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Dahm 04-22-10 11:40 PM

Help determining model of Fuji
Hey guys,

I just picked up this Fuji fixed/ss bike. I was so happy when I bought it I forgot to ask the seller the model it was originally before he converted it.

Things to know:
- Not original paint
- All Campy components (which are aftermarket of course)
- I'm not 100% convinced that the fork is original either, in fact I'm pretty sure its not

Can anyone identify the model? I'm trying to find it here:

robatsu 04-23-10 12:04 AM

I'm going to call Club Fuji. The rear derailleur cable stop under the stay seems to only have been, by what is admittedly a less than comprehensive catalog scan, featured on the Team and Club Fujis, at least the post 80 or so when they started with top tube brazeons. I haven't measured them, but the Clubs look like their chainstays are a bit longer and yours does as well.

I am 100% convinced the fork is not original.

And, ah hah, what do we have here, except maybe the former owner of your bike describing it as a fuji club. I mean, how many butterscotch and cream repaint jobs could be out there on team/club fujis in what looks like it could be the same size frame as yours, although the perspective is a little funny:

Google is your friend....

Wait, here is even a better one, definitely same frame size, plus the yellow rising sun in the background, plus the fork...

And wait again, here is a shot with it setup as a fixie w/the black chainstay protector like yours, same bar wrap, brake levers, etc.

Dahm 04-23-10 12:24 AM

Oh man,

You really have beaten me by the Google-Fu. That's odd that you would so easily come up with pictures of MY BIKE from the PREVIOUS OWNER (Erich), when I couldn't even get the darn model down.

Upon a bit more research, I think I paid a fair market value for that bike. Some of my buddies were trying to convince me (without seeing the bike) that it wasn't worth $350, more like $250. I guess when a bike like that is so light (need to weigh it still), and has a complete campy set of components, it gets worth something.

Anyways, thank you again for your tremendous work. BF.n never lets me down.

robatsu 04-23-10 12:50 AM

Those look like Croce d'Aune track pedals. Gorgeous pedals, but it is pretty easy to break the outer strap loop off of them and the cages are riveted on, so tough luck even if you could find an old cage. But in good shape, a set of those alone can get you $150 on ebay, at least a couple sets did for me a few years back.

Chris_in_Miami 04-23-10 09:33 AM

I'm curious about what "all Campy" means in this case. I can see the cranks and pedals, but the brake levers, hubs, and seat post don't look much like Campy to me. How about the bottom bracket and headset? Not trying to give you a hard time, just curious if it was advertised as an all-Campy bike by the seller...

Bianchigirll 04-23-10 09:41 AM

I am not sure on the brake calipers but I don't recall ever seeing black Campi HF hubs, nor brake levers like those.

Chris_in_Miami 04-23-10 09:58 AM

I picked up a bike for another BF member this week that was described as "all Campy" and the seller kept repeating it even as I stood there pointing out how untrue it was. Then he rolled out another "all Campy" Raleigh with 105 brakes and front derailleur, Look pedals, a Tange headset, and Sunshine hubs. :twitchy:

It's just weird to hear it three times in the same week...

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