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bumpalong 04-12-10 11:17 AM

Touch-up Paint for Univega and Miyata
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I am hoping someone might be able to help me locate some touch up paint that would work with the very common mid blue color that both Univega and Miyata used a good bit in the 80's. I have both a Miyata 210 and a Univega Sportour that could use some touching up, and are virtually the same color. Anyone have any ideas what I could use? This picture shows the color I am after.

Chris_in_Miami 04-12-10 11:36 AM

I'd pull off the fork and take it to a hobby shop, I've had pretty good luck matching paint with model enamels. If you have an art supply store nearby, look for One-Shot lettering paint, they make a good range of colors also, but that route will be more expensive than the model paint.

wrk101 04-12-10 12:53 PM

+1 Mix your own using testors enamel: Hobby Lobby or similar.

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