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tomio 04-09-10 07:41 PM

Centurion Sport DLX

Thinking about picking this up for $100. I love the color scheme. Anyone know what year this is? I plan on throwing some RSX 7 speed STI shifters on there and throwing a new a wheelset I have lying around on it. I know that this is a relatively low end bike on the centurion lineup, but I've heard only good things about their bikes. Would it be wasteful to put brifters and new wheelset on it?


cuda2k 04-09-10 08:01 PM

86 - 89 would be my best guess. I had an 84 model that had a much more subdued paint scheme. What tubing does it have? Mine was Tange Infinity, which while being fairly low end, was still a CroMo and rode decently well.

RobbieTunes 04-09-10 08:02 PM

Graphics are 88 or 89...the "box" accents seemed much more prevalent in '89, supported by the Lemans, Prestige, and Ironman graphics of '89.

7-sp RSX STI's would double the value of the bike, and work fine with a 7-sp rear. 7 or 8-sp Sora STI's would be cheaper and more in line with the bike's other components.

auchencrow 04-09-10 08:06 PM

What wheel set is on it now? Some low end Centurions have decent wheels. I think 100 is a reasonable price if it fits you.

(BTW - you must remember to provide Drive side photos or risk being ostracized around here! )

I won't comment on brifters or STI...Not my forte.

tomio 04-09-10 08:21 PM

I actually have a the rear RSX 7 sp brifter lying around and am looking to get a left one. I did however find a set for $60, so I might just get those. I wouldn't be throwing too much money into this to make it a nice riding bike. I've been pretty lucky with the overpriced seattle market recently...

wrk101 04-09-10 08:32 PM

+1 Worth it due to the really small frame size.

ebay has a buy it now on that left shifter for $30 plus shipping.

DVC45 04-09-10 09:15 PM

Miami Vice color scheme! I love the 80's. :)

tomio 04-12-10 01:48 AM

I'm going to take a look at this tomorrow. Hopefully it's in good condition. From what the seller has told me, it's a 6 speed wheel with Shimano SIS components. I plan on switching out the wheelset, drivetrain, and throw some brifters on there. Make it a retrofitted lugged bike for my girlfriend. I'll keep you guys updated and psot pictures when everything is done.

jtgotsjets 04-12-10 07:48 AM

IMHO, it's not nice enough of a bike to spend any more money on, but it's just nice enough to keep riding the **** out of it.

I like the hooded turkey levers! Not often you see that.

sonatageek 04-12-10 07:52 AM

I have an Elite RS with that same teal and creme color scheme -- very sharp looking and nicely subdued.

tomio 04-12-10 06:54 PM

Went to check it out, but the girlfriend didn't like the look of it in person... Bummer! I'll keep an eye out. Thanks for all your guys' help.

c3hamby 06-11-10 11:55 AM

It's not an 89. I have an 89 and the graphics are more subdued. Also the blue for 89 was a darker blue

chapel 06-15-10 03:28 PM

I have that same model and I'm trying to find out some specs on it.

bigbossman 06-15-10 03:45 PM

You should have bought it, anyway. An overhaul and some tape, and you'd sell it easy for $200 or more.

RobbieTunes 06-15-10 08:48 PM

He be right.

bigbossman 06-15-10 09:13 PM

Originally Posted by RobbieTunes (Post 10968977)
He be right.

You would think otherwise, but I never get tired of hearing that. :D

chapel 06-16-10 06:58 AM

well, I still have mine... can anyone tell me about it? It's the same paint scheme as this one.
I don't know what year it is either...

RobbieTunes 06-16-10 07:51 AM

As far as I know, the '87 and '88 graphics most closely match the OP's bike. The '87 Lemans RS graphics are nearly identical, so I'm guessing either '87 or '88. Almost all the years from about '82 to '89 were significant in that Centurion made a ton of changes in the lineup and choices in the bikes it spec'd. '87/'88 could be considered significant for the lack thereof.

chapel 07-29-13 07:24 AM

Thanks, I'm going to yank it out this week. I finally lost enough weight to feel like I could sit on this and not crush the tires (down from 325 to 220)

cb400bill 07-29-13 07:28 AM

Originally Posted by chapel (Post 15899641)
Thanks, I'm going to yank it out this week. I finally lost enough weight to feel like I could sit on this and not crush the tires (down from 325 to 220)

Congrats on the weight loss!

Can we see some pics of your Centurion?

chapel 07-29-13 07:34 AM

it's buried in my shed. I swear I took photos of it, but I can't find them
it's identical to this:
same colors exactly. all green with a gray seat tube

himespau 07-29-13 07:39 AM

Best of luck in getting it out/functional. That can be a big first obstacle in getting back in the saddle, but your weight loss shows you've got the motivation to do it.

chapel 07-29-13 08:03 AM

my guess is it will need brake pads, tires/tubes (I assume these take 27s) and some grip tape. Also I'll have to see if the frame fits me. My brother had this when he was about 15 or 16 and he was only about 5'10" at that point. I'm 6'3". Hopefully I can make it work.

cb400bill 07-29-13 10:30 AM

If your bike is the same frame size as the one you posted, it is way too small for you.

chapel 07-29-13 10:37 AM

I'll take a look.

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