretty well known for introducing changes mid-run and not informing anyone. I know they introduced a longer(larger?) washer later in the run to compensate for narrower rims. Anyway, they are pretty to look at but I'd love to upgrade them to new Records or Mavic SSCs and just put them on the mantel.

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