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khatfull 04-10-10 09:09 PM

Saddle Recover-y
(sorry, I borrowed the subject from a fellow C&Ver's PM :))

Since a lot of you seem to think I've done a pretty good job of recovering a saddle, and I had cause to go to Jo-Ann to look at vinyl I decided to look at ALL the vinyl and see which ones I thought, with my small amount of experience, might work for recovering saddles. The vinyl needs to be thin and flexible, the more of both the better. Some vinyls they have are very thick (hard to stretch and shape) and some are very thin (I'd question durability. Also, some of the vinyls have a more fibrous backing rather than the woven that what I used had and I don't think the contact adhesive would adhere real well. I think this backing would end up being a point of failure along the edges after a while.

Why Jo-Ann? 750+ stores in 47 states all with the same inventory. I can mention one of these vinyls and the majority of you (in the US anyway) can go look at them, feel them, and then either use these or have an idea of what to look for in other stores. Without further ado...

Marine Vinyl -

My store had white, beige, tan, grey, walnut, burgundy, red, navy, medium blue, and black. All these colors don't appear on the website. This vinyl has a more traditional slightly glossy finish and is sufficiently stretchy in both directions. The colors are more vibrant than the Whisper vinyl below. $12.99/yd.

Whisper Soft Vinyl -

Only white and black on the website, my store had white (slightly off white), black, burgundy (very slightly red), cinnamon (a mid brown), and cappuccin (a lighter tannish brown). This vinyl is very slightly thinner and very slightly more stretchy than the Marine vinyl. The colors are more muted and the finish the dull as would be leather. If you're looking for something that looks more like leather this is for you. $16.99/yd.

Then there are more specialty vinyls with textures and patterns.

Croc Topaz - No website link. Yeah, crocodile pattern if you'd like to go there, pretty convincing looking but I don;t know what it would feel like on a saddle. $29.99/yd

Tuscany (somethingorother, can't read my Sharpie writing on the back of the sample :))
- This is the coolest vinyl I found at Jo-Ann. Supremely stretchy in both directions, moreso than any of the others. A nice darkish nutty brown, kind of like a new football but with a grain that looks something like this:

...but, at $34.99/yd I'd have to want it REALLY bad.

So anyway, take all that for what it's worth. Which ain't much. :)

DRietz 04-10-10 09:25 PM

Hm, I wonder whose PM it was. :lol:

Anybody who might be interested in whisper soft vinyls, here's a link for colors:

khatfull 04-10-10 09:33 PM

Originally Posted by DRietz (Post 10652709)
Hm, I wonder whose PM it was. :lol:

Anybody who might be interested in whisper soft vinyls, here's a link for colors:

Yeah, hmmm, I wonder.... :)

I'm 90% sure these are the same vinyl, however, Jo-Ann doesn't have near the colors shown here...I really wish they had that brilliant white.

And OOH, do I like that website...BIG sample charts available. :)

EjustE 04-10-10 10:03 PM

Here is a question about putting vinyl on a saddle: Do you see any issues with static seating on a vinyl saddle wearing plastic (for a luck of better word - see: lycra, tech fabric, whatever) shorts for a couple of hours? I have no idea whether that would be a problem, just wondering...

khatfull 04-10-10 10:06 PM

I rode my recovered Fuji saddle for 1.5 hours last weekend and didn't notice any shocks in the netherregions...VMMY though but I just don't see it happening.

EjustE 04-10-10 10:45 PM

was just wondering because the olden days (3 decades ago) I used to have a car with vinyl seats and shocks were aplenty :)

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